An Unexpected Visitor

Tatsuya left the kitchen without warning, leaving Hiro to stay with a distracted Tyson. Unaware that his father had left the room Hiro turned to where his father was, only to find an empty space. Hiro’s eyes narrowed in annoyance, he tried to stifle an irritated groan as Tyson was still with him. He returned his watchful eyes back to the young boy and forced a smile on to his face.
            Tatsuya walked slowly to the front door, taking a moment to release any tension from what happened earlier. After a few steps he arrived at the door. He opened it. He was slightly taken aback by who he saw standing before him. A grey haired man was leaning against a wall, arms folded, staring at Tatsuya with a bemused expression on his face that slowly morphed into a grin.
            “It’s about time you answered; I thought you’d forgotten about your old man.”

The End

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