The controllers.Mature

Grabbing my coat I run to the front door, Ross has only left a couple minutes before me so it shouldn’t be hard to catch up with him. Snow has already fallen over most of his tracks so I end up running in circles for at least an hour. By then I’m physically exhausted, frozen with the cold and have no idea where I am. Snow has fallen so thickly it covers the sign posts and makes the buildings unrecognisable. I do not know how far home is, I will not survive the trip.


Suddenly the noise of an automobile and marching steps fill the silence. The Controllers. I panic, my heart beating as if it would leap from my chest. As much as I could try to, I will never survive a passing of the Controllers, I will be shot. My time has come. I close my eyes listening as the noises come closer and closer and…


A hand grabs my wrist and another goes over my mouth muffling the scream I let out. Some one a lot stronger than me drags me into a building close by and when the door is finally shut I get a good look at my abductor.


“What on earth were you thinking, standing out in the middle of the street like that! Do you want to get shot?” A boy my own age scolds me. I scowl; he is healthy and clean not malnourished like me and the kids. He has no right to scold me.


“Yes in fact I was,” I reply shooting him a dirty look, “so if you’ll excuse me,” I reach for the brass door handle but the boys own larger hand reaches it before me.


“No, your not going out there to die, I forbid you!” he says dramatically, I roll my eyes and step away from the door, folding my arms in a huff.


“I’m lost anyway, so either I go out now and die a quick painless death, or I go later and slowly freeze to death walking around in circles.”  The boy crinkles his perfect, clean nose and scratches the back of his blonde head.


“Where are you headed?” he asks after a minute.


“Tverskaya Street,” I reply tapping my foot impatiently, fully aware that my chance of a quick death was passing me by. The boy smiles, his teeth clean and white, not rotting like my own. He had been getting food, proper food, like vegetables and meat, not the bland dry bread I had been living on. I felt insignificant and ugly standing next to him, but most would. Why was he so important that he was properly fed during such a time? People were turning to cannibalism while he was here eating vegetables and being pampered.


“If you wait an hour or so I can take you there.” I sigh, remembering the eleven children who would die horrid deaths without me,  this makes me agree with out much hesitation. “My name's Charley by the way,” he mutters.


“I don’t care what you’re called,” I snap back. He leads me further into the building, up a wonky stair case and into a darkened room lit only with one small cream candle.


“You’ll have to stay quite in here for a while, if my father sees you, he’ll throw you straight out on to the street because you’re a commoner,” I just nod not caring very much if his father does find me and lay down on the unmade bed. I had been sleeping on the hard cold ground for months now,we had to burn a couple of beds to keep warm. So I was  in heaven. The boy, Charley left the room and it didn’t take five minutes for me to fall asleep in his bed.

The End

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