Interacting with others

"Julia! Why are you so out of it girl?!" Jimalu shouts.

Jimalu is a friend of mine. She is very loud and proud of it. Sometimes she can be a bit too loud for me, though. She has been nice to me my entire life. We grew up together and she's stayed by my side. I still am not certain as to why she has stuck with me. She's very pretty and she knows it. She has dark chocolate colored skin, short, smooth, and dark hair, and long, built legs.

"Hey, um, I guess all that's going on is getting to me," I say.

"Let me tell you something, girl. There isn't a thing you should be afraid of. You know I got your back."

"But you don't know what these people are capable of."

"Ooohhhh these people, huh? They don't know who they're messing with! We'll get outta here real soon. Now come on and stop hiding from your friends."

Oh yeah, friends. I have three other buddies; Aspen, Cort, and Merrick.

"Hey, there you are," Cort says when Jimalu and I approach the corner they are hanging out at.

"Here I am."

Cort is almost six feet tall, has blonde hair, and is scrawny. Just like Jimalu, he is very outgoing.

"Julia, don't worry about all this. Once we get our powers back we will be able to free ourselves from entrapment," Merrick says quietly.

"Merrick, I think you're feeling your own feelings, buddy," Jimalu says.

Merrick's gift is the ability to feel others emotions. He is often confused and it's hard to see him like that. Sometimes I'm glad I don't have any powers. What if I ended up with a horrible one like his? We get along great and he has no troubles making friends. Maybe it's because he knows lots about people so they choose to be nice to him. I like him for him though. He's kind and sweet and I feel sorry for him. He has fluffy brown hair, is tall and lean, and is very good looking. He has a kind heart that does not deserve all this pain. 

The End

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