Chapter FourteenMature

Chapter Fourteen

The Truth Lest Be Told

Alice hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep, she was too worried and scared for Keith, by the time eleven PM had come around the following day, she was drowsy and tired, and all she had wanted was for her life to go back to the way it used to be. But she knew it was never going to be the same after all this had cleared away, she would forever be traumatized and hurt.

With a sigh, Alice slipped her coat over her shoulders and opened the front door. A cold breeze greeted her; she breathed in and slowly exhaled. There was no way in knowing what was going to happen, all she’d been hoping for all night was for Keith to be okay and able to go on with his life, even if her life would be ended this night her father’s hands, yes she told herself, Keith will walk away from this, and go on with his life.

Mrs. Barden watched Alice walk down the walkway and walk down the highway until she disappeared in the shadows.

“Damnit,” Alice whispered as she picked the mud off her boot, “damn rain.”

After nearly an hour of walking, Alice had finally reached 2020 Grant Road N.E. where her father was waiting for her. Carefully and quietly, she walked up to the door, and knocked twice. She heard someone move around inside, then the door opened.

A man, in his late 50’s peered out, his eye piercing into Alice’s, he finally grumbled, “Ms. Greenbay is it?”

“Yeah-yes ...that’s me.”

“Come in then, your letting out all the hot air!”

Caughtiously Alice went inside the house, to her surprise, the house was in fairly good shape it looked like an older house, with paintings and drawings on the walls, statues in the living room.

“Mr. Greenbay, your father, will be with you shortly. Just sit tight,” the old man was quite rude.

“He’s not my father,” Alice answered aggressively.

“Maybe not by parenting, but by blood he is your father. Best get used to it, darling.”

Fuck you,” she closed her eyes and whispered; “he’ll never be considered a father to me.”

“Ah, Alice my baby,” a man called from down the hall, “come on down here, I’ve got something to show you.” He chuckled, “you’re in for a lovely night.”

Alice walked down the hallway, her shoulders were stiff, her hands were in fists, and her knuckles were starting to turn white from the pressure of her fists being closed so tightly. The study room’s doors were open by a crack, and a gentle stream of yellow light was coming from the crack between the doors. When she had gotten to the door, she slipped inside the room and stood like a statue the moment she had seen Keith. There he was, laughing, joking, smiling... befriending her murderous father.

“What the hell is going on here?” Alice asked.

The two men laughed as if to mock her, Keith eyed her then answered, “You don’t know?”

“Know what? What the fuck am I supposed to know?”

Keith grinned and whispered something to Patrick, she was unable to hear what he said, Patrick grinned the same grin as Keith then reached for a piece of paper, “hmm... this piece of paper says that you are really bright, is that true, my daughter? Have you inherited my smarts?”

She ignored the question, she had an agenda on her mind of questions that she wanted answered, and damn rights she was going to get those answers. “You killed my mother... you bastard! Why, what did she do? How the fuck did she cross you?”

“Slow down with the questions, babe. Your father’s more than willing to answer your questions, sit, and get comfortable, might as well. You won’t be leaving anytime soon.”

“Fuck you Keith,” how could her emotions betray her right now? She had to be strong and keep the tears hidden, “just answer the question!”

“Fine,” Patrick sighed, “your mother wanted to tell you everything since you were very young, I disagreed to it, she wasn’t happy with me at all, but she never showed any resistance to my ways. But, until about four months ago, she started to talk back, started to refuse to do anything, when I had found out she had been writing to Joyce and Kevin, I was furious, obviously. She denied it though, saying I was a liar and I had no hard facts to come to that conclusion. I decided to let it go, but I should have killed that bitch then, because... last night she was going to tell you everything and give you a written statement by her, so the police could put me behind bars, fucking whore. I killed her last night, oh it felt so good, and it was like a full on... orgasm.”

“You’re sick!” Alice shuddered, “how could you... you loved her didn’t you?”

“It was a cold love, Alice.”

Keith finally joined the conversation, he softly said, “just listen to your father Alice; I’ll be in the other room Patrick.”

“You’ll have her in a few minutes; I just need to explain a few more things to her.”

“Of course,” Keith smiled.

Have her in a few minutes, what does that mean?”

“You’ll find out, now Alice. Listen to me, I’m a very powerful man, and I won’t have any regrets to have you killed here right now, here tonight.”

“What the fuck do you want from me!?”

He laughed, “Just a bit of your time.”

Patrick stood by the fireplace, his arm on the mantle and his other arm hanging loosely by his side, he reminded her of an old gentlemen in those old movies in the 50’s, he was nothing like a gentlemen though, she reminded herself that.

“Why’d you kill Anna?”

I didn’t kill her.”

“No,” she agreed, “but you ordered it to be held out.”

“That’s true. I can see it on your face, you have questions, am I right?”

“Yes,” inside her head, Alice was screaming and panicking, keep it together Alice, she kept telling herself.

“Ask away, and I’ll answer them.”

“How is Keith involved with you? And why is he involved?”

“Ah, I’ll leave that to Keith to explain, but I’ll tell you this, he’s not who you think he is.”

“What do you mean?”

“You see him as your lover, your friend, right?”

“Yes, he is those things to me and more, why?”

“Alice, he’s not the man you’ve known him to be, he has a secret agenda, as we all do. But his is different from the normal agendas, he doesn’t go sleeping with all the girls in the town, he doesn’t have a secret fetish, doesn’t read books uncontrollable, he’s like me... has a thirst for blood.”

No,” Alice felt her eyes water up, her sight started to go blurry, “oh god, it isn’t true!”

“You’ll have a chance to ask him yourself. Any other questions before you go talk to him?”

 “Just one... Why did you beat mother a couple months before she became pregnant with me, and Anna?”

“I’ve already told you, I’ve got a thirst for blood, whether I’m drunk or not. And that “having an addiction to alcohol” bullshit is a lie. That story of your mother and I disappearing it was total bullshit. It was a made up story to hide the truth from the town.”

“Just stop,” Alice pleaded, “I don’t want to hear anymore!”

Patrick grinned, “Very well, go see Keith now, he’s in the room two doors down from this one.”

With that, Alice fled the room and as soon as the door had closed behind her, she let the tears come flooding out of her eyes, “oh god, no, this isn’t happening! No, no, no! Please dear god, let this all be a lie!”

Alice walked down the hall until she found the room; she opened the door and peeked inside, “Keith?”

The End

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