Really, Really Weird.

Where do all the old books go?

Books forgotten, passed to-and-fro,

Stories regected, not wanted, oh,

Where do all the old books go?

                     *                      *                           *                         *

The blood froze in Eloise's vains, though her heart was pumping madly. Was this some kind of creepy, practical joke? She scanned her memories of the past few days to try and remember if she had done anything wrong. All she could remember was deleting a few of those spam emails people typically got, and had accidentally poured weedkill into her neighbour's rose bed (which had now started to wilt suspiciously) - both very unlikely causes of her predicament.

Slowly, as though she was approaching a poisonous snake of some kind, she crept up behind the window and examined the books. They seemed pretty ordinary. One had been mistreated so badly the title on the spine had been ripped clean off, and the other looked to be detailing the specifics of a World War ll aeroplane.

Then, as carefully as she had approached the books, Eloise peered round the corners of the window, expecting to see some lousy teens guffawing at her fear, but she saw none. In fact, the street was uncommonly quiet, but this only made her more tense. What on earth was going on?

Eloise picked up the books and set them down on a fragile-looking table, and turned round to shut the window. Hopefully no-one would try to scare her like this again for a few minutes at least, and it would definately make her feel more safe if the window was locked and bolted tight. Quietly, a little patter of black paws caught her attention behind her, and she swung round.

"Mercutio! There yo-" She stopped, eyes wide, ready to scream should she need to. There, on that small wooden table, rested two piles of books.

Immediately, Eloise bolted from the room, biting her lip to hold back the scream. Mercutio panted and barked, excited now after his snooze, and ready for a game. He ran out too, just in time before Eloise shut the door and ran upstairs.

Minutes later, she was locked in her room. She started shivering from her nerves, and her face was tucked behind her knees, just allowing her eyes to peep over the edge. This was getting really, really weird. As if it wasn't abnormal enough that books were appearing, they seemed to follow her too! Mercutio, stubbornly unable to sense the danger, jumped on the bed and ran around in circles, chasing his tail. This would be one of the few rare times he would be allowed on there.

"Okay, okay. No need to worry. If I'm going insane and I'm seeing things, then I just need to pretend they aren't there. Then at least no-one else will know I'm bonkers." She decided steadily. At least, she thought, these strange books won't interfere with my life, I hope. Eloise tried to slow her breathing with an exercise she'd learnt.

In for 5, Out for 5. In for 5, Out for five. In for 5...out for...5...

And then she fainted, exausted and wracked.

The End

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