The Shadowy PastMature

Just who is Alice Greenbay? No one knows for sure. She had grown up in a small town, where the towns' folk were very quiet, gentle people, who never caused trouble, and for sure, never wanted it. Alice grew up with only her grandparents, she knew very little about her own parents, and was always too afraid to ask her grandparents about them. All she knew about them, they were very young when they had her, age 25 to be exact, and shortly after her mother had given birth to her, they mysteriously


Even as romantic the moment had been, it was shattered as the phone rang loudly, startling the two, Alice pulled away from Keith and quickly grabbed the phone, “Hello?” The other end of the line remained silent. “Hello!? I demand to know who this is!”

Finally, the other person had spoken; his voice was a low hoarse, cackling sound, “Your poor grandma and grandpa... Lovely people, too bad they won’t be seeing sunshine again! You’re next...” Then the line went dead, leaving Alice standing in terror at what she just heard.

She dropped the phone and turned to Keith, “Keith... my grandparents! I have to call the hospital now!”

The End

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