Wake up and smell the coffee?

As the sun arose from its slumber, so did Tatsuya. The early morning rays passed through the window panes effortlessly and began to burrow themselves into his eyes.  Moving his head upward, Tatsuya realised that he had forgotten to close the curtains. The sun’s rays intensified as they landed on his now open eyes.

Shutting his eyes , he tossed his head sideward.  In doing so he spotted his reflection in the mirror. His black hair which had been tossed around all night had found itself sticking out in every direction humanly possible. Stifling a yawn, he forced himself to get out of bed.

He walked reluctantly down the stairs, trying his best to remain silent. Step after step, foot after foot, he arrived in the kitchen. He made his way to the kittle and boiled some water. Taking a few seconds to take in the view of the back garden, he got a jar of coffee out.

He poured the water into a rather large mug before adding a few spoons of coffee. The aroma of the beans spreading throughout the room whilst he stirred the drink. Once that was done he drank it slowly. He took his time to savour the strong flavour of the beans which had not been compromised by the addition of milk. He gazed mindlessly out the window while doing so.

Time passed and it was only then did he notice something. He leaned closer to the window, and then he saw it. A young starling was with its mother. They were on a thick branch in the back of the garden. A grin was slowly forming on Tatsuya’s face. He watched as the mother bird flew off the branch and saw the younger bird do the same. 

Tatsuya spent his morning completely immersed by the two birds. He was captivated by the way they were flying. It wasn’t until they stopped their mid-air-acrobatics did he notice his youngest son sitting on a chair. Tyson was completely mesmerised by the creatures as well.

Sharing a soft smile with his son, Tatsuya started to make his son breakfast the image of the birds still lingering in his mind.

The End

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