Chapter SevenMature

                                 Chapter seven

Tunnelled View

With all the strength Alice had left in her body, she forced herself to stand. She bolted over to her sister, and started to cry. Her sister wasn’t breathing, blood oozing out of her neck, her eyes opened and staring upwards. What had the man done to her? Why had he done it? So many questions flew through Alice’s mind.

Alice suddenly fell down; she had no willpower to stand any longer, she sat down beside her sister’s lifeless body, and cradled her head until her neighbours started to show up.

“Alice,” Mrs. Barden began, “what happened? Are you alright?” They all had noticed the lifeless man lying on the pathway, and they certainly noticed Anna.

Alice looked straight into Mrs. Barden’s eyes and answered dryly, “She was murdered.”

“Alice... who exactly did this, we must know.” “Alice turned her head and stared at the man, her gaze suddenly locked onto a piece of paper drooping out of the man’s pocket.

She set her sister’s head down gently on the grass, and crawled over to the man’s body. She reached into his pocket, she pulled out a folded up letter, his wallet, and two pictures.

The two pictures were of Alice and Anna. They both looked to be about 14 in the pictures, so innocent... No worries in life...

The man’s wallet contained of his driver’s license, his name was John Carlit, and he was 31 years old.

Alice unfolded the letter, and the moment her eyes set gaze on the second paragraph, her face went pale white, she felt her heart begin to beat rapidly.

“John, kill these two. They are my daughters and they know about my past. They must not live.”

Has her father been planning this? Was he responsible for everything, if and why?

Even now, Alice wanted to throw a huge rage, how!? She kept asking herself.

Why the fuck would he want to kill his own two daughters? Alice thought to herself, what a cold-hearted bastard!

“Stupid fuck...” Alice spoke out of nowhere, “I’ll kill him! I swear to god! He’s dead...” All of her neighbours store at her, as to say, ‘what?’ Alice turned and looked at all of them, they were clueless. Alice spoke again, “My father... he... he’s responsible for all of this!!” Alice had handed Mrs. Barden the letter, and waited in complete silence as she read through the letter.

“Alice,” Mrs. Barden spoke almost in terror, “there’s an address you can go to, to see him... But don’t child. He’s obviously very dangerous, and has no heart for you anymore.”

“Mrs. Barden,” Alice had said seriously, “have you known about my father all this time?” Alice store at her neighbour, almost like a prosecutor would, she knew she was making Mrs. Barden feel uncomfortable, but she didn’t care, her sister had been just murdered, and if Mrs. Barden had known about her father all this time... She could have saved Anna...

Poor Anna, she hadn’t known her sister for more than an hour before her life was ended. What the hell is wrong with everyone, why hadn’t they told her the truth from the start? Maybe if they had, Anna would still be here.

“Yes,” Mrs. Barden admitted, “I have. But...”

“There are no buts!” Alice snapped back, maybe too harshly, but what did it matter?

“Alice... I made a promise to both your grandma and grandpa to never tell you, and I was determined to keep that promise.”

“You could have saved my sister!” Alice suddenly stood up and staggered back into the house.

She was just about to call the authorities when she noticed boot prints on the floor leading into the living room. She carefully and quietly walked towards the living room, there was a man sitting on the couch, his down, he looked so drained...

He spoke softly, and the moment he had, Alice knew it was Keith, “Alice...”

“Keith? What are... you doing here?”

He lifted his head, and locked his gaze onto hers, “I... I ran when we returned home... Something overtook my body, and when I had heard that scream... I-I bolted back here; I was so terrified that it would be you... But I... something...” Alice approached Keith, and sat down beside him, and she reached out for his hand.

But he pulled away from her, “Keith...” Alice moved closer to him, something was bothering him, but what?

“Alice... I... I saw your sister killed and... I could have stopped that from happening... But I didn’t, god!” He dropped his head into his hands and started to cry. Whoa, Alice thought to herself, he’s really crying...

“Keith,” she spoke softly, “it’s not your fault. Look at me.” He lifted his head; his hands were wet from him crying, tears running down his face, staining it. Alice moved closer to him, and leaned towards him, her lips met his and she pressed her lips firmly against his. He pressed his lips against hers as well. His tongue went deeply into her mouth, kissing her deeply, but as he kissed her, she kissed back harder.

Keith got on top of her; she lay underneath him, and stared at him. Her face now crimson red, she thought to herself, “this is actually happening...”

The End

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