What next?

What's that? it's is smaller than this... Thing I am it is orange four leg things... Five? It has another leg sticking out it's back!

Cats are a small species on the planet Earth they are part of a large family the smallest being the pet. These animals come in nearly all colours. They have no tenticals and four legs, they have a tail on the back to show how they are feeling

What? where did that voice come from? Oh... wait I remember it was my old Planets and their cultures teacher! So I suppose this animal is a cat and I am some other species of cat.

AAAAAHHH what i s happening? theres a tight feeling on my throat I try to look around but I can not!

"You are of to the Kennels you are dog" Came a voice the dog part of my recognized and was scaredof. But I found nothing to be scared of because this is the first species that has talked to me! I wonder if he knows I am a shape shifter and will help me? I f only I could look at him.

The End

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