The Silver GuildMature

When everything is taken from his life, and he is forced into a new, harsh and brutal reality, how will Michael cope? And more importantly will he resist its corruption?

I shivered wrapping my arms around myself, my breath leaving mist. My stomach rumbled and I tried to ignore the nagging pain I felt there, I cried with triumph as my fist closed around a discarded chippie bag, I pulled it out of the bin, the few, cold and stale chips inside spilled onto the wet pavement, I didn’t care. Falling to my knees I began to shove them into my mouth, groaning with pleasure as I satisfied my hunger. I turned my head to the side as I sneezed heavily, before going straight back into shoving my face. When it was gone, I began licking the grease off the wrapping; I glared as two old ladies hurried passed. Hags, I thought to myself, you try having no home in the middle of winter. I pushed my overly long fringe out of my eyes; it was once a sweet blonde, but now it was a frightfully mucky colour, signature of my lack of any form of bathing or self-grooming of any kind on my behalf.

It’d been three weeks since my mum had thrown me out, and at first I’d had my pride, hygiene and money, that was, until that man raped and robbed me, leaving me in the gutter, bleeding from a split lip and penniless. Necessity had driven me to survive, however, so I hadn’t died, yet. It all began when dad died. She’d turned to booze, then clubbing and she’d sometimes not come back, or worse she’d come back so high she could barely stand. It’d been horrific watching her descend into a ghost of her former self, the fat had depleted from her body almost as fast as the money from her bank account. It wasn’t until I had had enough and flushed her stash that she’d kicked me out. I can’t get it out of my mind. My once beautiful mother, now just bones with skin draped over, her hair dwindling, weeping uncontrollably. She’d packed a bag for me and fed me some bollocks about how she needed to be alone and that I was making it too hard for her to recover. I hated her then, she blamed me for dad, and to be truthful I blamed her for letting it destroy her.

“Hello” I snapped my head upwards, to see a smiling, man. He was big and burly wearing a trench coat and a top man suit, the tie loosened and the top button undone. It was grey, his shoes shiny black, the tie was blue, like his eyes. His hair on the other hand was a caramel blond, cut short, and gelled up at the front.

“Hi” I mumbled, wondering if I could grab his wallet or something, but he looked pretty fit and would catch me in an instant.

“Do you want something to eat, there’s a Macy D’s around the corner” Most people would say no, but I was starving I needed to eat so I nodded silently, taking his outstretched hand to help myself up. The next thing I knew I was in the back of his car, him holding five twenties to my face. “Suck it and this is yours”

The End

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