4. BobbyMature




I put the phone down and ran into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Next I searched the cabinet for some deodorant and sprayed myself, nearly choking. I realised that I was still in the clothes I’d been in for the camp with Morgs and Gazzah. I decided to have a quick shower, although I think I took about twenty minutes. I threw my clothes messily into the laundry basket and ran out of the bathroom, with a towel clutched around my hips. I was in such a hurry I nearly ran into my mum, practically losing my towel in the process.

     I could here mum giggling as I clutched my towel around my front, seeing as how I was running with nothing covering my bum. I heard mum say something, but I was already in my room, leaning against the door, breathless and flushed. I randomly picked some things off the floor and pulled them on. I noticed as I pulled the shirt over my head, that it was the shirt Morgan had given me for Christmas. I smiled.

     I grabbed a perfume bottle standing on my bedside table (Morgan had bought it for me as well) and noticed the picture of the two of us, just me and Morgan. I quickly squirted some of the liquid on me and grabbed my jacket before I left the room.

     As I neared the front door to grabbed Morgan’s bag, mum asked, “And where do you think you’re going?”

     I swore under my breath. “Morgan forgot her bag here.” I said, then added, “Can I please borrow your car to go drop it off for her, to her place?”

     She seemed to think about it for a while; “Well your father did tell me to keep you at home, but…” she looked at me with some amusement.

     “Please mum.” I begged her. I never begged my mum for anything. “Please I’m begging you.”

     She started giggling and walked over to the wall where all of the keys hang. “Well I did see you run like a girl to your bedroom and you look like you want to swoon some poor girl.” She smiled at me kindly and chucked the keys at me. I caught it.

     “Thanks mum.” I smiled at her and ducked down to give her a kiss on the cheek. My friends still teased me about that, but not Morgan. All of a sudden I felt like a little lovesick puppy.

     And apparently mum can read my mind now, when she said, “Bye-bye my little lovesick puppy.”

     I raced out to the car with Morgan’s bag, and slid into the car seat. I drove down the road, my foot aching to just press down on the accelerator. But I was a good boy, driving slowly all the way down the street.


When I stopped in front of Morgan’s house, I started hyperventilating. Why are you freaking out like this you idiot? I asked myself. It’s not like you’re about to declare your love for this truly amazing, kind, loving- “Shut up.” I muttered. I climbed out of the car and locked the car behind me as I made my way too the front door. I’d remembered the key Uncle Joseph had given me, in case Morgan was ever in trouble and needed my help. I slipped it into the door and quietly opened the door into the small lounge, making Morgan jump. I saw something jump in behind her. It looked almost like a cat, but it was too big.

     “What are you doing?” I asked.

     Morgan looked at me, surprised. “I thought you weren’t coming anymore.” Behind her I could see the little creature peeking out from behind her. Mina.

     “What were you and Mina doing?” I asked, and jumped back when I heard a stubborn, intelligent voice from behind her. Mina was glaring at my shoes.

     “Look at what you’ve done to the carpet you stupid dog.” She jumped off the couch and shut the door. I stared down at it, flabbergasted. She started grappling with my shoes, and then all of a sudden I was on the ground, my face planted into the carpet. I heard Morgan laughing, and I could feel Mina tugging at my shoes. “You’re all the same, you never care about hygiene or cleanliness, always making a mess, you stupid werewolves.” She had both my shoes off, and walked past me. I looked up and caught her glaring at me. “Never walk into this house with those filthy shoes again.” And then she disappeared, no doubt she was going to wash my shoes.

     I felt Morgan help me up; I automatically pulled her into my arms and hugged her. I’d never done anything like this around Morgan. I felt her stiffen in my arms, and then she melted into my embrace and hugged back just as strongly as I was. I pulled back slowly and got up properly from the floor, pulling Morgs up since she was on her knees, supposed to be helping me up.

     “I’m sorry.”

     She looked at me quizzically. “Why are you apologizing?”

     “I just thought it…” I looked down at my hands and said, “I brought your bag.”

     Just as I was about to move away to get her bag from the door, she hugged me; her tiny body moulding into mine. I wrapped my arms around her and softly kissed the top of her head. She lifted her head from my chest and smiled a dazzling smile at me. I nearly melted as I looked into her icy blue eyes, her pale alabaster skin, and her pitch black curls flying all over the place. Slowly, hesitantly, I moved my head closer to hers. Our lips were just a breath away, when suddenly there was a thump and an “ouch” from the corridor.

     She groaned softly before pulling away. I looked at her quizzically.


     As quickly as she said his name she was gone, into the corridor to get that-that… how could she just run off like that? I found I was pacing back and forth.

     I heard another thump, and a gasp. I stopped pacing.

     I heard her giggle. And then she screamed. “Help Bobby!”

     I was flying down the corridor in seconds. 

The End

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