The Shifter Chronicles: The Truth about the Legend of the Green-Eyed Wolf and the ShapeshifterMature

Morgan is a shapeshifter. The rest of her remaining family and friends are all werewolves.

When an old family friend moves back home trouble starts to mount. There are more attacks on the mysterious 17 Morgan Milesky and then there's the pressure of having the totally gorgeous Bobby who's in love with her and the dark Michael with the flashing green eyes.

Why is Morgan being attacked? What secrets are her family keeping from her? And who is the man following Michael?




In the early morning sun, I rose painfully in my sleeping bag.  My tent was sodden with water. I was sure it hadn’t rained during the night. I started inspecting my tent, searching for anything that was out of place. As I reached out for my bag I grabbed empty air. I froze. Once again I had been fooled by the boy who had been my best friend since I was born, the boy I loved so dearly, but he couldn’t have done all of this by himself without waking me. Then I remembered; Bobby had brought a friend with him for our little camp out.

     They had pretended to be gentlemen and had given me the tent to sleep in. But Bobby knew as well as everyone else that I had quick senses, I could hear anything if I concentrated hard enough. I was a very light sleeper as well, waking at the mere sound of a pin fall to the floor about one hundred metres away. As I started getting up, my joints ached and I fell down again in my body’s desperation to stay still.

     I could hear soft snickering and giggling outside and yelled out, “You know if a guy giggle’s, then it means he’s gay!” Soon after I said it, all was quiet.

     I tried moving again, but my joints roared in agony and I let out a painful groan. My tent was slowly opened from the outside and Bobby’s golden head peered through the gap in the opening. I took a quick breath, nearly skipping a heartbeat. He looked wonderful this morning.

     “I thought you would have been the first to be awake.” A cheeky smile spread across his face. “But somehow you were too tired, and I really don’t know why you’re so tired. Would you care to explain why you came to bed so early and didn’t even wake up when we did this?” He indicated the tent with his revolving eyes.

     I sighed, “I don’t know what happened. I can’t even move without falling over again.” I stared him straight in the eye and said, “I can’t even remember how I got in the tent or what happened last night.” I breathed in deeply then looked at the tent and where my bag was supposed to be and said again, “Thanks for the wet surprise, but I would really appreciate it if I could have my bag back.”

     “Sure, it’s outside; it’s perfectly dry unlike you.”

     “Can you please help me up? I can’t move.”

     We got out of the tent uncomfortably and nearly fell over. Gazzah sat on a small chair that looked like it would collapse under his weight any second. He wasn’t fat or overweight or anything, he was just built a bit larger than most guys. He was extremely strong and muscled, but of course it came from his dad who used to be a pro body builder. His hair was a dirty dark blonde; he had greenish-brown coloured eyes and a crooked smile. His real name is Garret Porter, his twin sister, Gayle, is the queen of the beauty princesses at school, and they don’t care about anyone but themselves. Of all of Bobby’s friends, Gazzah is one of the kindest, he doesn’t care that I’m not like all the other girls, that I just want to sit down and do something or talk. As he saw us struggling out he moved to help us and brought up the chair he was sitting on for me.

     As if on queue, the small chair fell apart as soon as I sat down. Bobby couldn’t help laughing as loud as he could and Gazzah’s crooked smile spread like a wild fire across his face. I couldn’t help smiling either, but that hurt as well. Gazzah came to help me up because Bobby was still busy laughing on the frosty ground. As soon as I stood up my legs collapsed underneath me, and I landed in a giant clump of grass. I just stayed their as Gazzah went to get another chair in the car. Bobby had by now stopped laughing and sat up. He stared at me with his perfect smile; his sparkling white teeth practically started glowing in the early morning sun.

      “Wow,” he said, still smiling, “I never knew you were that fat. I mean, as soon as you sat down…” He indicated with his hands how it looked and started laughing again.

     I just stared at him sleepily. I thought of what I could say but I couldn’t think of anything. “It was broken anyway,” was all I could think of.

     Bobby stopped laughing and stared at me questioningly. A serious look crossed his face, half mixed with concern. “You’ve changed in the last two years Morgs,” he looked away sadly and said. “You’re no fun anymore, you know that?” He sighed and stood up, he stopped before he walked away and said empty-minded, “I’ll go help Gazzah find another chair.” And he walked away.

     I sat there silently. It’s not my fault I’ve changed! I thought. My mum died two years ago! And then it happened. I started crying, quietly, trying not to make any noise. I felt all the pain in my body slowly move from everywhere to nowhere in particular. I heard footsteps in the long grass and tried to stop crying, but I couldn’t. I got ready for Bobby to come over to me and comfort me, but as he came into sight with a chair he just stared at me.

     “What did I do now?” he yelled accusingly and just stood there. “So you just start crying because I told you you’ve changed!”

     He froze in shame as I said, “You know exactly why I’m crying!” I yelled in my shuddering voice, “You were there when it happened two years ago. You don’t know how I feel and you never will!” I stopped and braced myself for my final comment and said sadly, “You have never lost a parent and have the other one practically disappear as well and have no father at all.” I looked at him painfully, but as he came toward me to say sorry I surprised myself by standing up and walking away.

     I walked straight to my bag and grabbed it. As I walked away I heard a cracking sound about a hundred or maybe two hundred metres away. I shivered and realised that it was no ordinary cracking, it sounded like bones moving into different places. I turned towards Bobby and stared at him fearfully. He saw the fear in my face immediately and called Gazzah’s name. He ran towards me, the chair still clutched in his hands, he grabbed my hand and kept running. Then the cracking stopped, obviously Bobby heard it too and started to run faster, making me tripped all the time. While we were running, Gazzah’s car pulled up in front of us and Bobby thrust me in the back along with himself.

     Just as the door closed a giant werewolf sped out of the trees, sprinting towards us. It leapt, but Gazzah accelerated and it hit the ground. We drove onto the small gravel road and heard it howl. We drove speedily away from the camping grounds and headed for the main road to go back home. As we passed all the trees and sign posts, I sighed and looked around the car. Everything was silent, not even the radio was on and an air of fear and suspicion was drifting through the car. All of us had settled down a bit after the ordeal, but we were all still much shaken. Well I am! I thought.

     “We’ll come get the rest of our stuff later on today.” Gazzah broke the silence. “I’ll get my dad to come with us, along with your dad Bobby.” He stared at me through the rear view mirror and said, “You can come to Morgan.”

     Bobby moved stiffly next to me and said confusedly, “Why did that werewolf attack us?” he looked around the car as if the answer would just pop up out of nowhere. “I mean, what’s wrong with it? It can’t attack other werewolves like us.”

     “Maybe it was attracted to Morgan.” Gazzah looked at me, his eyes were smiling but not the rest of his face, “They normally come around when Morgan’s around. She’s not a werewolf so that’s probably why,” but he sounded unsure.

     “But she’s not actually normal. She’s like us, but just not anything werewolf-ish.”

     They kept on talking about me like I wasn’t there, like I wasn’t able to speak for myself and I yelled angrily, “I’m here and I can talk for myself!” They stared at me with mild surprise.

     “Sorry Morgs,” it was Bobby, he put a hand on my shoulder. “We should thank you. If you didn’t hear it then someone could have been seriously hurt or even dead.”

     “Yeah, thanks. Your super sense of hearing really helped us this time.” Gazzah smiled and asked, “What are you by the way? A nymph, a magician maybe, a, um I might have to catch up on my mythical creatures. How about an Aatxe, or an Äbädä? A, uh let’s see, an Abarimon, an Adroanzi? A Nix, oh um how about an Otso, it’s a Finnish creature that is actually a bear spirit?” I giggled with every suggestion and then giggled some more as he went on. “What about a Selkie? That’s a human seal shapeshifter. Um, are you by any chance a vampire?” He kept asking me and I kept giggling until I realised we had stopped at Bobby’s house and my dad’s car was there. I breathed in deeply and realised that I was overreacting. I noticed the guys were staring at me and I smiled.

     Bobby nudged my in the ribs and said, “Your dad is allowed out of the house once in a while you know.”

    “I know, but he rarely ever gets out of the house or his office so it’s just a surprise.” I replied thoughtfully.

     Gazzah just sat there quietly, obvious on his face that he was thinking. He stared at me and sighed, “So what are you Morgan Milesky?” he asked me.

     “Yeah Morgan,” this was Bobby; he stared at me with his beautiful grey eyes and said, “I don’t even know what you are and I’ve known you since you were born. Please tell us?”

     They stared at me with anticipated faces. “I’m part changeling,” they stared at me blankly, “my mother was a changeling.” They nodded slowly.

     “But your dad is a werewolf.” Bobby looked confused again. “How can you be part changeling if your dad’s a werewolf and your mum a changeling? I mean, don’t you like get your dad’s magical ability?”

     “I’m not a changeling. I have none of the abilities changelings have, only a chosen few, maybe. I’m not a werewolf either. I’m something completely different.” I bit my lip when their eyes flashed yellow. I heard a cracking noise and stared at Gazzah. His right hand was turning into something that couldn’t be called a hand or a paw. “What did I say now?” I yelled, my voice cracking in fear.

     “Gaz,” Bobby snapped out of his trance, “Gaz come on don’t be an idiot. She doesn’t know.” But Gazzah’s claws just kept getting longer and longer. “Gazzah, stop it! She didn’t do anything!” Bobby started tensing, and then he stared at me and said, “Get out of the car Morgan.”

     As I reached for the door and yanked the door handle, I felt the handle was constricted and I knew it was locked. “It’s locked.” I said and then I saw Gazzah swipe his now giant paw at me. I felt light and I turned into a hummingbird, I flew to the other front seat and turned into a black cat. I jumped and I scratched Gazzah on the right cheek, snapping him out of his monstrous reverie. His hand clicked back into place and they both just stared at me as I started to groom myself. “Yes I am a shapeshifter. Well then, which one’s carrying me in or should I change back to my human form?”

     “Sorry!” Gazzah blurted out, shamefacedly. “I didn’t mean to do that. I-I don’t know happened.” He looked away shamefully and said when he looked at me again, “I’ll carry you in.” Then he touched his bleeding cheek, took my bag and picked me up. They walked up to the front door of the house, Gazzah walked behind Bobby as we knocked on the door.

     Mr. Wallace opened the door and nearly fell over when he saw me. Behind him were two more men, one of them my dad, the other I didn’t recognise. My dad gave me a stern look of disappointment and I just purred. The door closed silently and I jumped out of Gazzah’s arms, making sure no one on the outside could see me and I quickly turned back again.

     “What do you think you’re doing?” My dad asked angrily, half growling, “Anyone could have seen you. That’s the reason you always get attacked by practically everything where ever you go!” He was yelling. He hasn’t yelled since mum died, I thought sadly.

     “Joseph,” Mr. Wallace said, “she doesn’t know what can happen to her. Don’t be so rough on her.” He paused and looked at me, “You know as well as I do that she lost a lot more than just her mother.” I choked and my I sight became watery. I looked away.

     My dad stared at me angrily and glared at Mr. Wallace, “I know exactly what she lost Derrick, but she knows how Mia died! She was there and she saw everything, she knows what killed her mother and she should know that it will kill her to if she isn’t careful.” He breathed and was about to turn his anger on me when the other man I didn’t know put a hand on his shoulder.

     “Why don’t you introduce the children to us?” he asked and Bobby, Gazzah and I stared at each other confusedly. “Michael?” he called. I heard someone standing up and sigh, and then footsteps. And then I saw him.

     “Michael and Greg,” Derrick said, “this is Bobby my son, Gazzah his friend - and your parents will be coming soon; we’re all having lunch here today.” He stopped, thinking he was done introducing everyone when he remembered me and quickly added, “And this is Morgan, Joseph’s daughter.” I saw Michael’s eyes, they were grey. Then I saw his eyes’ flash a different colour, but it wasn’t yellow.

     It was green.

The End

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