Chapter 9Mature

               Dustin and I hardly said a word to each other. He sat in a chair pretty much the rest of the night, reading in books. There had to be a reason why they didn't want me in the room to hear what they were talking about, and I bet these books would tell me what they were talking about considering I'm pretty sure thats why hes reading. Dustin isn't really the type of person that will just sit down and read a book for no reason. There has got to be a reason, I'm just not exactly sure what that reason could possibly be at the moment. It has to be something that I don't know about or I would've been able to be in the room while they were talking about it. Unless I don't know the whole story. Maybe there is more, and they were leaving part of it out. I'm not sure quite yet. I will find out. I will! We went to bed. Said goodnight to each other and to my surprise, he layed down in the bed with me.

The next morning, usually he's awake long before I am. This morning however, I guess he wanted to sleep in. With everything that's been going on, we haven't really had any time to talk. Usually even when he doesn't have school, hes up and ready to talk when I get up. Before I knew it, he was up and I was getting a lecture.

What? Were you just going to let me sleep all day? You know I like getting up early, if I'm not up before you, wake me up please!”

What is your problem Dust?”

I was up late. Sorry for snapping at you, I've just had a lot on my mind these past couple of days.”

It's okay. Whats stressin' you out?”

I can't talk to you about it.”that's

You've said that before but you found a way to tell me.”

I can't do that this time. I wish I could but its probably best not to tell you.”

Is it about that one dude/teacher wanting to kill me?”

I can't even give you hints about what it is. Its best you not know. I love you and we're going to keep you safe I promise you that.” he kissed my forehead.

You guys don't have to keep reminding me. I trust you both. Obviously I trust you both with my life.”

Well, obviously. We both love you way too much to let anything happen to you. You know that. We just don't want you to walk around wondering who is what or if that person is going to kill you, or wants to kill you. That's why we don't tell you a lot of things that we know or are trying to find out.”

No. You both just like hiding things from me. Its the guy way of staying in control, isn't it?”

No. Its not. We hate keeping things from you. We just think that its best for you if we hide certain things from you. We will tell you when we're looking for something, or someone. But. We may not tell you who or why.”

I still don't see why you won't tell me any of that.”

We are trying to protect you! What don't you get about that?”

Why protect me. I need to be faced with it at one point or another. Why not just tell me when everything happens its a lot easier to deal with then looking someone in the face that wants to kill me.”

We protect you because we don't want you to be afraid of every little thing that you walk by and think. . . well that looks like what they said was after me. Then you'd call us and if we had whatever it was, it would get away 'cause we would think that you were in trouble and go after you. Do you get why we don't tell you now?”

Not really but I trust your answer.” I shrugged.

That's good. . . and important.” he just kinda laughed to himself.

Okay, well, I need to finish getting ready for school.”

I'll get your books and all that around you just get dressed and you'll be fine.” he started laughing.

Ok, so your bad morning quickly turned good. Lets see if mine does the same.”

It will. Just give it time. Go see Jasper. I'm sure he'll cheer you up.”

It might. Then again it might not.”

I'm pretty sure he will Nikki. . . .”

Oh … I forgot about that …””Obviously. Oh well. Now you remember. I'll tell him you need a mood boost today.”

You don't have his number. So you can't tell him anything. Besides, I hate going through mood changes. I like being in control of my moods, not someone else.”

Still you need it. He wouldn't do it unless he thought you needed it.”

I know. You both only have a couple things away from perfect. His just happens to be that he can change my moods. That's a really easy way to take advantage of people. It might come in use though … who knows.”

He won't take advantage of you. If I even thought he was like that. You wouldn't be seeing him. That is a promise.”

This is why I love you Dust. Your protective yet let me learn things the hard way. Thank you.”

Of course I'm protective. You're my lil' sis.”


You're welcome.”

So. What are you going to do all day since you don't have school?”

I'm not really sure about that yet. I could take you to school and hang out til you actually have to start school.”

That would be cool.”

Well, wait. I just remembered I have to meet the guys later. Later as in this morning.”

What 'guys'?”

Cody, Kyle, Ben, Chris, James, and Derek.”

I don't think I've ever met them.”

You probably haven't. I haven't been hangin' out with them for very long.”


Plus you haven't been to the Rez, I haven't introduced you to most of the people there.”

Wait, if they've been there for a while, how are you just now starting to hang out with them?”

We just started hanging out. I don't really have a reason for it. Well not a reason that I'm aloud to tell you anyway. There are a lot of things I won't be able to tell you anymore. The guys don't think you should know some of the things that are going on since you hang out with leeches. We don't really, well, we don't usually get along with the pale faces. The only reason I'm getting along with Jasper is because he just wants the same thing for you as I do. He wants you to be safe Nik. Do I trust him completely and full heartedly with you. Hell no I don't. But, I do trust that he will do anything to keep you alive. If you were to die really young, yes in that case I would want him to change you. Any other time. Hell no I would not. I guess you would have to be inside my brain to know just what I'm talking about though. It's way less confusing if you're the one thinking it. So anyways, I guess I'll talk to you later.” He walked over to me, kissed my forehead. “I love you even though you are dating a leech … for now …”

Whats the 'for now' all about? How do you know how long I'm gonna last with him? Just because hes a pale face it could still work out. I know you don't want it to but if that's how it works, that's how it works and I'm sorry about that but I'm just not gonna deal with all the drama that goes with everything that I have a feeling is going to happen.”

I'm not gonna try to start anything, but just talk to your precious Jasper and see who you think is going to start stuff then.”

Okay, before we get into a heated conversation, I think I'm going to leave.” And with that, I walked out the door without saying bye or anything.

I'm not done with this conversation if you didn't want to talk about it, maybe you shouldn't have brought it up!”

Shut up Dust. Just let me get away from people for a while okay?”

Oh, yeah. Away from people. That just means that your going to hang out with the criminals!”

Don't you DARE call them criminals!”

Why not. They kill people Nikki.”

No they don't. I think you need to get your facts straight before you even start talking to me about the Azalea's!”

Go tell your precious Jasper he needs to take a shorter trip to where he's headin'.”

And just where would that be?” I was so mad. I could tell my face was a beat red already. I'm about ready to just blow up in his face. He should know he doesn't want to make me mad. That is not a very good idea.

HELL!” I was not ready for that. At all! I stormed off. I was furious. I will not tell Jasper that he said that. There is no way I'm going to tell him that. That would be crazy. I would be dumb. My mood was so bad that Jasper could tell that I was pissed off.

Hey, what's wrong with you this morning?”

Dustin had a big mouth this morning. I was about ready to blow up in his face. I was already cussing at him. I try not to do that, but he got me mad enough that I did.”

Would you like me to help your mood?” he looked at me with the evil face that told me if I said yes, he would gladly do it. If I said no … … … … … he would gladly do it anyway.

When I say no, I mean no. Let me work out these feelings by myself without any weird stuff doing it for me. Please.”

Fine. I won't do it. Hey, do you want to hang out later tonight. It's a Friday night.”

Sure. Where?”

My house if your comfortable going there when I live with a house full of vampires …”

Of course I am.”

So even though you have goosebumps, do you feel okay with it, or do you want to go someplace else so you don't have to deal with my family?”

No, no, no, no! I want to meet your family.”

Even though they are vampires?”

Yes Jasper, even though they're vampires.” he gave me another evil smile.

You do know that they get worse than Avril. They can get way worse.”

I doubt that.” He started to tell me about his family. Shockingly, they did sound just a tad bit worse than Avril. I couldn't believe it. Avril is the most 'cooky', shes the one that if you are in a bad mood, just being around her will change your mood. And not the way Jasper changes a persons mood either. She just makes whoever she's with, I don't know, be happy I guess. So later I will be with his family, and something will go wrong, and I will die. I can tell what's going to happen anyway. Why am I even going? “So, are you sure you want to meet my family?”

I may be completely out of my mind, but yes I'm sure I want to meet your family.” You could tell that he didn't believe me. I didn't think I was that bad at lying. I guess he can just tell when someone is lying. I stand no chance in trying to pull a fast one on him. That's for sure.

You aren't completely out of your mind. . . only part of your minds gone.”

And that's any better?”

Yes. Yes it is. At least I'm not agreeing with you that you have no brain.”

Good point.”

So when are we going to your parents house?”

Whenever you feel like going.”

Why don't we go tonight then?”

Are you sure you're ready to meet a vampire family?”

. . . I guess I am . . . “

You don't really sound like you're ready. . .”

I am ready.”

Fine then. We'll go tonight.”

Fine. Sounds good. Sounds fun. Sounds like something you could really sink your teeth into.”

Ha ha very funny.” I start laughing, as he just gives me a look. I could tell he was getting ready to laugh.

You know you wanna laugh. You know that was funny. I couldn't resist sayin' it.”

Yeah. . . really funny . . . I'm gasping for air.”

Now your jokes are getting a little bit of a smart ass tone to them …”

Of course they are. When am I not?”

When you're being sweet … good point.” We both started laughing and then kept walking.

Are you considering like in about an hour tonight?”

Sure if that gives me enough time to go home, take a shower, get dressed, and get something to eat.”

That won't be a problem. I'll give you time to do that.”

Just don't look too good, and don't wear perfume, that's not a good idea when you're around vampires.”

Are you allergic to it or something?” I asked that, then felt so dumb. Of course they aren't. How stupid am I?

Um … no … we just have very good …”

Senses. I know. I just didn't think of that until after I asked the stupid question …” He smiled and laughed.

The End

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