The Shape-Shifter's Earth

"Woof, Woof!"

Oh dear. This isn't good. Why can't i talk? Where am i?Who am i?Ok. Stop panicking. Calm thoughts. Lets think. What happened...? Right. I was on my way to Elovirpol 14. To the space port. I was in a spaceship. A very good one if my memory serves me correctly. An RV82 with dual microforce engines - unstable - yet very fast. Uh oh. Unstable. That must be why i'm here. But where is here?

I'm lost. In the universe. Alone. Great. My day started off so well. On my way home for the  first time in 24 years which doesn't really mean much after time travel was invented. I'm blabbering. Stop it. I can't even hit myself. Right. I'm adjusting to the situation. What do i look like? Damn it, i'm ugly. Four hairy little stumps which i think are legs. At least i think there's four. I can only see two. My face... it's so...furry. And - no. I don't have any toes. No toes? What kind of planet is this anyway. Wait, whats that flapping behind me. I think it's attatched to me! What a weird race!

This is why i shouldn't have become a shapeshifter. 'Great fun!' 'Not happy with yourself? Become a shapeshifter!' Thats a load of rubbish. Thats what they don't include in the manual. Never listen to anything that comes out of Altidure 5. No mention of the whole shapeshifting onto the first living multi-celled organism you see. No mention of how to un-shape-shift. Not one bit.

When i get off this - this place wherever i am, i am going to sue the SpaceTravel section of Altidure 5 for every penny it's got. Bloody unstable spaceships. Fast yet unstable. I would have preferred to walk to Elovirpol 14 than be stranded on this primitive little planet. It seems quite primitive anyway. All i can see are rows and rows of houses, blimey, they're still made out of bricks!!!!!!! Weird. Wouldn't it be so much more practical to use insulated, galvanized steel? I guess whoever this race are; they will learn. 

The End

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