The Singular

Julia is encountered with more problems than any adolescent should have, when her world and her home is invaded. She and her people are captured and brought back to Earth, an unknown planet. They must find a way to escape, which shouldn't be too hard since all of Julia's people have powers right? Julia and her people are faced with one trial and disaster after another in attempt to getting back to the way things once were. But, will they be strong enough to withstand each crisis?

Part One

Day One: We've only arrived here shortly after being taken from our homes. None of us know what exactly is going on and we can't seem to get away. There's not much to do, but worry and wonder. I can't help any of us at all, that's for sure. I'm powerless. I'm unique, but being unique is a bad thing. My entire world is filled with people that have gifts. And yet, I'm the odd ball that has no powers at all. At all.

Since we've gotten captured everyone has tried to use their gifts to help us escape. Nothing has worked. Whatever they're keeping us in has made my people’s powers useless. So they're like me: powerless. And they are completely hating every second of it. I kinda feel sorry. Not for them. For me. I have to sit here and listen to them complain about how they can't seem to do anything special. A lot of the teenagers are freaking out. Oh, gosh, they're never going to survive without the gifts they were born with! Oh my gosh, get over it! I mean seriously, it won't last forever!

The adults are strategizing. Trying to form the perfect escape plan. It seems there isn’t one. The children are playing, not really understanding our current situation. I’m sure they can feel that their powers are gone, but they seem to be the only calm ones. The babies are crying. I don’t remember how life as a baby is, but they must feel the difference of being without their power, because they all began to cry at the exact moment everyone lost their gifts. The old people are talking amongst themselves. They are all crazy, shouting all sorts of things. And I'm walking in circles wondering who our captors are.

We all saw the big ships arrive on our planet and a holographic display saying, “We come in peace”. It didn't seem very peaceful to me. They crushed our plants, knocked over one of our statues, and put cracks in our roads. Then they expect us to willingly come with them to study us. Where do these people live?! How in the world are they so rude? I hate my planet as it is, but I don’t want to be living on this planet with these crazy people. They are normal humans, well not normal to my people, but they’re like me, powerless. They aren't completely powerless because they have control over us. But none of them have special gifts and I assume that’s why they want to study us. But that ain't fair to us! I bet they wouldn't like it if we came to their planet, forcefully took them from their homes, and began tests on them. So who are these people?

The End

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