Into the Book she goesMature

Elisa spoke the words of the book aloud to herself in a quiet whisper. "Its deep in the woods are tale is set. The woods of Heaven some call them.... then some can't be bothered to call it anything at all"

Suddenly Elisa felt something wipe at her cheek. She looks up and searches round the libary. Then touching her cheek she shakes her head and begins to read again. To the left of the writing is a picture of"Usually the forest is quite but that is different as a young women stumbles through the trees and plants that wip her cheeks...."

There's a sudden tug as the centre of Elisa chest and she tries to pull away from the book but.... her eyesight become fuzzy then "AHHHH!!!"

Elisa feels like she's is yanked into the pages and tumbles down a hole of words and letter her clothes being ripped off replaced by those of the young maid.

She hits the floor with a 'ugh'. Her cheeks are cut as she has small cuts on her arms. Slowly Elisa gets to her feet looking round confused. "Where am I?" She whispers she reaches up to touch her hair and is shocked to find it pulled back into a bun. "What the?!?"

"Miara!" A voice calls out through the forest. "Miara!"

Elisa doesn't know why but she turns reacting to the name. A young man stumble through the trees and Elisa steps back. For some weird reason she knows she knows this man.... and that she should be running.

"Come on Miara. Come back to the house" The young man reminds Elisa of Jerek and also brings forth the same fear of him.

"No.... I'm going to that estate and becoming the young girls maid" Elisa says angrily. She doesn't know where the words came from but she quickly realised they were the wrong ones.

The young man who looks like Jerek storms up and smacks the back of his hand across the girls head. Elisa falls and then as she hits the ground.

"Oi!" The voice is of the libarian glaring down at Elisa. She looks up and finds herself rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

Wait a secound.... was that all a dream. A figment of my imagination. Elisa shakes her head then looks up at the libarian. "Can I take this book out please?" Elisa asks.

"Sure, Sure" The libarian says waving her hand. Then she turns on her heels and walks off calling over her shoulder. "Get your stuff I'm locking up"

Elisa looks down at the book and begins to close it. Then she notices the page. "Thats odd, I'm sure I was just on the first" she whispers.

But there at the top of the page is a number 3 and then on the page next to it is a picture..... a picture of the young maid being hit. Wasn't I asleep??

The End

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