Learning some about the others

“This is the first time I’ve ever been able to feel only my feelings.” Merrick says.

"Thanks Merrick. I know worrying only makes it worse," I say in a soft voice.

Aspen clears her throat and speaks up, "So what do you guys suppose they'll make us do tomorrow?" Aspen is super shy, super sugary, super sympathetic. She is short, beautiful, fit, and she's a ginger.

"Oh, I bet you're dying of anxiety and curiosity," Cort says.

"I bet you're dying of curiosity as well," she says sweetly even though I can tell she wants it to sound bitter. See the thing is, Aspen sees parts of the future as her gift. And Cort sees everyone's past. Everyone thought they'd hook up, but it seems they like to argue a lot. Hooking up is not a part of their agenda.

"Okay, let's all just forget this is happening," Jimalu says.

"How do you suppose we do that?" I ask.

"Well, girl, by not talking about all this stuff! Let's see if we can get the big dudes behind the glass to talk to us!"

"That isn’t really forgetting all about this, because those big dudes behind the glass are a part of this mess. Plus, that sounds like a horrible idea," Aspen quietly speaks.

Jimalu hops up and looks at us, "Well you aren't going to let me go alone are you?" I follow her and the rest of our group follows behind me.

The room that we're in has a very high ceiling and all around us, at the top of the walls, are windows. On each side of the walls there's at least one person staring down at us. I'm sure they can hear us perfectly fine. Jimalu walks to the middle of one window where there is one man that watches us closely. She waves to him and he shows no reaction.

The End

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