Shape Shifting Out Of Here...

Is it just me or do I really need to go? Ok, lets find ourselves a... hey! Wait! Oi, how do i make this thing stop?!


In the woods next to a victorian style house was a dog that was quite obviously not a purebred and had the most peculiar of expressions on its cute little furry face as it relieved itself and marked its territory on a nearby tree. The expression wouldn't strike any of the dominant species of the world as odd... to them it'd be just another cute face worth making jokes about or fawning over.

Once the dog was done it backed away from the tree staring at the darkened  spot on the tree, its ears perked up.


Seriously? Seriously?! That's what they do here?

Ok, dude... slow down just there. There's no way a creature without thumbs or opposing appendages could uild this thing here. So that means, I'm in a lesser being? That's it... I want out. Where is that wreck anyways?

See, that's the thing with shape-shifting - You don't have complete control over yourself till you've worked with tge ability for a good few shape shifting experiences. Of course that hot saleswoman didn't mention that... not that you could pay attention to what she was saying anyways. Still, they never mentioned anywhere that just getting to use the ability would take like... forever!!!

Not only that but the manual was quite misleading as well. For starters when it said that you might experiece times when the creature's inborn instincts might overtake your own will... Frankly, I thought this was something that would happen in situations of extreme stress. Hm, but then again did having to go count as extreme stress? I know that the Ihyliun's of Wanka do. Oh yeah, they get worked up about a lot of things actually. I almost got persecuted for asking for ketchup.

But seriously, I have no control over what I'm doing... or I do, but these urges are just to hard to resist... and Hell no! I'm not licking that!

The End

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