Chapter FourMature

Chapter four

More Secrets

Hours had passed, and by the time Jack pulled up into Alice’s grandparents drive way, it was dark outside. Alice thanked Jack for everything and got out of the car.

“Alice wait,” Keith said concerned, “maybe you should stay over at my parents with us until we can find out more about this, it’s too dangerous.”

“Thank you Keith,” Alice began, “but I want to be alone, and in my own bed. I need to, I’m on the verge of a breakdown, I need time to collect my thoughts, and ponder over them for a few days.” Keith nodded, he understood.

Jack whispered before he left, “Alice, here, take my business card, it has my house phone number and cell number on it, if you run into trouble, you call me imminently, you hear me?”

“Yes Jack, thank you.”

“Take care of yourself Alice, I don’t want to hear about anything going wrong for you, I really do care about you. And you know Keith does, too...”

“Bye, Jack and Keith, and again, thank you for everything.”

Alice went into the house, the front door wasn’t locked, but she was too tired to even be concerned about it, she thought over everything she had learned in the past couple of days, she couldn’t believe any of it, but she couldn’t say it wasn’t true either. All these strings of events couldn’t have happened by coincidence, there was no way it was possible.

Alice thought about her aunt, had she been informed about all this? Should she call her and tell her about it? What if she isn’t at home? After thinking about it for quite some time, Alice decided to write to her aunt, and tell her about everything and ask her if she knew about any of it.

Alice’s aunt had just turned 31, she was a taller, lean woman, she had her mother’s hair, the dark brown-orange-ish peachy color, her hair was semi-long, it fell just below her shoulders . Her aunt had dark green eyes. Her aunt’s name was Roberta Slate, she married a man named Ben Slate, the Slate’s and Greenbay’s go back almost 100 years, and to this day, the families are still very close friends.

Alice sat down in her chair in her room, her desk lay covered in papers, books, texts books, everything she’s been working on over the past year for her school work but right now, she had her aunt on her mind and she was determined to find out the truth, so she shoved everything to the side of her, and  began to write to her aunt,


Dear Roberta,

Auntie, there’s been an accident. Grandma and Grandpa had gotten into a car accident. The authorities say it was a total accident with a drunk driver, but grandma believes other. She fears that my father’s past is coming back.

Grandma told me everything about my parents, even about my father’s need for the drink, and how he sold my mother for it.

When I had went to the hospital to go see grandma and grandpa, grandma told me to get out of the city because there was a man coming after me, is this true? Have you known all along about it? Do you know about my parents and how they disappeared?

Yours truly,




Alice put the letter in an envelope and made a mental note to herself to mail it first thing in the morning. She really had needed to know everything, was everything happening for a reason? If her aunt had known about this along, maybe she’d be able to fill in more of the empty slots.

Alice walked by the kitchen, but she stopped dead in her tracks, she looked up and saw that the attic was no longer closed, it alarmed her... was someone in the house? Has someone recently been up in the attic? If there was someone in the house, who? Who on earth would be interested in old family photos and files, why?

She decided she would go into the attic and confront anyone who was in the attic. Alice grabbed the wooden stool from the kitchen, the stool had been built by her grandpa it was fairly old but still it had done the job. She put the stool underneath the attic door. Alice slowly pushed the door open and shone the flashlight into the dark, low ceiling room, but there wasn’t anyone up there from what she could see. She needed to see further into the small room, so she slowly climbed up into the attic, the smell of dust was thick, it made her sick to her stomach.

Alice shone the flashlight all around her, attempting to see if there was anyone hiding up there, maybe they were hiding behind a box, or in one. But, after a thorough search, she found no one. She was just about to drop back down onto the main floor of the house, when a particular box caught her eye. The box was recently opened, she noted to herself, the seal on the top of the box was broken, there were pictures on top of the box.

Alice shifted slowly over to the box, and parted the flaps of the box. There, in the box, were hundreds of pictures of her mother and father, looking happy and young. Alice sat down on the dust covered floor, and sifted through the pictures.

There was one picture that was framed, it was of her mother and father on their wedding day. Her father had his hands on her mother’s shoulders, staring at her, it looked to be taken just before he said, “I do.” Alice smiled, but as soon as the happy feeling came, it disappeared at the disgustful thought of her father’s past. Why? How could he have done such a thing, to a love like that? Both her mother and father looked to be so happy at the time.

Alice decided that she would take the picture and put it in her room, at least she would have a good feeling about her parents about something, and not just the shameful thought about her father’s deceiving ways.

She put the rest of the pictures back into the box, and set the box aside. Underneath the box, lay a thick folder of files, the folder was labelled, “Patrick Greenbay”, Alice quickly scooped the folder up, and decided that she needed more light to read through whatever was within the files.

She dropped down onto the main floor of the house, and closed the attic. Alice had quickly gone into her room and cleared her desk, she dropped the folder onto the desk and paced back and forth in her room. She wanted to see what was in the files, but she was scared. Could her mind actually handle more of her father’s truths? Would she be able to understand it all?

The End

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