Chapter SixteenMature

Chapter Sixteen

The Plot Thickens

“Fuck Patrick, her state has worsened.” Keith said with aggression, “you should have never asked me to do that no matter what she knows.”

“Well well Keith, you were the one who stabbed her that deeply, and with such force. I wasn’t the one who stabbed her, was I?”

Keith glared at Patrick, “no, but-”

“Haha, there are no ‘buts’ Keith. She’ll live, the bleedings stopped, just minor collateral damage.”

“Minor... this is not minor collateral damage, fuck man.”

“Oh stop whining,” Patrick sounded to be getting angry, “put her in your room, and leave her be. She’ll be fine; she’ll wake up in a few hours.”

With that Keith had picked Alice up, and gently carried her down the hall to his former room. He had gently laid her on the bed, and sat beside her stroking her hair.

“I’m so, so sorry Alice,” he started to cry, “Fuck! I’m fucking stupid, I should have never have done what I did, please Alice, if you can hear me, forgive me, forgive me!”



Two days after Keith had stabbed her, Alice woke up. She had awoken in Keith’s room, restrained to the bed with rope, she attempted to move but her side started to ache, she could almost swear her flesh was ripping as she moved just an inch.

“Hey now,” Keith said cheerfully, “don’t move or else you’ll make it worse. And I’m sorry about the other night...”

“S-sorry... is that all you can say?”

“Here, let me check your wound.” Keith sat down beside her, and lifted the blanket off her chest. The white bandage was no longer white; it was stained red with her blood. “For fuck sakes, PATRICK... come in here!”

Patrick came running at super speed, “what, Keith?”

“Come take a look at the gash.”

“Oh for goodness sakes Keith, she’ll-” but he stopped in mid-sentence, Keith had taken the bandage off, and the wound was exposed. Alice groaned in pain. The wound was now purple, and bloody, puss could be seen in the blood as it oozed out of the wound. “Jesus Christ Keith, what the fuck did you stab?”

“I-I... fuck man, I don’t know, it was dim in the room, I just stabbed.”

“Fuck, she’s going to need a hospital... but she isn’t going to get one,” Patrick sighed, “she’s going to die Keith.”

“NO! Patrick!” Keith sounded angry, “You can’t actually believe that I’m going to let her die here, do you?”

“You’ll not be taking her out of here, and that’s final.” With that Patrick turned and left the room.

“Keith, oh god, please...” Alice’s voice was shaky, and scared, “Don’t let me die here...”

“I’m so, so sorry Alice... There isn’t anything I can do.”

Keith sat down on the chair beside the bed and dropped his head in his folded arms, he started to sob, and he lifted his head and said as soft and tenderly as he could, “I’ll always love you Alice.”

“Hey, KEITH, come here.” Patrick called from outside the room.

Keith stood up, looked at Alice and then had walked outside the room. “What’s up, Patrick?”

“I have to go into town for a couple hours with Greg, you going to be okay here?”

“Yeah, why you taking Greg with you... he’s no good at assassinating anyone, haha, and you know that’s the truth.”

“Oh, pish posh, he’s a great lookout, and you know that.” Patrick winked, “you know... maybe you should end Alice’s life... end her suffering, you know what I mean? She’s obviously in a lot of pain.”

“Patrick... I can’t do that, I love her too much.”

“So you’re going to sit there, and watch her day in and day out, waiting for death to take her, and watching her suffer?”

“Shut up man; don’t make it any harder, just go kill someone before I kill you.”

Patrick clasped Keith on the shoulder and chuckled, “that’s the Keith I know. Anyway, I’ll be back in a couple hours. Have fun with her, and think about what I said will you?”

“See you man.”

Keith had watched both Greg and Patrick drive down the highway until the Mercedes had disappeared into the distance. He quickly came back to his room with a knife, Alice immediatley started to struggle and panic, although she was in so much pain, she had a feeling he was going to kill her, but to her surprise, Keith came over to the bed and started to cut the ropes that had been bounding her to the bed.

“Listen to me Alice,” he whispered, “I’m going to untie you, and you are going to escape. Can you do that for me?”

“I don’t think-”

“Don’t think, just do it? Patrick will be gone for a couple hours, this will be enough time for you to run, hide, do whatever you must, but don’t let Patrick catch you, he’ll think I’ve killed you and disposed of your body.”

“I can’t do it Keith!”

“Yes you can! Please Alice, you have to.”

“Why do I have to... what’s there for me to live for?”

“Our child...”

“Wha-what... what are you talking about? I’m not pregnant.”

“Yes, you are. While you were sleeping, I had taken a urine sample of yours and taken a pregnancy test... Alice, it came back positive.”

Alice closed her eyes, she’s pregnant, and with Keith’s child... how could she be so careless? “Keith, I won’t be a good mother...”

“No,” he agreed, “you’ll be a marvellous mother.”

“Please Keith, I can’t do it, I’m too weak.”

“You have to... for the baby.” He had placed his hand on her stomach and smiled softly, that same, sweet smile he had always given her when something major had happened. He had finished cutting the ropes, “sit up now.”

Alice forced herself into a sitting position, she groaned in pain, “it hurts.”

“I know it does. Can you stand?”

“I don’t know... maybe.”

Alice stood up, she nearly fell over, luckily Keith had been standing right beside her, she reached out and grabbed onto his broad shoulders, “Alice,” Keith whispered softly, “come on.”

Keith helped her walk to the front door, he gave her sneakers, and a jacket, “I love you Alice, I... I don’t expect to ever hear from you again. Change your name, get out of here. Patrick must never find you. Get to a hospital as soon as possible, you hear me? As soon as possible, raise our child right... and never lie to the child about me... tell the child the truth about me, don’t be like your mother and father...” He quickly scooped her up in his arms and held her close to him. He set her down and kissed her softly, and wiped the tears out of her eyes, “good-bye Alice, I’ll always love you.”

“Keith... I love you...”

The End

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