Chapter FifteenMature

Chapter Fifteen


“Come in Alice,” Keith answered.

Alice walked into the room and gently shut the door, “why?” Was all Alice managed to say.

Keith sighed, and answered, “Let me explain. Come sit with me, okay babe?”

“No,” all of a sudden, she felt reluctant to be near him, her defences were up, and she wasn’t about to drop them for him, “I won’t Keith. I can’t... I just don’t trust you anymore. How could you do that?”

“Alice, listen to me. Your father has helped me so much, I can’t deny anything, I have to come out clean to you if I’m to keep you around ...or alive.”

“Or alive... what do you mean? You’re not saying...”

Keith nodded, “That’s exactly what I’m saying. If you try to escape, your father is going to have you killed, you have to understand something, he loves you... but he loves you like he loved your mother, a cold love.”

‘A cold love’, how awful, how could anyone do such a thing and go on with their life? “Please Keith, explain to me how you’ve been able to lie to me all this time, and act like nothing’s wrong.”

“It...” he stuttered, “It wasn’t easy. I really do love you though.”

Alice couldn’t help but laugh, “You love me? You’re not that different from my father.”

“Hold on,” Keith said aggressively, “I am nothing like your father.”

She couldn’t help but laugh again, “oh yeah? You’re exactly like him.”

“How the fuck am I like him? Explain that to me!”

“You took his side in there! You didn’t do anything when my sister was killed! You were a part of the murder! Don’t deny it! You were...” Suddenly the scene popped up in her head, Keith was the one who grabbed Anna and held her down while John killed her. Then he fled the scene to go inside the house while she was outside, “oh my god! You... you helped kill my sister!” Tears started to fill her eyes, “oh god, what have I done?”

“Yes,” Keith finally said, “I did help kill Anna, and for that, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? SORRY!? Is that ALL you have to say is, ‘I’m sorry’ why don’t you try saying something more logical?” Alice started to mock him, “Oh I’m sorry that I killed your sister, but will you still love me? You’re useless and pathetic.” 

I’m pathetic? You’re the one who was crying on my shoulder!”

“Fuck you Keith. Tell me something, how does it feel to take a life and have no remorse or regret for taking a life of a human?”

“You’re starting to sound like your mother, you know that?”

Alice’s attention was suddenly locked onto Keith, how does he know what her mother’s like? “How do you know that?”

“Oh, so now your tone is softened, and now you’re going to suck up to me because I knew your mother?” Keith sounded so emotionless, like her father, “save it sweetie, you’ll need it very soon.”

Alice felt her throat constrict, and tighten; his tone was now threatening and hurt. “How did you know my mother though?”

“She lived here, duh?” He closed his eyes as if to picture something, “when I was three years old, my real parents had gotten into a car accident, I was left to fend for myself, and your father took me in Alice. He raised me. I lived here until I was almost nine, about the time you and I met, as soon as he found out I had met you and made friends with you, he had no other choice but to put me into a foster home, but he made sure it was close to him so he could see me anytime he wished.

“By the time I was fourteen, your father and I were almost like best friends, when I had got to high school, I would often visit your father during school hours. You remember those days that I wasn’t there, right?”

“Yes,” feeling sad for him, Alice walked over to the oversized bed and sat down beside him, she placed her hand on his back and gently started running her hand up and down his back.

Keith tensed his shoulders then relaxed, “Alice,” he took her hand into his, “I don’t want to see you get hurt. Your father wanted to have you killed the moment you came through that front door, I argued with him, I couldn’t let him kill you.”

“Don’t Keith, you’re not forgiven,” with that she pulled her hand away from him, and moved over away from him, “I just don’t understand it.” She quickly wiped the tears away from her eyes, “I trusted you all these years, and yet... you were a part of my father’s scheme. How could you talk about my father like you didn’t know him, and still come and see him acting like nothing’s wrong?”

“I wish I wouldn’t have agreed to do what I’m about to do... but it was the only way your father was willing to let you live.”

“What are you about to-” Keith put his hand over her mouth and pushed her down on the bed.

He slipped on top of her, crushing her underneath his heavy weight, her eyes were staring into his with a pleading look. He slid a pocket knife out of his jacket pocket and flipped the blade out. Tears started to pour out of Alice’s eyes as Keith drew the blade closer to her chest.

Keith cut her shirt open and when the blade came in contact with her skin, she cried out. With one strong thrust, the blade went deep into her chest, piercing her side, blood came oozing out in a thick red stream, and Alice closed her eyes tightly and cried harder. The pain was intense, she could feel the blade ripping through her flesh like a butter knife going through butter, the blade was intensely sharp, plus Keith’s immense amount of strength...

She had lost so much blood she no longer had any strength to struggle; she had gone limp and lost her consciousness...

The End

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