The Shake Down

Back Alley dealings in the heart of New York City!

"Did you get it?"
"Ya, I got it!"

David Frisk looked at his partner, clenching his jaw, and thrusting his chin forward,

"Let's see it.
"What a minute, now," Cam Phelps clenched his inner-pocket, careful not to break it.

"What?" David's hand remained out-thrusted, shaking, "Give it to me,"

"What about ..." Cam's head swivelled on a pipe-cleaner, as his eyes searched the surrouding streets; throngs of people walking aimlessly through New York, "Lots of eyes here, bro,"

"Screw 'em.. Give it to me,"
"No," Cam's head shook, "No, not here, man - if I give this to you now... " he waved his hands wildly, "There's no telling who will see - and i just couldn't live with it."

"For cripes sakes, Cameron - hand me the tape!" David took Cam by his leather coat collar and delivered a healthy shaking.

"Stop, stop it.. you'll break the damned thing," Cam nodded, "Ok - Jesus.. you'd think..."

"Just hand it over"!

Cameron, with one last look about, pulled an old cassette tape out of his breast pocket and handed it to David, label down.

David Frisk's eyes were saucers as he read the small print text on the back.:
Beauty and the Beast.
Love can move mountains.
Water From The Moon.

"Yes.." this moment was one of triumph.

"Shh... don't draw attention, man!"
"I've looked for this everywhere.  You know how long i've looked?"

"Dude!" came a third voice.  Cam jumped, and burried his shaking hands into his pocket.. turning to face the newcomer.

"Oh hey ... " he squinted, "Pat.. right.. Man.. Hey -- how's it going there."
"What'cha got there," Pat Summerfal nodded, his large bald black head glistening in New York's neon lights.

"Nuh..nuh nothing there.. um.. Pat. why do you ask.. ?"
"Well I hear," Pat said, a hush-hush tone to his voice's quality, "I hear that you deal in ... rare things? Yes?" Pat's teeth were huge, but the girls like him .. "Give it up, Davey boy.."

"It's a classic," Dave's eyes beamed.
"No .. it's uh... it's not .. it's .." stammered Cameron Phelps
"Celine Dion?!" Pat's face split with disgust.. "Man, 1990 called, man askin' for this back.. "
"She the best in the world, man!" Dave beamed.

Cam sighed, walking away, his face three shades of crimson: "You're embarrassing man!"

The End

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