Chapter NineMature

Chapter nine

What Else is hiding in the Shadows?

Keith did indeed stay the night with Alice; in fact, he stayed by her side all night. She lay in bed, with her head on her pillow, when she started to cry just a tad bit, Keith would move closer to her and soothe her. He knew she was having flash backs of her father, and what he said to her, “I’ll be back for you my darling” that would terrify any girl who had never known her own father, then losing her twin sister to a man who was hired by her own mysterious father.

What Keith couldn’t understand was why would her own father want to kill her? Why would any father want his own daughters dead? Keith hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep at all that night, though. He was worried for Alice, and for her safety. What if he had fallen asleep and her father showed up? Alice meant the world to Keith; he wouldn’t know what to do if he had lost her.

Keith lay beside Alice and stared at her. Her head was peacefully resting on the pillow, her skin was dreadfully pale, and her eyes had dark rings around them, although she looked terrible, Keith still loved every part of her. He ran his hand through her autumn-orange hair, he smiled as his hand met hers she was awake.

“Keith,” she whispered softly, “I love you.”

He felt her hand tighten on his; he whispered softly back to her, “I love you, too.” He leaned down to her and kissed her cool cheek softly. He thought that would be it, but Alice turned her head and faced upwards, pulling him closer to her, and kissing his lips. Keith pulled back, but seeing her eyes staring into his own, made him want her, his resistance to pull away from her was dissolved, and he gave in. He leaned back into her, kissing her harder, but keeping it gentle.

Alice wrapped her arms around the nape of his neck, holding him close to her, she needed the reassurance that he was still there for her. 

Tears rolled down Alice’s face, she was so scared that Keith would leave her, too. She needed him more than ever now, if he left here and didn’t say where he was going... Alice would lose herself. She felt a sudden emotional bond to this man, and she couldn’t bring herself to breaking it.

Alice wondered if he felt the same. Does he need her just as much as she does? Questions, and interest sparked in her mind, she felt so relaxed feeling his lips against hers, the way he pressed his soft lips against hers made her love him even more. They spent the night making love, once again. But like most wonderful feelings, they soon come to an end; sooner then you wanted them to.

Morning came quickly, Alice opened her eyes and blinked; for a moment, she couldn’t remember where she was, she lay confused for a moment, before her mind processed everything, and she had finally remembered where she was. She sat up and yawned. Her hair fell down her back and drooped over her shoulders like a weeping willows branches.

“Morning,” Keith whispered. “Glad to see someone’s alive and not just myself.”

Alice smiled softly, hearing his deep voice made her feel relieved that he was actually still there, she answered calmly, “Morning. Have you been awake for long?”

He obviously was surprised for her concern about him, he laughed half dryly, and then answered, “No,” then stretched, “not really anyhow.”

Alice turned herself so her feet could touch the cold wooden floor, the cool feeling of the floor against her bare feet was amazing, like feeling the sun for the very first time. She stood up and stretched, all the while Keith watched her, and every second that passed, he had fallen even more in love with her, and he was so sure of himself that nothing in the world could make him stop loving her the way he did now.

Alice eyed her room; her room was a dark, pale, almost dull brown. The walls were once a nice milky brown color, but were now a duller version of what they had once been. She remembered how excited she had been when her grandpa had first shown her the freshly painted walls, and newly placed wooden floors. But, after years of being in this room, spending most of her free time in it, she had forgotten the beauty of the fine job her grandpa had done on the room. But now that her grandpa was in the hospital, fighting for his life, she had finally remembered back to that day when he had shown her.

She had been five, maybe six at the time, she had gone to school, and while she was learning wonders of things, her grandpa had been slaving over this room, sweating under the hot autumn heat, perfecting her room, just for her. She had gotten home around three o’clock, she had eaten her afterschool snack, and then she had been shown her freshly finished room. Her eyes were shining brightly the moment she had set sight on the room. She wanted to run into the room so badly, but her grandpa had warned her that the room was still drying, and not completely finished.

Alice smiled, and silently whispered, “I remember that day...”

Keith tilted his head in confusion, “Remember what day, Alice?”

As if Alice had completely forgotten that Keith had still been there, she turned to face him and answered joyfully, “Oh nothing, just years ago when my grandpa had first shown me this room when he had painted it and lain fresh wooden floors, it was a day I’ll never be able to forget. He was such a beautiful soul...”

Keith laughed almost too suddenly, “I’m sorry Alice, I hadn’t meant to laugh. It was just funny how you explained it.”

Alice had sat down again, she had totally forgotten that she was still unclothed, and Keith had been, too. Keith said in a playful voice, “Hey, I think you lost your clothes.”

Alice felt her face turn crimson red, she suddenly realized that she had been naked, but she wasn’t about to let him get away with it, “Well,” she began slowly, and then sped up, “I guess you had lost your clothes, too, huh?” They had both laughed well and hard, it felt like her soul had been lifted, even after the hard ships that had happened, and she knew there would most certainly be more.

She made her way over to the closet and decided to wear her green turtle neck sweater, black jeans, and woollen socks. The window had been opened, the cool breeze of the morning air was freezing, Alice knew it would be a chilly day, and dressing warmly would be the wisest thing to do.

The kitchen had just been redone, her grandpa decided that it was due time to have the kitchen upgraded to more up-to-date appliances. Alice walked into the kitchen and put on a fresh pot of coffee for both Keith, and her.

When the coffee was done, Keith came out of the room, and into the kitchen to see Alice staring at the newspaper. “Alice?” Keith asked softly, “What is it?”

She looked up at him, completely pale, “The... the paper says I’m mentally insecure, and should be put in an institute.”

“Dear god, Alice, you know that’s not true. The media will write anything to draw attention to them, and you know that,” although Keith was trying to help her, she couldn’t allow herself to feel any comfort from the truth he was stating.

She knew the media only wanted to draw attention to them, and they’d write about anything just to have the public read their articles. She knew the real reason for killing that man, she knew Keith did too, but no one else did, and there wasn’t enough people around that could verify her statement. What would happen now? What would happen to her? Would everyone, including Keith, turn on her?

Alice stood up, but as she did, she knocked her coffee cup over, and it fell to the floor, smashing. She quickly bent down and started to pick up the glass pieces, but as she did, she noticed a box under the table, shoved behind the rest of the boxes. The box was labelled, “Mary Greenbay”. Alice finished cleaning up the glass and quickly knelt down under the table. She had completely forgotten that Keith had been sitting at the table, too.

She pushed the other boxes out of her way, and pulled out her mother’s box. Inside the box was pictures, and articles of her mother. But, one specific paper caught her gaze, it was a letter from her mother, it had been written not even 6 months ago. Had her mother been alive, all this time? Why hadn’t her grandma told her about her mother, and the truth about her?

The letter read:


Dear Joyce and Kevin,

I have very little time before Patrick comes back... I must be very clear about this, Alice and Anna must NEVER find out about Patrick... he'd want them dead!


And the letter had gone on, but at the end of the letter, her mother had said that she was sorry. Sorry for what? What had she done? Had she been just as badly hooked on the drink, or worse, as her father had been?

Alice sat back on her knees, staring blankly at the letter; she hadn’t believed what she had just read. No, it couldn’t be true; there was no way it could have been. “Oh god,” Alice cried out, “no!”

The End

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