The Silver LiningMature

People say that you can never find true love; because true love finds you. It takes place in many different shapes and forms. Just like that guy over there had found his true love in that over priced doughnut. Anyways, for some, it is simply three words- "I love you." However, for others...Well, you just know- and when he gazes into your eyes you know no boundaries. It is like you and him are the only two people in the world. 

"Oh come on!" Someone shouted making the whole coffee shop turn to the door. Elisa looked up from her notebook and smiled. Looking at her best friend, try to pull a huge A1 folder through the small door with her long black hair going everywhere was strangely quite amusing. 

"Mitchy, over hear you muppet!" Elisa laughed, 

"Oh well, thanks for the help Elisa," she grunted finally getting the thing through the door.  "How's the writing going?" she swung the folder onto the miniature table and sat herself down.  

"It's going fine. Well at least I think it is."  

"Here comes Brad." Mitchy rolled her eyes and the man walking through the coffee shop with a laptop bag banging against his legs,

"Hello ladies!" he said enthusiastically, setting down his fresh coffee and sitting down. 

"Oh god." 

"What now Mitchy?" he asked smiling at her as he knew exactly what was coming,

"Do you want the nice answer or the true answer?" 

"Let me hear it." Brad sighed. Mitchy grinned at Elisa as she shook her head. 

"What this?" Elisa asked quickly, pointing to the folder, 

"Don't try and distract me Elly"

"It's working though, isn't it?" Elsia took a sip out of her to-go coffee cup with raised eye brows. 

Mitchy rolled her eyes,  "Yes. It's my top secret new project for the gallery." she smiled in self satisfaction.  

"So what's been going on with Jerek?" Brad pointed out the ever going ons of Elisa ‘crap' boyfriend. 

"What a suitable name" Mitchy muttered. 

"Nothing really." Elisa looked at the clock, "Sorry guys, need to go to the library before it closes." 

"What for?" 

"Books obviously Sherlock" Mitchy smiled at Brad, as Elisa got up saying her good bye's and walked out of the crowded coffee shops door.  

"So. When you finally gunna tell her?" 

"Tell her what?" Brad swung his bag over his shoulder and drained the last of his coffee. 

"Oh, come on I'm not an idiot.  Well, Elisa must be."

 "What are you on about?"

"Oh, Eliza how I love your short brown hair when it's flowing in the wind, and your sweet blue eyes when they look into mine." Mitchy mocked his voice looking dreamily up at him. Brad's cheeks went a slight pink colour as she laughed. 

"Shut up Mitchy." 

"Never!" she giggled as he also, walked out of the door.

The End

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