The Beauty of Quiet Places.

After the death of his wife, Tatsuya and his family are trying to cope with her sudden loss in what ever way they can, even if it's not the most "ideal" way of handling them.
(Not good at summaries.)
Based on an event that isn't explained in the manga of "Beyblade" and post on GMH; I'm also using characters from the anime/manga "Beyblade" .

    Tatsuya gazed at the midnight sky. It had been weeks since he had any time to himself. He tried to remember the last time he had seen the sky as it was now; he couldn’t. The sky, as it appeared to him, was dark and gloomy with very few flickers of light. As he looked out upon the sky he began to think of his wife, who had recently passed away. He imagined her silky hair, her golden brown eyes and her joyous laugh. He thought of all the things he would do just to hear her laugh one more time or to see her sweet smile, to hug her and tell her that he loved her.

  He smiled apologetically to himself as he left his window, as though he wanted to spend more time by himself, with his memories; with her. Leaving his room he decided to check on his youngest son, Tyson. He slowly walked towards the boy’s room, taking extra care as to not wake the young boy. Tatsuya carefully opened the door, just enough to see into room. Looking inside, Tatsuya stood still staring at his son.

Tyson was wearing his blue dragon pyjamas and had his midnight-blue hair tucked messily under a blue and red baseball hat. He was standing on top of his bed, with his hands in the air, smiling contently at the ceiling.
It seemed as though he was listening to somebody speak.

Not sure, initially, of what to do or say, Tatsuya simply asked him what he doing up so late. He guessed he wouldn’t get an answer. He assumed Tyson would just smile and go back to sleep. However he did get a reply.

Turning his head to look at his father with his hand still in the air, he whispered that he was “Holding hands with mommy.”

Tatsuya took a step back and stared into nothingness, he thought of the words his son had just said. Giving a meek smile he entered the room and sat down on his son’s bed. He watched as Tyson sat down too and as he waved good-bye to his mother.

Tyson had already got in to his bed and was smiling weakly at his dad. “Mommy said hi“, Tyson whispered, as he nodded off to sleep. Tucking in his son, Tatsuya gave him a hug and a light kiss on the forehead before he gently took off his hat and placed it on the side of his bed.

He waited at the door before leaving and only left once he was sure Tyson was asleep. Turning around, Tatsuya could feel the tears building up behind his eyes. The tears were swelling up gradually as though they couldn’t stop themselves from forming behind his choccolate brown eyes. He tried to hold in the flows of tears but it was too much. Leaning against the door, he let the tears fall freely down the sides of his cheeks. He couldn’t hold them in any longer.

Moments passed as he sobbed silently. His cries only heard by the walls that surrounded him; that encased him in his misery, his anguish, his desolation.

Eventually he moved away from the door, walking sluggishly with his head down staring at the void space before him. As he made his way towards his room he lifted his head abruptly. A door had just closed from downstairs.

Turning around slowly he met the deep brown eyes of a tired boy. The boy, who had just then noticed his father, stopped in his tracks. He glanced at his father’s face. He observed how his eyes appeared almost empty, the way they reflected the light. He also saw the trails left behind by the tears he had shed just seconds ago.  He could tell by just one glance that he had been crying; he knew, however, that his father would not admit it.

Tatsuya froze when he saw his son. He did not want his son to see him in such a state. He released the breath he didn’t even know he had been holding. 

He approached his son and for the first time, for what seemed like decades, he gave him a sincere smile. Hiro nodded at his father. It was the only thing he could do at that time; there was no possible way he could talk to him. After all, it’s not like he wasn’t expecting it. He just didn’t think it would happen then; he thought his father had already gone to sleep.  

Shuffling awkwardly, Hiro managed to meet the gaze of his father. They both stood there, on the spot, motionless; waiting for somebody to speak. Sharing brief glances and by the uttering of a few words they came to a decision. They had decided that it would be best if they just forgot about the incident for a while and that they would discuss it later, when they had time and after they had gotten some sleep.

After coming to this agreement they made their way to their rooms. Each of them parted on a slightly higher note than before. Hiro gave his father an understanding smile which Tatsuya saw from the corner of his eye before they both entered their separate rooms.

Tatsuya made his way to the window, once again, before going to sleep. The sky, however, looked different somehow; it was still dark and gloomy and only had a few glimmers of light. But all he needed was that light, that light was his hope, his hope was his sons and his wife. All he needed was a quiet place to remember these things.



The End

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