Chapter Eight.Mature

Chapter eight

Is there no end?

Alice thought to herself, “Whoa did that actually just happen with Keith and I?” Truly, she was surprised it happened; it was so sudden, and unexpected. Though she didn’t regret it, it was very puzzling though.

“Alice,” Keith said as he put his jeans back on, “what about your sister?”

Alice turned her head and looked at Keith, she giggled, his boxers made her laugh, they came down to his knees, and they had red hearts on them. “Well,” Alice answered, “I don’t know... I don’t know how I’m going to explain to everyone about that man... I killed him. And I know it. But they don’t know the reason for it.”

“It was self defence there wasn’t anything you could have done other than that.”

“I guess so.”

Alice stood up and stretched. She felt so relaxed, but tense at the same time, strange how a simple situation could go awry. She felt a sudden jolt of pain run up her spine; she realized it was time to face reality and speak with those around her that would, no doubt, have questions and concerns about Alice. Had she killed him, just because she misunderstood him? Had she done it out of self defence? What could have provoked her to do such a thing? Is she dangerous? Are we at risk with her around?

There was a loud banging on the front door; it had startled Alice, she store at the direction of the front door, her heart was now pounding rapid fire, she was terrified... Who would be banging that hard on the front door, and for what?

“Alice,” Keith said seriously, “stay here. I’ll go see who it is.”

She squeaked, “Okay...”

Alice watched as Keith disappeared around the corner. She heard him start to talk to a man, then heard her name be called, “Alice, it’s okay. Come here.” She started to walk to the front door, she was so scared, she felt as if her legs would give out any second and she’d fall onto the hard wooden floor.

“Alice, this is Patrick, he heard about what had happened.” Keith sounded content, but something didn’t seem right. The name Patrick sounded so familiar to Alice, where had she heard that name before...

“Hi,” Alice spoke with uncertainty and fear in her voice, “and why had you come over here?”

Patrick grinned at her, his teeth were rotted, and he was missing his two front teeth. He spoke in a hoarse, low threatening tone, “I was just worried about my babies...”

 Keith felt the tension between the two suddenly become stronger, “Excuse me?” He asked. “What exactly are you trying to say, Mr.?”

 The man laughed loudly, and it alarmed Alice... Her father was standing in front of her. The man that wants her dead!

“Get out of here!!” Alice screamed, “You came to finish the job! You can’t have me!!” She then backed up, but lost her balance and fell backwards.

Keith spoke in an aggressive voice, “I think you better be leaving now, Patrick. She obviously doesn’t trust you, and most certainly doesn’t want you here.”

Patrick’s gaze never left Alice’s, “I’ll be back for you, my darling. When your boyfriend isn’t here to protect you.” He then turned around and walked away with pride, he had gotten the last words in, that was enough for him, but would he actually come back? Would he actually try to kill her, would she die by her father’s hands?

“Alice,” Keith spoke dryly, “who was that man?”

She looked up at Keith, she just breathed and exhaled slowly, trying to slow her heart rate, “My... my father...”

“But, I thought?”

“I thought he was dead, too. Keith, he wants me dead. He sent that man to kill both Anna and I, he succeeded with Anna... But he won’t with me. I will avenge my sister, at all costs, even if it means ending my life...”

“Don’t speak such things Alice.”

She couldn’t believe that she’d seen her own father after all these years, and under such circumstances. He had looked nothing like he did when he was 21 in his wedding pictures. His hair was now thinned, he was almost bald, his hair was no longer the rich dark brown color, instead his hair was a pale, almost dull light brown. His teeth were almost completely rotted out of his mouth, she hadn’t even wanted to know what his breath smelt like, she imagined it was pretty foul. In her mind, she was screaming. The alcohol had taken everything from her... Her mother, her father, her sister... And now, it wants her. Was he actually sober and thinking these thoughts? Had he actually gave his life for the drink? Again, thoughts cluttered her mind.

Her father was 43, but he looked to be about in his late 50’s because of the alcohol. It had actually taken everything from him, his self pride, his honour, his love, his looks, his personality, his family... “I swear... He’ll die if I see him again...”

 “Come on off the floor Alice, you need to rest.”

“Keith,” Alice spoke softly, feeling herself start to calm down, “can you stay the night with me? I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

Keith smiled at her as he helped her up, “Alice, I’d do anything to ensure your safety and happiness.” She smiled back at him. “And don’t worry about the neighbours and news, we can deal with them in the morning, for now, get some rest, babe.” He had called her babe, for the first time in days, Alice felt like she could fly, she felt like she was falling heavily for this man, and she didn’t know how to react to him.

The End

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