Chapter Three

Chapter Three
~The Sorting Hat and It's Decision~


"Settle down, Settle down." a Professer bellowed. When everyone had quieted, she made an announcement. "Follow me."


We followed her into a room with three tables, faces smiling from them. Professor McGonagall opened a scroll and began to call names, the kids that were called came up to the stage and sat on a stool, then the Professor placed an old hat on their head.


"Brake, Lucy." Lucy glanced at me then sat on the stool. It seemed as if the hat was argueing with her the way her lips were moving. Finally, it yelled, "Slytherin!"


The Slytherin's clapped and Lucy headed over to their table.


"Martin, Violet." I walked up and the sorting hat was soon on my head.


Slytherin, pick Slytherin, I thought.

Sytherin? Why, you're more of a Ravenclaw.

No! No! I hate Ravenclaw.

Very well. "Slytherin!"


I had a feeling this was going to be a very good year.

The End

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