The Shed at the end of the path

As a teenager I would often babysit for relatives and the money was always handy,but on this particular winters day was cold and rainy and for some reason I wasnt looking forward to three or four hours in a remote old house.However I liked the money and so I went.

As Mr&Mrs Johnson said bye I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach I had never a felt before, but pushed it from my mind and told myself to stop being silly.I went upstairs to check on the little girl, Alice,she was sleeping soundly in her bed, so I wandered into the kitchen to make myself a coffe, it was dark outside and the wind had started to howl.

Peeping through the blinds into the back garden, narrowing my eyes I spotted some sort of light in the shed window,wondering what it could be,I continued to look.

I thought about going out to investigate but thought better of it,it must be something Mr Johnson had been using before they went out.

After I had drank my coffee I took the empty mug into the kitchen and started to wash it,briefly glancing up and the light in the shed again attracting my attention.What could that be.

I decided to have a quick look and reached for the torch from the shelf and pulled on my coat.

I opened the back door and the cold wind hit me in the face, along with spots of rain.I pulled the door shut behind me and clicked the button on the torch,it flickered and the beam pointed to the floor,lifting the torch to the shed window,I heard a scuffle and my heart raced a little.The back door opening and closing with the wind.

Had a cat or some creature got locked in the shed and was trying to escape?

Gingerly I proceeded to within a few steps of the shed door,my breathing increased a little as I lifted the latch up, a little scared as I didnt know what to expect.

All of a sudden the light dissapeared.I shook the torch,but there was no life in it."Dam Battery" I cursed,as I turned round a similar light to the one I had seen in the shed window was moving across the kitchen window.

"Oh my god", I dropped the torch and ran down the path back to the house..not seeing the peice of slab sticking up, Iflipped into the air, cracking my head on the stone.

Opening my eyes hurt and as I reached to touch my head, I felt a bump and stciky bloody trickling down my face,I winced in apin,but immediately though of the little girl in bed asleep,what was in the house.

I got up but was dizzy and looked around for some type of weapon,I picked up a large peice of wood from near the back door and opened the back door, slowly and quietly.I was aware of my heart beating so fast.......As I entered the kitchen I heard noises upstairs,exhaling I tip toed into the hallway and resting my hand on the bannister I crept up the stairs,funny how you dont remember all the sqeaks a stairway makes, until you really dont want to hear them.Treading quietly just makes it louder.

"I know someone is there and I have phoned the police,they are on their way"..classic huh!

"Look,just come out and I will let you go,just get out".I had watched too many late night films on sky tv, thats my problem.All of a sudden there was a crash and something ran past me in a flurry and with the unmistakable miaow of a cat. and out of the back door.

I had never been so relieved at anything in my life and dropped the wood to the floor, and rushing up to the little girls bedroom, to find her still sleeping soundly.I exhaled noisily and ran downstairs to firmly lock and bolt the door.As I moved away from the back door I stopped something wasnt quite right and fear cut through me like a lightning flash,I knew somthing or someone was behind me,waiting.....

The End

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