Chapter twoMature

Chapter two

Friends Who Care


It wasn’t until morning that she had woken up, she had woken up lying next to Keith, he had been sitting next to her talking on the phone to someone - she didn’t know who it was. Slowly, she sat up and groaned, “My head...”

Keith turned to her and smiled gently at her, “I’ll call you back, she just woke up, I understand, bye mother. Alice, you alright, you took a nasty fall last night, what were you so upset about?”

“Keith... my grandparents... please I have to get to the hospital in the city!”

 “Calm down Alice, please you’re worrying me.”

“Keith, my grandparents’ are in the hospital, please I need to go see them.”

“Oh whoa, hold on Alice, let me make a call to my brother and see what I can arrange, you just stay right here, okay?”

“Okay, Keith.”

Keith had dialled his brother’s number, Alice had already known Keith’s family was originally from France, and so they spoke French.

“Bonjour le Jack, je dois demander un service de vous, j'ai obtenu Alice avec moi s'asseyant à travers la pièce de moi, elle dit que ses grandsparents sont dans l'hôpital, et elle n'a pas de façon pour se lever à l'hôpital pour les voir. Ce serait merveilleux si vous pourriez me rentrer quand vous obtenez ce message, ce s'il vous plaît Jack, ceci est urgent. Au revoir pour le moment, le Jack.”

Alice stared at Keith, “Keith?”

“Uh, yeah Alice, what is it?”

“What exactly did you say to your brother?”

“I had said, Hello Jack, I've got to ask a favour of you, I've got Alice with me sitting across the room from me, she says her grandparents are in the hospital, and she has no way to get up to the hospital to see them. It would be wonderful if you could get back to me when you get this message, please Jack, this is urgent. Bye for now, Jack. That’s what I had said loosely translated, of course.”

“Oh, I see, well kind of, I suppose.”

“Ha-ha, I’m sure my brother’s going to get back to me as soon as he hears the message.”

“I sure hope so...”

Keith’s brother, Jack, was a tad bit shorter then Keith was, he was certainly almost as good looking as Keith, but not quite. Keith was about six foot six, his brother was about six foot five, not much of a difference, but you could see the inch difference from the two. Jack was ten years older than Keith, he had just turned 28, and he was prepared to propose to the love of his life, Anastasia. Everyone loved Anastasia; she was a wonderful woman, with high potential in her work. The two young lovers had been seeing each other for nearly 9 years, and to this day, their love is unending.

Finally, an hour after Keith had made the call to his brother, he got back to him.

“Bonjour Jack,” Keith had greeted, “Je le prends vous aviez obtenu mon message?” Alice sat down across the table from Keith, listening in quietly to their conversation.

Finally, Jack spoke almost in a business tone, “Oui, j'ai fait, comment Alice est-il? Elle prenant cet accord, je comprends ce n'est pas une chose facile à faire face à, mais j'espère qu'elle est bonne.”

“Jack, Je ceci considérerais un service personnel si vous pourriez prendre Alice et je jusqu'à l'hôpital un jour aujourd'hui. Si non, je comprendrai, et je suis la volonté positive d'Alice, aussi.”

 Alice could hear Jack laugh almost dryly in the background, “Keith, j'ai une question, avez-vous dit Alice que vous l'aimez pourtant? Allumer le frère, je suis presque prêt à proposer à Anastasia, et vous avez aimé la même fille pour beaucoup, beaucoup d'ans. Quand vous l'avez l'intention de dire?”

Keith had glanced at Alice and grinned a wide grin, “Jack, je ne suis pas sûr comment la dire, le frère elle est une femme merveilleuse... et peut-être elle est trop bonne pour moi. Peut-être elle mérite plus que me, et qu'est peut-être qu'elle prendra sur.”

“Ha-ha, bien sûr je prendrai Alice et vous jusqu'à l'hôpital aujourd'hui. Peux-je lui parler avant que nous disons au-revoir bien que?”

Keith’s gaze had been locked onto Alice’s, he then said, “Ouais, je suppose alors, mais vous devez parlez l'anglais, elle n'est pas trop bonne à comprend français.” Keith had then handed her the phone.

“Hello, Alice.” Jack almost spoke English so wonderfully it seemed like it had been his first tongue language.

“Hello, Jack, it’s been awhile since we’ve spoken, I’m sorry we have to speak under these circumstances.”

“Nonsense Alice, these things are unexpected. It’s not like you planned to have your grandparents get into a car accident. Say, what time would you like for me to come by and pick you and Keith up?”

 Alice gazed at Keith for a short second then said dryly, “he’s coming with me?”

“He hadn’t told you? That’s strange, so unlike him, but yes, he is going with you, is that alright?”

“Completely alright, I’d enjoy the company right now anyhow. Whenever works for me.”

 “Lovely, I’ll be by in an hour, alright?”

“Yes, good-bye Jack, and oh, thank you so much for this by the way.”

“Of course, can you put my brother back on for a moment, please?”

“Sure,” she walked over to Keith, “Keith, it’s your brother again.”

“Keith, Elle a dit que vous ne l'avait pas dit que vous soyez allé avec elle, bien sûr c'est bien avec elle maintenant, mais vous auriez dû la dire. De toute façon, le petit frère s'occupe d'elle jusqu'à ce que j'obtiens là, je serai environ là dans environ une heure. Vous voir, dites alors salut engendrer pour moi. Au revoir.”

“Au revoir, Jack.”

“Keith,” Alice stared at him and whispered, “why are you coming with me? You don’t have to...”

Keith rested his hand under her chin and tilted her head upwards, “But I do, I care about you, and don’t want to see you have to deal with all this... alone. Can you understand, please?”

“I’ll try to... Keith, why did your brother ask for you to say hi to your father for him, why doesn’t he come into the house and say hi to him, himself?”

Keith looked puzzled, he thought Alice hadn’t understood French, “Alice, I thought you couldn’t understand French?”

“Well... I can’t for the most part, but there’s quite a bit of it I can understand. And I did understand that comment he had made about your father. What else had you two talked about? That was too long for a simple favour request.”

“Alice, he had been talking about the girl I like, and asking why I haven’t told her how I feel towards her, he knows I’m worried that she’ll think she’s too good for me and can do quite a lot better than me. That’s why.”

“Oh... Keith, I have to get home and change, for goodness sakes, I’m in my bed clothes, I can’t go up to the hospital like this.”

They had both laughed, “I suppose you can’t. Remember, my brother will be here in an hour,” he eyed her from head to toe, “but I must admit you look real dashing in your bed clothes.” He smirked at her, “But yes you go get changed, and meet me back here in an hour. I’m sure my brother is going to want to leave almost right away soon as he gets here. See you soon, Alice.”

“Bye, Keith.”

They had hugged and she had left. She got back to her grandparent’s house and went inside.

She immediatley went straight to her room and set out to change. Alice combed through her hair like she was about to go to a marathon, then she had swiftly put her hair neatly into a bun, sliding her gold diamond flower pin her grandma had given her years ago into the bun. Alice decided that she would wear a low neck, summer-pattern dress that came down to her knees. The dress looked wonderful on her, the way it had detailed her every curve. Alice decided upon wearing her brown, leather strapped sandals, for comfort, she knew today would be long, and painful, so she had wanted to feel comfortable.

Alice had done her makeup in green today, and after she had finished “painting” up her face, she looked at herself in the mirror, even though she had all this makeup on to try and hide the sorrow, she could plainly see the pain still lingering in her eyes.

An hour had passed, and Alice made her way back to Keith’s place. Jack’s car had been parked outside his parent’s house, the car had been in mint condition, the paint had been a bit dull, the last time she had seen that car, it had been a bright cherry red color, now it had been dull and faded, but still, it had looked to be in wonderful condition, and it was, in short, a great car to look at. Jack had poured tons of his spare money into that car, and he was so proud of himself, he built that car from nothing but an old frame of a similar car.

Alice walked into the house, to see Keith talking to Jack, “Alice, you look... Well, beautiful.”

“Thank you, Jack. Hi, by the way.”

“Hello so; shall we go?” When Jack spoke, he had a heavy French accent; Keith had a French accent too, but not as heavy as his brother did. Keith had been staring at Alice, to him, she was gorgeous, and she had no idea he was thinking that.

The three of them had went outside, and Keith had asked politely, “Alice, would you like to ride in the front of the car or?”

“No, thank you. I’d rather sit in the back, to... convent over my thoughts, and think about what I’ve got to do today. Thank you though, that was kind of you to ask.” They both smiled at each other, and then got into the car.

The car seats were made of pure white leather, they had seemed very expensive, and they were very comfortable.

Alice sat down and stared out the window, in complete silence as they drove. Keith and Jack had spoken, quite a bit along the whole way, but of course, they had spoken in French. Alice had heard her name be mentioned multiple times, but she couldn’t understand what they had been speaking about.

Hours had passed, and by the time they had arrived in the city, it was nearly nightfall. Jack had dropped both Keith and Alice off at a Hotel and said he would pick them up in the morning, because it was too late to go to the hospital.

“Alice,” Keith had said strongly as they entered their apartment suit, “we need to talk.”

Alice turned her head towards him, and gazed at him. He had a very serious look upon his face; it made her feel uncomfortable, like she had done something wrong, and Keith had picked up on that, “What about?”

“Come here.” Alice had approached Keith and stopped in front of him, staring at him straight in the eyes. “Alice... I can’t hide this any longer. You know how lately I’ve been talking about this girl that I really like, but am too afraid to tell her?”

Alice had widened her eyes, was he actually saying this? “Yes, Keith I do. Why?”

“Alice,” his tone had softened, “your that girl. Alice I’ve always loved you, but I thought I’d never have the strength to tell you.”

“Keith...” she whispered softly but was interrupted because Keith had leaned down and pressed his lips softly against hers. Alice felt her face turn crimson red, she hadn’t expected that, but she hadn’t wanted him to feel strange for doing it. She pressed her lips firmly against his, and returned the kiss. The kiss had quickly turned into a full long, and passionate kiss.

Keith wrapped his arms around Alice and pulled her into a protecting embrace, holding her close to his body. “Je vous aime, Alice.”

Alice tilted her upwards and whispered softly, “I love you, too Keith.”

Even as romantic the moment had been, it was shattered as the phone rang loudly, startling the two, Alice pulled away from Keith and quickly grabbed the phone, “Hello?” The other end of the line remained silent. “Hello!? I demand to know who this is!”

Finally, the other person had spoken, his voice was a low hoarse, cackling sound, “Your poor grandma and grandpa... Lovely people, too bad they won’t be seeing sunshine again! Your next...” Then the line went dead, leaving Alice standing in terror at what she just heard.

She dropped the phone and turned to Keith, “Keith... my grandparents! I have to call the hospital now!”

The End

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