The silent Child

A short story that I wrote along time ago. Thought it might be nice for people to read.

It is about a girl who is cursed to be silent so that she would never tell. but as she could never tell, she danced many ways to try and tell the story of betrayal.

The silent child is something one does not want to be. Sometimes being silent is to be seen and heard by using your body. This story takes place in a land known as Gioki falls, where the waters run blood red. But they never use to be the color of blood, but a secret maybe just be the end of a child.


A little girl of the Gioki falls village was walking along the river. She moved gracefully across the path while wearing a long pink dress that goes with her bright blue hair. Her eyes are like water that shines in the suns light. The little girl is so sweet and kind to all; she loves to sing, dance, and play the flute. The melodies from her flute are said to be like a goddess even though she is only five. She looked at the crystal clear blue water that flowed along the river. But then she began to see dots of red. The little girl knelled down near the water careful not the trip. She slowly put her hand in the water where the red dots flowed down. She carefully pulled her hand up and looked at the blood red dots on her hand. She doesn’t know what it is. The little girl immediately rubbed the red dots off her hands onto her dress without hesitation. The little girl stood up with one knee.

“I wonder where it came from.” The little girl said to herself in a calm voice.

The little girl ran down the path trying to find out what is making the beautiful water change. She pumped her legs as fast as she could, but then she began to slow down. She came to a stop and stood there looking at her uncle who seems to be chanting something. The water was turning redder and the little girl began to see dead fish float down the river. The little girl turned around to run to the village to tell her father the leader about what her uncle had done. But as she turned her back on her uncle, he grabbed her with a tight hand around her wrist. He held a staff in one hand as though he is going to hit her.

“I’m telling father on you.” The little girl told her uncle angrily. She tried to get free by running, but she couldn’t get free. Her feet just slid across the ground.

“You are not, and to make sure of that. Your voice will be taken.” The uncle told the little girl angrily as he raised his staff in the air like a hammer.

“Ohya Toki Suna Ko Toki dona huki ja.” The uncle chanted.

A light came from the little girl’s throat and disappeared. The girl tried to scream but there was no sound coming out of her mouth. The uncle laughed evilly with his head pulled back. The little girl sat on the ground holding her throat wondering about what happened to her voice. The little girl ran to her village as fast as she could.

When the child approached her father who stood in the town center talking to a guard about the protection of the village, she grabbed his hand to stop him from talking. He looked down at his beloved daughter only to see that when she speaks nothing comes out of her mouth.

“What is wrong my darling daughter?” Her father asked placing a gently hand upon the little girl’s shoulder. He knelled down on one knee as his brother came into the village claiming that the gods have turned the river water into blood. The little girl tried to tell her father not to believe him, but her voice was gone. She pointed at her uncle but she was labeled as crazy when she accused her uncle.


The little girl spent years at a time watching as the river remained red. Her uncle tried to fix it, but it would not work. The sweet sounds and happy songs of her flute became dark and sad, filled with sorrow. The villagers would cry from her songs now that come from her flute. Her movements became her words, but no one would listen to her story of family betrayal for many did not believe that the village mage would do such a thing.

Spring became summer, summer to fall, and fall to winter. Each passing day became harder and harder for that little girl to bare the troubling secret that she has carried on her shoulders for so long. The time came when the little girl blossomed into a beautiful young woman who can dance gracefully and charm anyone with her music. But the secret had to come out one way or the next.

The beauty went to the Gioki village shrine to ask for the power to purify the water. Nothing happened. The girl’s dress is a long white kimono that uses to belong to her mother. The girl walked along the river looking at the red trees that have taken damage from the blood water. The girl has been seeing the death of animals.

The girl walked into her village home; she looked at her uncle and pointed at him. Her eyes showed anger and she stomped her leg down upon the ground as her father walked in.

“Daughter! What is going on here?” Her father asked as his big belly jiggled as he walked towards her.

The girl just stood there with a sharply pointed finger at her uncle. Her eyes fixed onto the traitorous family member that has betrayed her family. She hated the fact that she could not speak, but she refused to give up till the truth is revealed to the village. Her father has been having his suspicions since his daughter started hating her own uncle.

“Brother, the animals are dying. That blood river is causing it. Call upon the goddess to give the river back its life.” The girl’s father said.

The uncle did as he was told, but he knows that in order to revive the once great water, the truth had to come out. He wasn’t willing to risk being caught especially after what he did to his niece.

The girl left the room and went to the river. She stared at its waters that use to be crystal clear giving life to what is around it. But now, the water is killing everything. The girl prayed that the water god would take mercy upon her people.


In the village, the girl stood in the village temple doing a dance with her class. But then she had a dance that was solo. The girl didn’t know what she could do for the truth to come out. But then she got an idea.

Her hands moved like the waters in the river. Gracefully moving in the air and then stops; as the dance went on, everyone was amazed by her graceful dance. But in the end, no one got what she meant. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at her uncle. She opened her mouth to say something.

“Tr…Tr…Traitor.” The girl said as she pointed at her uncle. It pained her to speak; her throat felt like it was breaking.

The girl’s father looked at his brother as though confused that his daughter called her uncle a traitor.

“She spoke, it’s a miracle!” Her uncle said in rejoice.

Everyone looked at the mage as though they knew that he betrayed them. But they were in more shock by the news than to think about what to do with him.

“You…di…did…it…” The girl said.

“She lies!” Her uncle yelled angrily.

No one believed the girls still; even though her heart spoke the truth. A celebration was held in the girl’s honor for her finally getting her voice back. But the people thought that her music would be happy once again when she played her flute, but they were wrong. Her music was sadder than ever. Her father noticed that his daughter felt like something had betrayed her. But three days later, her father became mysteriously ill. The girl blamed her uncle but no one believed her.

As her father’s illness became worse; the girl became more desperate to bring and end to her uncle’s evil. All of a sudden firm hands wrapped around her neck; the girl turned around to see her uncle.

“I’ll make sure you never speak again!” He told her angrily.

The girl struggled to breathe, she balled up her fist and punched her uncle in the stomach. He let go of her as he fell to his knees holding his stomach. The girl backed away and caught her breath. The girl ran out of her small home with her legs taking her as far as the river.

The girl came to the river and looked at the red water. She could hear her uncle and the villagers coming angrily down the path. She looked up at the moon that rose in the sky. The angry cries of the village filled her mind.

“Moon goddess and God of the river, please help my father. It is all I ask. I offer my life, for another life.” The girl said sadly as tears rolled down her face.

She placed her foot in the water and slowly went in gracefully moving against the current to the middle of the river. Her blood stained dress no longer bothered her. What turned out to be a happy time, turned out to be the worse thing of a dark time. She looked at the villagers as they ran down the path screaming traitor.

The girl closed her eyes and she moved her hands across the water with just a mere touch. She fell face forwards into the water. The girl took her own life by drowning herself. But the last words the villagers heard when she fell into the water.

“The heart of Truth.” Is the last word that they ever heard come out of her mouth.

The girl’s body floated down and stopped when it hit some rocks. All people could see is her back side. The water died her hair red and her clothing turned to the color of blood red. The water turned back to its once crystal clear state.

The leader of the village mourned for his daughter as his health returned. Sad about the loss of the woman, the villagers hold a funeral for the lovely woman whom shall never speak again. People crowded around the center, and her uncle frowns upon the burning corpse. When the wood collapsed under her body, the fire rose twenty feet high.

Looking into the center of the fire, they see a red haired woman with a blood red kimono dancing as the sounds of her flute blew with the wind. The villagers became scared, believing that they have angered the gods. But then, the woman stopped and she pointed a single finger at her uncle.

“The rivers ran blood because of the mage. My father became ill caused by the mage. I gave my life for you all. So you can live happy and free from the blood water.”

With those words, the god of the river took the girl into his home. Where she married his son and played the flute to her new family. Her uncle though, was banished from the village for what he had done. No one ever saw them again, but tell the story of the woman of the blood river that became known as the “Heart of Truth” for those were the last words spoken by the girl when she was alive. All cheered and prayed that the girl was happy where ever she was.

The End

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