The sickness (ch. 16-21)

Miranda's brother, Matt go out to voulnteer at the post office. It started snowing and their mother started to get worried about matt because he wasnt back home yet. So Miranda and jonny take turns waiting for Matt to get back. Then matt comes back and jonny guides him back home with a lamp to the house. When Miranda wakes up, her mother is sick, jonny has a delerious fever and Matt tries to get up but sways and sits back down. She is the only one that hasnt gotten sick. So she goes to the hospi

I've chosen "What forces motivate the characters' actions and decisions in the novel?" as my question. I chose this question because it is very easy to answer. Now that the world is coming to an end and everyone is getting sick, they are barely being able to move around. Miranda's brother Jonny has a fever, her mother is sick, and her brother Matt has tried to get up but he swayed and fell back down in the chair. So Miranda goes to the hospital to see if she could get any information about why her family is getting sick and how she could help them get better. They told her to give them lots of food and fluids and let it take it's course.

The End

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