5. MorganMature




I was freaking out.  Michael was curled onto the floor, clutching his stomach.  He was hyperventilating.  I didn’t know what to do.  I tried pulling him up, but as soon as I tried it he would make a sharp wincing sound.  All of a sudden I was standing next to Bobby.  He’d gotten there so fast.  I stared up at him.  He was breathing really fast, nearly hyperventilating too, but not quite. 

     “Bobby,” I asked, “what’s going on?” 

     He turned to me and started pushing me out the room.  He was sweating.  I stared into his eyes.  He was freaking out even more than I was.  “Bobby, what the hell is going on?” I yelled. 

     He turned back to Michael who was holding onto the bed.  I gasped.  Michael’s eyes were bright green.  “He’s on the verge of turning Morgs.  You need to get out of here.”  He started turning away again.  His whole body was tensing. 

     I remembered the first time I’d seen him turn.  It was so fast.  I hadn’t even noticed his bones cracking or anything.  He was just there, and then all of a sudden he was flying through the air, changing.  He’d turned into a huge golden wolf.  He wasn’t an ordinary werewolf.  Most of them could only turn halfway and get down to four legs with random patches of hair all over them.  Some got hair all over their bodies, but they still had that grotesque look about them.  But not Bobby.  When he turned, he could turn into a fully formed wolf, but he was bigger than the ordinary wolf, way bigger.  He was about the size of a Mini Cooper, but that was when he was fifteen.  He was eighteen now.  I think it was some kind of genetic trait or something. 

     I snapped out of my reverie when Michael started coughing.  I pushed past Bobby, despite his protests.  When I was by his side, I noticed Michael had let go of the bed and as now breathing normally.  His eyes were also their normal gray again. 

     “I am so sorry Morgan.”  He gasped breathlessly. 

     “You should be you idiot.  You could have killed her!”  Bobby was by my side again.  He was glaring down at Michael, his hand on my shoulder.   “You’re unstable.” 

     “Stop will you?”  I yelled angrily. 

     Bobby let go of my shoulder, but he didn’t move anywhere else.  I looked over at Michael.  He was looking at the floor.  He felt awful.  I reached over and took his hand.  I heard Bobby make a silent protest.  “It’s okay, honest.  You were able to stop and take control so nothing’s wrong.”  I smiled at him encouragingly. 

     He smiled back happily.  “That usually happens when I get jetlag.” 

     “What?” Bobby yelled.  I felt his body hit the ground.  He was laughing, uncontrollably.  Michael was also laughing, but he was serious. 

     After Bobby finally stopped laughing, we managed to haul Michael to his feet and take him into the lounge.  Once we got there, Bobby asked Michael, “So that’s seriously what happens when you get on an aeroplane?” 

     “Yeah, while I’m in the air my whole body just goes haywire.  I get sick, have asthma attacks and shit like that.  I hate it.  Normally Dad’s around to help me out, but otherwise I’d be alone.  I never turn though, my body just gets used to being on the ground again and then I’m fine.” 

     Bobby breathed in deeply, then said, “That sounds bad.  Luckily it never happens to me.”  He replied smugly. 

     I heard myself growl quietly, making Bobby flinch.  He knew he’d gone too far.  I got up and started moving towards the kitchen.  “I’m hungry.  Do you want something?”  It was directed at Michael.  He shook his head and then yawned.  As I turned away I saw Bobby’s whole body sag into our couch. 

     I walked into the kitchen seeing Mina up on a box propped onto a chair.  I smiled. 

     “Hey Morgan.”  She piped cheerfully, her hands busy in the soapy water, a large stack of clean dishes on her right while only three or four dirty dishes were in her left.  “How’re the puppies coming along?” 

     I laughed and headed towards the pantry.  “I’d watch what I saw there Mina, I’m not sure they’ll take it if you keep resembling them to dogs.  But it is…”  I stopped.  What am I supposed to tell her?  I love Bobby but he’s being a dog.  I smile slightly at that.  Or do I tell her Michael is a sweetie and he’s nice and he’s having a hard time being back home. 

     Mina looked at me curiously.  I swear, sometimes I think she can read my mind.  “Is what?” 

     “I don’t know.”  I shake my head and look at the floor.  I’ve got a pack of salt and vinegar chips in my hand and start walking back to the lounge. 

     “Nice talking to you!”  I hear Mina call.  I smile again. 

     As I turn the corner into the lounge I see my dad walk in through the door, followed by Greg and Derrick.  I make a quick turn to get away but I’m interrupted.  “Where do you think your going little lady?”  It was dad.  It sounded like he was in a good mood. 

     “Hey daddy.  Did you get our stuff?”  I smile politely at my father.  He smiles back and moves over to give me a hug.  Not what I was expecting. 

     “We sure did.”  He’s still smiling. 

     I look past him to see Bobby and Mr. Wallace.  “What are you doing here?”  His dad sounds angry. 

     “I brought Morgan’s bag back.  She forgot it at our place.”   Such a good excuse, true, but good. 

     “Oh alright.  Well we’re going, see you guys on Friday?”   He asked dad.  I frowned. 

     “Why not?  We’ll be there.” 

     “Bye everyone.”  Bobby and Derrick called simultaneously.  I listened to the cars driving away. 

     I look at dad, then Greg.  Michael’s doing the same so obviously I’m not the only one who’s confused.  “What’s happening Friday?” 

     Dad smiled at me mischievously.  “Oh you’ll see.” 

The End

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