Chapter One

Chapter One
~The Train~


My hand closed around the silver locket as I got dressed in my muggle clothes. The locket had belonged to my Grandmother before she passed it along to me. It was heart shaped and inside was a picture of Granny when she was my age. When I had opened it for the first time and saw the picture, I had thought it was me. She had the same curly red hair, the same yellow eyes, but on the corner of the photograph in cursive was Lainie. Not Violet.


"Violet!" My mum spoke from the stairs, pulling me from my thoughts. "It's time to go!"

"`Kay, I'm coming."


I closed my trunk, making a loud thud as I pulled it off my bed. I reached under my pillow and grabbed my 11 1/2 inch wand. Then stomped down the stairs and took my mother's hand.


A minute later, I heard the screech of trains and opened my eyes. I had closed them when we disapparated, it was sort of scary. We were at Kings Cross Station. Muggles were walking about, oblivious to the fact that a whole other world existed.


"You better board the train now. It'll be leaving soon."

"Okay I love you." I reached up on my tiptoes and pecked my mother on the cheek.


I backed up, then ran at full speed for the barrier between nine and ten. Then, the impossible happened, I was standing in front of a huge black train. The HJogwarts Express.


I handed my trunk to a witch who was putting them in a compartment. Feeling light, I boarded. I sat in the very back, with a couple of first years who looked frightened. I leaned my head against the cool glas of the window and let sleep take me in it's arms.

The End

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