Chapter Four

Chapter Four


"So, you're name's Violet right?" A head peaked over a book and stared into my yellow eyes.

"Yes and you're Mary Longbottom?"

"Yup." She returned to reading, then quickly put it away as the Professor walked in.


"Children, we will be learning Potionry today. I am Professor Slughorn, your potionmaster." Everyone nodded. "Please stand up and come over here." I stood up and walked toward the big round table.


After everybody had settled, Slughorn started talking, "See this potion. This potion has a name, do any of you know it?"


My hand shot up. "Miss Martin?" "That there is liquid luck." He smiled, "Do you know what it does?"


Wow, I was starting to like Potions, it was easy. "Yes, sir. Liquid Luck wil grant the person that drinks it luck for the day."


"Yes, Violet. Five points for Slytherin." "Thank you, professor."


He began his lecture on the ups and downs of potions, meanwhile I studied my potions book. It was full of great recipies. I decided that in the dormitory, I would try one for myself.


~Part Two~


"Violet, what in the world are you doing?"


I looked around, the place was a mess. Stray ingredients were thrown all around the room. On beds, the floor, and even the windows. I guess I had gotten a little carried away with this whole making-a-potion-project.


"Oh, I was just- I mean- it's nothing."


The slytherin girl stomped down the stairs, after she had left I started again


"Hey, what are you doing, Vi?" Lucy walked over and sat next to me on the floor. Then she read, "Murtlap Essence, the key to soothing wounds and cuts." I closed the book before she had finished reading the whole section. "Why are you making a potion?"

" reason I guess. Just for fun."

"That's a weird thing to do for fun, you know."

"Well, I am weird."


Little did I know I was going to get weirder.

The End

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