The Sign of You

Maybe I'm wrong, but perhaps I'm right
Do you just throw us on and off like clothes?
Do you think twice about what you do with who?
Or is every guy just a piece of clothing
That's nice to wear for a while
Until you get tired of it

And when you start to miss a certain piece of clothing
That you threw under your bed long ago
Do you think you can just whip it back out
Whenever you want, when you start to miss it
Are you thankful that you have your old shirt to wear?
That it didn't disappear while you neglected it?

Maybe there's a reason
You have been the one
Who has always left
Who has always done the breaking
Who has always turned the cold shoulder

Maybe that's just who you are
You wear something until it gets old
And take it off when you're tired of it
Am I letting myself be worn?
Am I making a mistake?

How many others have felt the same way?
Every shirt you've worn.
And thrown away.
Certainly you are not as twisted as one might think
Certainly... I wonder about your wardrobe

The End

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