The SiegeMature

Noah Wales was dead. I looked at his already rotting corpse, wondering how I was going to get it out side and on to the street on my own. Alone I was too weak, that was a fact.

 How was I going to tell the others? His little brother John was going to have a break down and the twins April and Ross will more than likely have a huge argument about leadership of our group. Exhausted from standing more than five minutes I slump down beside the body.

 At nine-teen Noah was the oldest. The twins were next, and then came me, but we didn’t compare to Noah, he was our leader and without him most of us would be dead by now.

 “Why did you leave me you idiot? It's entirely your fault!” I whisper to the lifeless shell. It was his fault. He had been starving himself for weeks so John would get more food and now I was going to be left with two bickering eight-teen year olds and eleven kids under the age of thirteen to take care of my self.

 “Laniey?” a small voice comes from the doorway.  I look up putting on a fake, rotten tooth smile.

 “Yes Boo?” I reply as cheerily as I could manager, Boo Chamfer was the youngest kid in the house at age four, so he was unaware of all the horrific events happening outside the front door and I intended to keep him that way.

 “What’s wrong with Noah?” my façade almost drops.

 “Nothing!” I say too quickly, sitting up trying to reassure the small blonde boy that there was nothing to worry about, “He’s awfully tired and just fell asleep for a moment or two!” I exclaim, getting up on my feet with difficultly and taking Boo’s little hand and dragging him out of the room. “Do you want a biscuit?” I had been saving them for his birthday, but now was as good a time as any. Boo nods eagerly; he hadn’t eaten anything other than his small ration of bread for weeks now, just like the rest of us.

 When Boo is happily swinging his feet off the one wooden chair we haven’t burned yet I go back to the corpse, where the twins are already bickering over the new leadership of the groups.

 Ross and April were rich snobs in the good times and you could tell. In the beginning they wouldn’t share anything, fought and bickered about every thing and looked down on people who came poor backgrounds. Of course after a month of starvation they realised they couldn’t live with out us and forgot about their posh background. It wouldn’t help them now. Of course old habits die hard and they still fight with each other about every thing.

 “I’m four minutes older than you Ross, so I should be the leader!!” April exclaims her nose just about touching his. I roll my eyes but don’t enter the room. Instead I peer into the open crack in the door, deciding to leave them fight it  out. 

“Yes April, but I’m a boy which means I’m a much better leader than you!” Ross says calmly back to her, he was studying public speaking skills when the siege began, so it quite obvious that April was no match for him.

 “I may be a girl you imbecile but at least I'm not an abomination like you!” I don’t have a clue what April means but it seems to have really affected Ross. Should I leave? I don’t particularly like knowing others peoples business.

 “I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Ross stutters, his body language making it quite obvious that he knows exactly what April is talking about.

 “I saw the way you looked at Noah, you're in love with him,” she looks down at the corpse kicking it slightly, “Too bad he didn’t feel the same way, but  he’s not an abomination like you, that is why he was such a good leader” Ross looked mortified, but he should, it is a moral sin to be homosexual. I feel guilty listening to the conversation now, but I am frozen to the spot I cannot bring my self to move and not hear Ross’ response.

 “You are right,” Ross sighs; I have never seen him back down from an argument so quickly. “I am an abomination, I deserve to die, you may have leadership, I will leave the house, there is no place for me here.” Ross nods at her then leaves the room acknowledging me in the process. Inside April has crawled into the fetal position crying. I am stuck in two minds, should I follow Ross or console April?

The End

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