The Silver Lynx

Follow Snow as she gets called to adventure...
With the comfort of her boyfriend Lukas...
A secret is revealed.

 Season: Autumn

Date: Wednesday 21st January 2015

Place: In the heart of London

Time: 21:17


I could see a mysterious gust of smoke from my bedroom window. I was thinking, what could possibly cause smoke to hover there so abnormally. I grabbed my coat and headed downstairs to the back door next to the alley. Lukas pulled me into his arms and asked "where are you going so late at night,” I told him I saw something strange outside, I must go and investigate what I saw.


I looked towards the window. Lukas, who was still holding onto me, also turned to the window. I didn't understand what it was but I really did feel like I had to go to the alley. Without any questions, Lukas held my hand and led the way to the alley. I stopped him for a second and looked up, "erm, why are you being so strange Lukas? Don't act so alien, you know the dark scares me". Lukas replied, " don't worry Snow I'll keep you safe, now let's go it was your idea after all".


We left our house and I stayed close to Lukas, clinging to him. To be honest I was quite scared but something just drew me into it. We got down the middle of the alley; at this point we could see the smoke. I clutched onto Lukas' arm firmly and he looked down at me with a serene expression to keep me calm.


We proceeded forward, the smoke was clear now. It danced around like currents in the oceans, I was mesmerised. The smoke started to drift away quite quickly; I didn't want to lose sight of it. Such a beautiful and perplexing vision shouldn't be forgotten. I grabbed Lukas' hand firmly and started running after it. The smoke was whispering to me "Forty seven" repeatedly as it levitated round the corner.


We stopped suddenly when we reached the corner; the smoke had vanished into mid-air. I was so confused. Lukas said we should head back, it's really late and we could catch a cold. I felt quite disappointed but agreed with him, nothing like this happens usually anyway I should just keep it in the vault of my memories as if it was a dream.


 We started walking back and for some reason the moon was so bright that night. As we walked towards our house the moon felt like it was actually getting closer to us. Ever so slightly, I leaned against Lukas. Step by step we got slower till Lukas stopped me and held both my hands. Our bodies meeting each other under the moon light, our heart beats entwined to the same rhythm and our heads met. I felt like my heart was melting, his presence made me feel so warm.


Lukas looked into my eyes, they gleamed with compassion. In the moment I breathed deeply as his lips neared mine. I closed my eyes as our lips met; his lips were so soft and warm. We kissed passionately, his hand stroked my cheek and I wrapped my arms around his neck.




The perfect moment...

 The perfect scenery...

 The perfect guy...


As I opened my eyes, I could see nothing but white light everywhere around me. Where is Lukas? Was this just a dream? It did seem too perfect.


I could see a figure in the distance, squinting as I walked forward slightly. It appeared right in front of me a shimmering silver lynx. Its eyes were as blue as the Bahamas bay. I was truly amazed. The lynx spoke with a smooth tone, "I see you do not fear me, quite unlike the other human specimen. I am Argentum; I appear in front of you now because your journey has only just begun".


I was speechless; I didn't believe this was real. I looked around and walked towards the lynx, I felt like if I touched the lynx he'd disappear. I soon came to realise the lynx was real and fell to my knees. My face fell pale with nerves, I questioned my existence. This can't be real so if it's not real then I'm not real?


The lynx Argentum placed his paw against my shoulder and spoke once more, "Forty seven". In an instance, I raised my head to a familiar man. Tears rolled down my cheeks.


"Argentum, my father... The Silver Lynx."

The End

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