The Simple Unknown, part 3

As I casually stroll by, it catches my eye. Like a miniature sun, it sits out of place amongst the scarlet orbs. After further investigation, I concluded that I must have this splendid prize. Once it is within my possession, my impatience is practically unnerving as I imagine the glory I will bask in once I am finally alone with my treasure. As I approach my destination, I horde my find so as to ensure that no perpetrator will attempt to rob me of my delightful jewel. Upon arrival, and once I am satisfied with my seclusion, I place the seed of my passion on the pedestal before me. After retrieving the necessary tools for the task at hand, I lower myself into a position which benefits the act I intend to accomplish. At last, wielding my sterling weapon, I puncture the womb which nestles the object I have come to covet. With a fiendish haste, I tear away the shielding that protects the tender sphere within. Once past the first line of defense, I quickly cast aside the annoying web-like cocoon which blankets my gem. With all of my tedious preparations complete, I may finally finish the fruit of my labor. No longer able to withhold my desires, I ravish into my glistering charm, until its last crescent-like piece has found its way through my descending gates. As I wipe its final tears from the entrance to my pit, I am at long last appeased. Now that I’ve finished my orange, perhaps I’ll try an apple.

The End

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