Chapter SixMature

Chapter six

This is Just


Alice continued her search through the files; she was determined to find her twin. But how exactly would she find her? She doesn’t even know her name, what she looks like... She only knew two facts about her, she’s her twin sister, and that she’s located in Trenton. There could be multiple women who are 18 and have the possibility to be her sister.

Eventually, Alice grew tired of reading over the files, she grew tired of reading the disgusting details about her father, she decided that she’d go and add more to the letter she was going to send to her aunt. She wrote:


Dear Roberta,

Auntie, I have a question, and I would like for it to be answered truthfully.

Do I have a twin sister?

That’s all.



After she had gone for a shower, and changed, she headed over to the post office to send the letter out.

“Alice,” Mr. Cooper said as Alice entered the post office, “hello there. Been quite some time since we’ve spoken, and what brings you here today?”

“Hello, Mr. Cooper. I just need to send this letter out to my auntie Roberta.”

“Ah, okay.”

“Thank you, Mr. Cooper.”

“You’re welcome, Alice. I’ll see to it that it is sent out first thing in the morning.”

 “Good-bye Mr. Cooper, you take care of yourself, and say hello to Mrs. Cooper for me.”

 He smiled at her, “I will good-bye Alice. And I’m sorry to hear about your grandparents, hope they recover soon.”

“Yeah... as do I, they mean so much to me.”

“I think they mean a lot to the community, too.”

Alice walked over to Keith’s after she had left from the post office; she had to tell him about her twin, he’d want to know...

Alice knocked on the front door of Keith’s parent’s house, the house was fairly large, and it hadn’t been that old though, maybe 20 years old if that.

Keith’s father answered the door, but he hadn’t looked like himself. His face was dull; he seemed to be upset about something, when his gaze met Alice’s she knew it was about Keith.

“Where’s Keith? Is he okay? Mr. Gordon...”

“He’s... he, I... I don’t know. He disappeared last night when he came home...” All the color in Alice’s face had disappeared, she stood still like a statue in shock, her face turned pale white, and tears started to well up in her eyes.

“No...” Alice whispered, “Oh god, what have I done? Why... why had I involved him in this...? No! ” Alice stood in front of Keith’s father, crying, where could Keith have gone? Why had he left?

“Alice,” someone said softly behind her, when Alice had turned around, she was staring at a woman, it was like she was staring at her own reflection.

“Who... who are... you?”

The woman smiled softly at her, “My name’s Anna, your twin sister...”

“But... but how’s this... possible? How have you found me?” Alice spoke almost too quickly, she seemed like she had been running out of breath.

“Alice, I’ve known about you all my life. But, I’ve never had the courage to come and seek you until I heard about grams and gramps.”

Alice dropped her head and whispered, “I can’t believe it... Why!”

“What’s wrong?”

Alice whispered quietly, “Follow me...” Anna followed her to their grandparent’s house and took Anna to her room.

“Look at these,” Alice handed Anna the files on their father, and all his horrendous crimes he committed.

“What’s this got to do with me?”

“He’s your father, too! And well, I think because of his addiction to alcohol... he was the cause of grandma and grandpa being in the hospital.”

“No, you’ve got it wrong. Our father was a wonderful man, who fought for our lives until his last dying breath.”

Had Anna been lied to all her life about their father? Had her head been filled with non-sense, to hide all the horrible crimes their father had committed?

“Anna,” Alice said weakly, “he wasn’t a good man. He’s the reason our mother isn’t here anymore. And he’s also the reason we’ve never met each other.”

Anna stared at Alice; she said with disbelief in her voice, “no, I won’t believe it.”

Alice said fiercely, “you better believe it! Grandma told me it straight out...”

“Alice, believe me, my foster parents told me everything about our real parents, and said you had been placed with our grandparents.”

“That’s not true.” Alice sat down on her bed, and told her sister everything, from the alcohol addiction, to the night of their birth.

Anna was quite a bit taller than Alice was, her hair was dark brown like their father’s had been, and her eyes were the color of dark green. Her sister was quite a bit heavier then Alice had been, but she wasn’t large, she was actually in good shape.

After Alice had finished relating the story to Anna, they both sat in silence. Both the girls jumped when there was a loud crash outside.

“Stay here Alice!” Apparently, Anna had been less afraid of it, she was more concerned about her sister’s safety then her own.

Suddenly, Alice heard a loud cry, “Alice, RUN!”

Alice stood in complete silence, fear overtook her body, and she was unable to move.

But, after a few moments of silence, Alice finally bolted outside. She seen her sister laying on the ground covered in blood, underneath a man who looked to be of the age of 30, he was tall, about six foot four. He turned towards her and came at her like a rabid animal. He reached forward and grabbed her.

But, she fought back; she used all her strength to break herself from his grasp. He wrestled with her until they both collapsed on the ground; Alice had been sitting on his lap, her knees on both sides of the man, squeezing into his hip bones. She suddenly lunged forward, digging her nails into the man’s eyes. The man reached out for her wrists, when his hands had grasped her wrists, he tightened his grip, and tried with all the force he had in his body, to try and pull her off him. Alice felt his eyes start to give way, but she continued at it.

The man had finally got her nails out of his eyes, but as quickly as he had, she lunged forward and wrapped her hands around his thick neck, feeling the cartilage around his neck start to move as she tightened her grip, the cartilage started to bend, like soft plastic. The man grabbed her around the waist and held on tightly. Automatically Alice tightened her grip, the man had started to move wildly, trying to buck her off of him, she was straddling him.

She wouldn’t give an inch, that split second of seeing her sister lying underneath him, was enough to send her over the edge. Her vision tunnelled, she was unable to think clearly. Alice suddenly felt a warmness between her legs, the man had urinated, his eyes finally met her gaze and he seen her; really seen her, then his eyes glassed over, and his hands dropped to the sides of him onto the hard stone pathway. Alice breathed rapidly, and stared at the lifeless man underneath her. She had killed him.

The End

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