Chapter ThirteenMature

Chapter Thirteen

The Final Stand

    Alice woke up late in the evening the following day, she sat up straight in her bed and swung her legs over the bed. “Keith?” She called out... silence was left. “Keith...” Still silence overtook the house, where had he gone?

She decided to go look around and see if he had maybe passed out on the couch or is up already. The sun had already started to set in the distance; the only light on in the house was her bedroom light, which wasn’t very bright. When she had managed to stumble her way to the living room she skidded and fell to the ground. What had she just stepped in? It was wet, and still warm.

She crawled over to the coffee table and managed to flick the table lamp on. Her legs, hands, feet, torso, and some of her neck were covered in what appeared to be blood, human blood. But who’s blood? At first, Alice started to scream and panic, but she went dead silent when she had noticed that the couch was pushed away from the wall, and there behind it, were two feet and a set of legs. The blood pool seemed to be that someone had drug someone out of it, which left a bloody streak leading up to the body that lay behind the couch.

Alice struggled to stand up; she staggered over to the couch, there behind the couch laid her mother’s still warm body... with a machete knife plunged deep within her chest where her heart would be, blood still oozing out of the wound. Immediatley Alice dropped to her knees and hoarsely said, “No, no, no, for god sakes, no! This isn’t happening... NO!”

Alice sat on the cold wooden floor, now stained with her mother’s blood, for several minutes sobbing loudly, her whole body trembling and shaking, how could this happen? She looked up and when she looked at the machete, she saw that a letter had been placed on her mother’s chest, and then the machete had been plunged into her chest. Of course, Alice steadied herself and leaned forward and ripped the letter off the knife. It read:

Dear Alice,

Oh my poor baby, it’s too bad your mother couldn’t meet you... your an exact mirror of her, you know that?

Well, to the matter at hand, if you ever want to see your little boyfriend alive again, I advise you to come to 2020 Grant Road N.E. by nightfall tomorrow.

Be wary my dearest Alice, if the police even get a sniff of this, I’ll have his neck slashed faster than you could flinch!

Those who rebel against me... well, just look at what happened to your mother.

Think about it!



“SON OF A BITCH,” Alice screamed savagely, “FUCKER!”

No, there was no way Alice could go see Patrick, but Keith’s gone... she has to, Keith shouldn’t be the one who has to pay for her father’s stupid choice of action with the situation. But what would happen? God, this life has gotten fucked in a matter of days.

Alice stood up and grabbed the blanket that was folded on the couch, she gently laid the blanket over her mother’s now cold corpse, and she shuddered at the thought of her mother laying there.

“I’m so sorry, mommy,” Alice whispered although she knew her mother couldn’t hear her, “I wish daddy wasn’t such a fool, then maybe... maybe you’d be here right now.” A tear escaped her eye and rolled down her cheek, she quickly wiped it away and hoarsely said, “No more tears, Alice, the time to be strong is”

The End

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