A Ruckus In The Kitchen.

                The noise of cutlery and dishes made its way up stairs and awakened a tired, worn-out, exhausted teen.  He tried to block out the noise by covering his head with a blanket; but it was to no avail. A few minutes passed before the clanking of glasses and plates became too much and forced him out of bed. Stumbling out of bed he rolled his eyes, his light blue hair was in a tangle and he was too tired to fix it. He moaned in irritation as he threw on a top and made his way down stairs, the drowsiness still evident in his deep brown eyes; though his bangs were covering them.

            Opening the kitchen door Hiro was stunned by the bright light, he wasn’t expecting the curtains to be open nor did he anticipate the light to be on. When he finally adapted to the light he was unsure how to feel. He was used to seeing his father at this hour but Tyson waking up early wasn’t exactly a regular occurrence.  He glanced around the room and noticed that Tyson was looking out window.

            He slowly walked over to his father to ask him what exactly was going on. He opened his mouth to speak, but before any words came out Hiro felt something cling onto his leg. Looking down he couldn’t help but smile. He saw a short, navy haired boy staring up at him; both hands locked together in a tight grip and a face that was beaming with excitement.  Hiro realised Tyson was speaking but all he heard was some murmuring about birds. Hiro turned and give his father a rather dazed look before he shook his head and chuckled to himself. He was completely clueless as to what was happening.

           Tyson stopped hugging Hiro and tilted his head slightly in confusion; he did not know what was causing his older brother to laugh. He opened his mouth to protest at his brother’s sudden “outburst” but was silenced by an unexpected ruffling of his hair. Turning around to see who the culprit was he was somewhat astonished to see his father’s face.  Tyson began to speak this time with no interruptions. He looked over to Hiro who was now smiling wildly at the youngster.

           Tyson’s nose began to wrinkle as he grasped that nobody was listening to him. His furrowed his brow and released a roar that echoed throughout the entire house.  He stomped off and began to sulk; looking out the kitchen window while doing so.  He would turn occasionally to give Tatsuya and Hiro an infuriated look that was accompanied by an ungodly whine.

       Whilst Tyson was brooding, Hiro and Tatsuya let out an anxious sigh; neither of them knew how long this would last. Tatsuya had put the “incident” down as Tyson missing his mother and warned Hiro quietly to not give out to Tyson; much to Hiro’s dissatisfaction. This became more and more normal as of late, including Hiro’s hesitant compliancy. They were aware that once Tyson decided to sulk he would stick to it or else he would make a bigger scene until he got what he wanted.

        As Tyson’s tantrum had died down he just stared grumpily at his elders waiting for them to explain themselves. Tatsuya and Hiro sighed yet again before they apologised to the boy. Tatsuya shrugged the tantrum off and instead merely looked at Hiro, relieved that the tantrum had subsided.  Hiro and his father began to have a conversation and tried to include Tyson in it to avoid yet another session of shouting.

         The conversation seemed too boring to Tyson. He slowly lost interest as his mind began to wander back to this morning. He was more concerned with whether the birds had returned or not. His eyes narrowed as he remembered something. He rushed back to the window. His eyes darted in every direction looking for it; he eventually found it nestled comfortably under the wing of its mother.      

               Glancing over at Tyson, Hiro became mildly interested.  He approached Tyson and sat down beside him. Hiro gawked out the window, he decided that there was nothing out there but remained seated nonetheless. There was a moment of silence before Hiro remembered what he was initially going to ask before he got distracted. He fixed his gaze on a branch while he asked both his brother and father why they were up so early.

       Tatsuya shrugged and remained quiet. He himself was not aware that he had woken up that early or did he know why. Tatsuya was about to say something when Tyson piped up and blurted out rather loudly that the “birdies fly best early in the morning than they do at this time, that’s why silly!” before returning all of his attention to the window. Hiro smiled to himself while he scratched his head; he wasn’t sure what to say.

The End

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