Chapter FiveMature

Chapter five

Shed Some Light

Alice slept easily that night, exhaustion had won over her body, but when she had woken the following morning, she felt terrible. She hadn’t heard from her grandparents since the past day, she was just learning all these dark secrets about her father, but was her mother as innocent as she thought, or had she been just as bad at fault as her father had been?

Alice sat up, and stared at the folder that lay on her desk, maybe she should read through the files... Maybe then she may feel a bit at peace, but could she truly feel good about the situation? Was there any light to shed on the situation? Or was it all dark, deceiving actions? Who knows what may happen, she thought to herself, but this is something she must do, she needed to know more. She needed to know what her parents went through, she needed closure...

Alice got out of bed, and slowly walked over to her desk. Her hair had been tumbling over her shoulders as she sat down, but she made no effort to move it away, her mind was on that folder, she was so terrified at the thought of looking through her father’s personal life.

Slowly, she opened the folder, pictures, and files lay inside the folder. Hundreds of words were written on the files, words that would disgust anyone who read them. Alice hadn’t noticed that she was crying until a tear dropped onto the page she had been reading.

How... she thought, why? Her father had put her mother in the hospital.

The file described the assault her father had landed on her mother, her father had beaten her mother until her mother could no longer move, deep wounds and bruises were found all over her body. Her mother had been in intense hospital care for nearly three months after that.

Why did her mother go back to her father after that, and not press charges on him? Why hadn’t she left him, and moved on before it got worse? Hadn’t she seen that he was only getting worse, and worse, and soon, it would completely consume whatever was left from the man she once loved?

Alice had seen enough, she knew too much for her mind to handle. Reading that was enough to make her hate her own father. She hated her father more then she could endure.

To her, he was a piece of trash, no matter what she heard now, even if it had been something good about her father, there was no way anyone could make her feel any better about it all.

But, she couldn’t completely hate her father. It was partially her mother’s fault, she could have left him, and none of this would have happened.

Alice stood up, but she had forgotten that she was still holding the folder, when she had realized it, she dropped the folder, and all the files lay strewn about all over her bedroom.

Alice quickly cleaned up the files, but one file caught her eye, it was of the day that her mother had gone missing,


Mother of two daughters  goes missing, and father is left to care for them.


She had a twin! She didn’t even know about! Alice read through the article rapidly searching for any location or idea of where her twin sister was...

Finally, she came across it, “twins get split up, one disappears, other in small town, Trenton.” That’s it! She had a twin sister in Trenton!!

She knew exactly where Trenton was, it was about an eight hour drive from her town. But, what’s her sister’s name? Would she know that Alice was her sister? Would they look anything a like? So many questions filled her mind, but she didn’t care, she had a twin sister! That’s all she cared about.

The End

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