Chapter ElevenMature

Chapter eleven

Spill it Out

The tension between Alice and the police officers was no doubt, easy to feel. From the moment Alice stepped into the blue cruiser, until the moment she was placed in the prosecutor’s room.

“Alice Jane Greenbay, is it?” A tall, lean man asked as he walked swiftly into the room, shutting the door.

“Yes, that’s correct. I know why I’m here, don’t try to say otherwise.” Alice answered, truthfully.

“And that reason is?”

She snorted, “You know the reason. I killed a man, and I’m not going to deny that.”

“Yes,” he agreed, “but you’re forgetting Anna Crystal Parker, your twin sister.”

“Hold up just one fucking minute,” Alice aggressively said, “I didn’t kill her, that man did. You want proof? I ain’t got the proof, that alone, I know, will make me look like a murderer, not only to that fucking pig John, but also, it will make me look like I killed my own twin sister.”

He nodded slowly, but didn’t offer any response, he wanted to know more.

“Go ahead,” Alice said softly, “ask me what you want to know. I’ll answer every question, truthfully and fully.”

“Okay,” he answered, “first question, it’s an easy one, explain to me what happened, how Anna, and John Carlit ended up dying.”

“Fine,” Alice spoke, “it’s not pretty though.”

“Oh believe me Ms. Greenbay, I’ve seen far worse than this. Go ahead.”

“Anna and I had never met each other, and then after someone I love deeply mysteriously disappeared, when all hopes seemed to disappear, Anna had approached me when I had been in tears. This was around 6 pm; I had taken Anna back to our grandparent’s house, I won’t deny that, I had explained to her about our father’s hideous past.” She stopped, and waited for it to sink into the detective’s brain.

“Father’s hideous past? And oh yes, I never introduced myself, I’m Detective McCabe, but you can just call me Cabe. Now, answer the question.”

Alice shuddered at the thought of reliving the past few nights, but with a sigh, she gave in. “My father had an addiction, and that addiction was alcohol, because of that alone, I never knew my mother or Anna... until today. That’s why. Can we drop the subject? If you want to know more about my father, there’s a file in my room about his personal life. Everything you would need to know about him is there. Go ahead, search the house, I give you permission to do that.”

“Fair enough,” Cabe agreed, “now, after telling your sister this, what happened?”

Alice eyed the Detective, why was he being so nice? Maybe he was playing the good-cop, bad-cop act, although it wasn’t working, she had to play along and show no signs of resistance if she was to ever get out of here. “There was a loud crash outside; I don’t even know what it was. Anyway, Anna bolted outside, I don’t even know how long passed until Anna screamed for me to run, and then there was silence. By the time I finally snapped back into reality, it was too late. Anna was already dead.” Alice dropped her head onto her folded arms and cried, she lifted her head and said weakly, “I could have saved her.”

Cabe sighed, “So you don’t know how she died?”

In her head Alice was thinking, “Of course I don’t you fucking idiot.” But she didn’t say it, instead she said, “No, detective McCabe, I don’t.”

“Fair enough,” he agreed again, “we know how she died. She was slashed across the neck by a butcher’s knife, pretty brutal. Continue though.”

Tears strew down Alice’s face faster, “John grabbed me, okay? We wrestled aggressively for a few minutes, until we finally both collapsed onto the ground, I dug my nails into his eye sockets, he fought back, eventually he got my nails out of his eyes, but the second he did, I lunged forward for another attack, this time I went for his thick throat, okay? I choked him to death. That’s what happened, believe it if you want, don’t if you want. I don’t fucking care, I lost my sister; my grandparents are in the hospital, why would I care if I get put away for life? Sure, it would be a complete misunderstanding, but that’s your call, chief. “

“Self defence,” Cabe answered softly, “you can’t be put into jail for self defence, but can you prove that he grabbed you?”

Alice stood up, and pulled her sweater off. There, on both her arms and her waist, were bruises and handprints left from the struggle with John. “Happy now, these were from John’s grasp, that’s what happened.”

Detective McCabe studied the marks, then quickly walked out of the room, the two way mirror stood in front of Alice, and she kept staring at it. She knew it was a two way mirror, every prosecutor’s room has one.

After a couple hours, McCabe, and two officers came into the room and McCabe said, “We’ve just been given a statement from someone, Keith Gordon, he says you did it from self defence, on that basis alone, we have to release you, but don’t leave the state, okay? We may need to speak to you again before this mess is cleared out. And oh, expect us to be at your grandparent’s house for those files, that fine by you or do we need a warrant?”

“That’s fine.” Alice answered.

“Good,” Cabe smiled, “these men will take you back to your grandparent’s, I hope this thing clears fast, this shit get’s the locals all riled up and stuff. We don’t need it, sorry.”

“Detective McCabe, can I talk to you for minute before you leave?”

“Sure, what is it Ms. Greenbay?”

“I thought you might want this,” she pulled out the piece of paper that she had gotten from John’s pocket the day before, “this might help...”

She handed the piece of paper to Cabe, and waited in silence as he read the paper. “This is... is written by your father?”


“Hey wait a minute,” the look on his face was that of a man who’s seen similar things of this in his life, “where’s the bottom half of the letter? It’s gone.”

Alice knew it was gone, she tore the return address off the night before, and she was going to confront her father, face-to-face. Although she knew it was risky but she needed the truth, no matter what the consequences were going to be.  “There was no bottom to the letter; it was already ripped when I removed it from John’s pocket.”

“It was in John’s pocket?”


“How is this possible? I mean, what the fuck is going on in this town? This used to be a very nice and quiet town. Fuck.” He hissed.

“I know what you mean Detective. I grew up here.” With a sigh Alice added, “are you sure you’re going to deal with this the proper way?”

“What do you mean, ‘the proper way’?”

“I mean Detective, are you going to put the right man behind bars where he belongs?-and not the wrong man?”

“I’ll try my best to, now Ms. Greenbay; these men will take you to your grandparent’s now.”

“Bye Detective McCabe.”

“I’ll be seeing you very soon Ms. Greenbay,” almost in a whisper he said, “your next...” Then he had turned and left the room.

The End

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