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We went into the lounge where I was waiting while my dad and his old friends discussed some stuff. Another girl came, apparently Gazzah’s sister, Gayle. I don’t think she liked Morgan very much, but I don’t think Morgan liked her very much either since they were glaring at each other the whole time. I felt very awkward. I was sitting on a couch with Morgan and Bobby, but the couch was very limp, I think the springs were taken out, and all of us fell over each other whenever someone moved. Once again Morgan fell on me and Bobby pulled her away from me quickly, I don’t think he liked me very much either and he especially didn’t like it when Morgan fell on me. I laughed when he pulled her up again. And once again I earned a glare from Bobby, but I earned a smile from Morgan.

     “Gayle, Gazzah and Bobby,” Mrs. Wallace called, “can you guys please come here?”

     Bobby got up and stared at Morgan, “We’ll be quick.”

     “I’ll be fine,” she replied irritably. “You of all people should know that.”

     I cut Bobby off with his reply by saying, “Don’t worry, I wont bite your girlfriend.” But as I said girlfriend, I earned a glare from everyone in the room, except Gazzah, who started laughing.

     “Come on Lover Boy,” he said mockingly to Bobby, “you to Princess.” The last remark was targeted at Gayle with utter hatred and he left the room with the other two in tow.

     I smiled at Morgan, but she just looked away, towards the window. Great, I thought, im stuck with Miss Moody.  She turned back to me and stared at me with her icy stare. “Why do your eyes flash green and not yellow?”

     I was struck breathless as soon as she said green, not many people noticed that about me unless they stare at my eyes, but then again most of the people who notice it think it’s a trick of the light. “Um,” I still couldn’t think of an answer, because I didn’t have one, “I don’t know, it’s just always been like that. Why was your dad freaking out so much when you guys got here?” I got her, I thought triumphantly.

     “I don’t want to talk about it.” Was all she said and she turned back to the window.

     “Okay. So are you a werewolf as well?”


     “Gees, im trying to start a conversation but you just keep giving me some real bitchy answers like, ‘I don’t want to talk about it.’” I was real angry now and I saw her turn back to me with a hateful glare. I saw my eyes flash in her eyes and I realised what she was trying to do while I was trying to talk the whole time. “Sorry, you were trying to listen weren’t you?”

     She nodded and said quietly, “Sorry, I haven’t had the best of days.” And she kept listening.

     Some time passed until everyone else called us in to the dining room, but no one told us what they were talking about. Maybe Morgan heard something? I thought absent-mindedly. We ate roast beef, with potatoes and rice and salad for lunch. And everyone was talking except Morgan and I. I was busy eating a second serve of food, while she just sat there taking a bite now and then but otherwise she was just playing with her food. I caught Bobby looking at her worriedly and smiled. The kid obviously liked her a lot, I couldn’t blame him.

     Morgan was very attractive. She looked very familiar and so did Bobby, but I didn’t remember them. When we were sitting on the couch I took my time to see what Morgan looked like, how she acted and the colour of her beautiful hair and those dangerous eyes. What are you doing? I thought. She doesn’t like you and she won’t. You saw the way Bobby looked at you and obviously she likes him to. Don’t go barking up the wrong tree. You’re in a new town and you need to make friends. That’s what dad said while we were driving here from the airport, ‘We’re going to a new town for a new start and you need to make an effort to make friends Michael. Don’t get into trouble again and don’t go barking up the wrong tree either.’

     I looked around the table, at Gazzah and Bobby talking about cars and Gayle chipping in with their conversation the whole time, making it obvious she liked Bobby. I won’t try to be friends with her. I saw Gazzah look at me and I realised he had noticed my eyes flashing green as well, but he didn’t say anything. I started feeling claustrophobic; like everyone was staring at me and the whole room was closing in on me. I started fidgeting and I felt someone put a hand on my shoulder.

     “Why don’t you kids go for a walk somewhere?” it was Bobby’s mum, Mrs. Wallace.

     As soon as she said it Morgan’s dad said, “Morgan can’t go, I don’t want her causing any more trouble.”

     “Oh come on Joseph. You can’t keep her locked up for the rest of her life.”

     Mr. Milesky stared at Morgan and sighed. “Don’t cause any trouble or you’ll end up like that princess in that movie you always watched when you were little.” As he said it Morgan smiled at her father, a kind and loving smile.

     Bobby, Gazzah, Gayle and Morgan stood up slowly, so I just got up as well and followed them to the door. We walked down the street and then all of a sudden Morgan started running down the street toward some girls sitting on the swings across the road in the little park. Bobby sighed and muttered something quickly, while Gazzah followed Morgan and started talking to the girls. Gayle glared at everything in sight, even a tree.

    “Michael.” Gazzah called me and added, “Come introduce yourself to everyone, they don’t bite.” He smiled as he said it and one of the girls giggled, she had black hair.

     I walked over to them, accidentally bumping into Bobby. “Sorry man,” I said when he looked up at me.

     “No problems,” was all he said.

     “Whoa,” I said, surprised, “you didn’t try to kill me or anything. Not even one of those looks you gave me earlier.” I laughed, but I earned a bump in return when he walked over to the rest of the group, except for Gayle who was playing around with her phone.

     As I walked up to them, the blonde girl pushed through and walked up to me. She held her hand out and said, “Hi I’m Catelyn, Cate for short. So you’re Michael.”

     It was more of a statement than a question. But I answered anyway, “Yeah I am.” I shook her hand in return; it was like shaking hands with a swan.

     The other girl, who had black hair, said “Hi, I’m Melissa.” She only waved and I waved back sheepishly.

     I walked over to the small group with Cate and went to stand next to Morgan. I saw Gayle walking over to us and she went to go stand next to Bobby when Cate moved over, and she ended up standing next to her and Morgan.

     “So where do you come from Mikey?” Gazzah asked and I smiled at the nickname.

     “Um, we moved here from Sydney.”

     “Whoa that’s awesome. I went their once for this footie thing. So why’d you guys move here?”

     As soon as he asked why we had moved here I stiffened and remembered what my dad told me. Don’t tell anyone why we moved here, not even the people we’re going to. We don’t want everyone avoiding us because they think we’re trouble makers. “Um, my dad got transferred here because of his work.”

     “What job does he have?” Bobby asked, noticing my quiet distress.

     “Um, he’s a lawyer.”

     He was about to ask another question when Morgan said, “Stop putting him on the spot Bobby. It’s obvious he’s uncomfortable. And anyway he just got here so he’s tired.” I smiled a thank you in her direction, then she asked, “So where are you and your dad staying tonight?”

     “I don’t know.” I stopped to think for a moment, for once, then I realised that we were staying with her and her father. “I think we’re staying at your place.”

     “What?” Bobby cried, “Are you serious?”

     “I think he is Bobby. His dad is one of my dad’s best friends.” She stopped and looked at me intently then turned back to Bobby and said, “He used to be your best friend as well. A long time ago.”

     Just as she said it I remembered why they were so familiar. As Bobby opened his mouth for another response, Mr. Wallace came out of their front door and called us back in.

     “See you guys at school.” Morgan said to Cate and Melissa when we walked towards the house.


As I walked through the door back into the house, I saw my dad, Mr. Milesky, Mr. Porter and Mr. Wallace getting ready to leave.

     “Where are you going?” Bobby asked his dad.

     “We’re going to go get your camping gear.”

     “Can we please come with dad?” Bobby asked his dad.

     “No. It’s too dangerous. I don’t want any of you getting hurt.” Mr. Wallace finished the conversation and glared at Bobby when he started saying something.

     “How am I supposed to get home?” Morgan asked.

     “Gazzah will take you and Michael, with all of his and his father’s baggage, to our house. They’re staying there for the next two weeks.” Morgan’s dad told her.

     “Can I go with?” Bobby asked hopefully.

     “No honey, I want you to help me around the house. Morgan will be fine, she can take care of herself.” Mrs. Wallace told Bobby sternly.

     I stood their, not knowing what was going on. I looked at my dad. He looked so comfortable, like he had always been here, like he was with all of these people everyday of his life. I felt so lost, so afraid that my past will catch up with me. Everything started racing passed, I didn’t know what was going on. I heard voices, but not the words. All of a sudden I felt someone shaking my shoulders.

     “Come on Mikey,” Gazzah said softly, “wake up. We gotta get you to a bed so you can sleep, or whatever.” Someone laughed at his words, it sounded like Gayle.

     I shook my head and came to terms of my surroundings. There was Bobby, standing in the corner of the lounge. The limp couch I was sitting on before was standing in the left of the room in front of the window. Gayle was staring at me, trying not to laugh. Everyone else wasn’t in the room at all. Then I saw Morgan walk in from the glass door on the right side of the room.

     “I thought you would have had you and your dad’s stuff ready by now.” She said, and then looked at me strangely. “Are you okay?” She asked, concern written all over her face.

     Before I could answer, Bobby said miserably, “He’s fine.” He stopped then looked at me again and said, “Just hurry up and get your stuff.”

     “Where’s your stuff?” Morgan asked, glaring at Bobby. “Gazzah and I will go get it for you and Bobby and Gayle can show you to the car.”

     “It’s underneath the counter in the kitchen.” I said quietly, then I realised who was taking me to the car and asked quickly, “Can you or Gazzah take me to the car?” I purposefully stared at Bobby, making it clear I hated him as much as he hated me.

     “Sure man, I’ll take you to the car. Bobby can help Morgan to get your stuff.” And Gazzah took me to the car with the giggling Gayle in pursuit.

     As we walked through the door, I heard Morgan and Bobby say, “Don’t be such a boar Bobby, what did Michael do to you. He just got here and he’s tired.” 

     “I don’t like him Morgs, he’s trouble. And you’ve got enough trouble on your hands being the shapeshifter.”

     “This has nothing to do with what I can do. Be nice to Michael, you two used to be best friends.”

     “But I hate him Morgan. What in I hate him don’t you understand?”

     “I understand it perfectly, but stop being such a boar.”

     “Only for you.” His last comment was dripping in love and affection.

     And then the door was closed and I was in the car seat. But as my eyes were busy closing, I saw my worst nightmare walk past their house.

     And he was staring right at me.

The End

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