Deeper into the story

I was never aware of what was outside our planet. I had always fantasized about the amazing things going on around us. But we don't have explorers. We're all content just dealing with what goes on within our planet. Actually, not all of us. I would've liked to know what else is beyond my world. And now I know. There's a bunch of weirdos staring at us through glass! They say that we'll begin some exercises tomorrow. I wonder how they tell time. Is time different on their planet?

At first we were in the ship, in a much more crowded room. And now the whole population of my one town is squished into this one room. I don't know how they managed to fit all of my people on their ships, but they did. It took us what felt like forever to finally land on their planet. They guided us to this room and we've been locked up here for however long.

I'm scared for the next day to come. Who knows what they'll do. Before all this happened I was considering doing something really bad. Maybe this is a way of telling me that I don't need to do anything harmful to my own kind. These people will do it to them. But I'll also be a part of the torture. What if they'll let me go once they realize I don't have any special powers? Would I accept them and what they'll do to my people? Could I be that messed up? My people haven't done anything too horrible to me. So why is it that I've formed this hatred? 

The End

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