Chapter 8Mature

  ~Jasper's POV~

Hey. Ah mom? Dad?”

Yes son.”

Ah. Dad. Where's mother?”

She is out for the day. She is taking a day off with her friends. What do you need son?”

I just wanted you and mom to meet someone.”

Ah. You met another vampire. Do they live the same lifestyle we live? What do their parents do?”

Her parents are divorced. She's not a vampire either dad. . .”


No werewolf. Of course human.”

How did you meet her?”

I met her through Avril. I'm kinda dating her dad.”

Oh. I guess I probably should meet her than shouldn't I?”

Yeah. But I kind of wanted you and mom to meet her at the same time.”

Oh well. Your mom can meet her another time. Take me to her.”

Promise you won't do anything. I know you won't but shes special. Shes already afraid of vampires. She knows that we are by the way. She didn't find that out until she found out Mr. Montez is though.”


Yeah but thats a story for another time.”

Ok. I promise not to hurt her or do anything. You know I wouldn't anyway.”

I know that but I'm just making sure.”

Ok son. Good judgment.”

Thank you.”

~NaKayla's POV~

He's been gone for a while. Do you think he's really getting your parents?”

I do. He is very serious about you. He wants to do things the right way. He will want to meet your parents also.”

He's not going to meet my dad unless he goes over there without me. I will introduce him to my mom if he wants though.”

I completely understand.” Then as soon as she finished her sentence, Jasper and their dad walked into the room. Out of habit I stood up.

You can stay seated. I'm not royalty.”

Oh.” I could tell I was showing I was embarrassed. My face was burning up.

It's ok. So I hear that my daughter is one of your best friends.”

She is. She's the best.”

I also hear that you and my son are getting to be serious.”

Him however is way beyond being able to explain with words.”

Then I have raised him well. You know about us?” I just looked at him, not sure what to say. “Of course you do. There's nothing wrong with that. You can be honest with me I won't hurt you. I deal with people all day every day. I do what most vampires wouldn't be able to handle. I'm a doctor. Yeah. I know. Sounds like a story right. We vampires have a lot of time on our hands. I used to read a lot. I read Twilight and started taking doctor courses at the community college then universities. I am well respected such as Carlisle.”

I see. I admire you. I couldn't believe it at first that vampire's existed but then, something inside me just told me to believe Jasper. I know I can trust you though.”

So, since I approve, I will leave you two alone. Avril. Come with me.”

Okay father. Bye love birds.” She came over and gave me a hug and then left.

That was so not fair Jasper. Please don't ever put me on the spot like that again.” He was back over on the sofa. “No I'm not going over there. I'm not talking to you right away.”

Yeah you are.” He sped over before I even had a chance to look and had me picked up and went back over to the sofa. “Told you.” He had the best smile on his face. You could definitely tell he was happy that his father said that he approved. And to be honest, so was I.

Fine then. You win. Happy?”

Of course I'm happy. You're here, are you not?”

What ever.”

So. Are you happy being here with me?”

Yeah. Yeah. I guess I am.”

Thats good.”

Are you happy that I'm here?”

You already know the answer to that question. Now don't you?”

Yeah I guess I do.” I leaned to where my head was on his shoulder. He just looked down at me and started smiling.

So what do you want to do?”

I don't know. What do you want to do?”

Hmm . . . well . . . we could go . . . no, never mind. Not a very good idea.”

Or we could just stay here and hang out.”

That sounds like a good idea but I wasn't going to say it 'cause I didn't know if you would want to or not. I'm just talking and talking and talking. Tell me to stop at any time. I know I get really annoying, trust me I . . .”

Yeah. Ya do. Not really. Your voice is soothing to me. Your voice,” I just looked up at him and layed my hands on his chest. “and you, sooth me.” He looked down and kissed me.

Not even in a sick vampire way, but, your scent. I can't get enough of your scent.”

I can understand that. I just cant get enough of you.”

You know what I meant by that.”
“I know. Thats just like me saying, you know I had to say it.”

Good point. You're just full of come backs today aren't you?”

Yes. Of course I am.”

Do you always pick on your boyfriends?”

Only if I love them enough.”

Only if you love them? So. Do you love me?”

If I didn't, would I be here?”

If you weren't willing to be here I guess I could always use compulsion on you . . .”

Why don't you?”

Because I love you. Why else?”

Aw. Are you telling the truth?”

I couldn't, I wouldn't lie to you.”

Sure you wouldn't . . .”

I wouldn't. Your just changing the subject 'cause you can't say it back can you?”

You don't know that I can't say it back for sure now do you?”

With you answering like that I do . . .”

You are entirely wrong.”

I still haven't heard you say it.”

Ok. I love you. Now you've heard me say it.”

That didn't really sound like you meant it though.”

Trust me I do . . .” He had ahold of my face and started kissing me. What is with these guys and kissing? Both of them kiss way too much. Oh well. I don't really mind. Just feels a bit weird. “So . . .”

So what?”

So what do you want to do? My house in a way is really boring.”

Interruption! The weather looks good for a game in a couple days. You in?”

Yeah. Of course. Nikki do you think you would join us. You wouldn't have to play if you didn't want to. All we'll be doing is playing either kick-ball or baseball.”

Sure. As long as I don't have to play against any of you guys. Is it actually like in twilight or is that overly dramatic?”

I guess you'll just have to find out now won't you?”

I guess I shall.”

Are you trying to sound more as I?”

No . . .”

I'll take that as a yes.”

I said no.”

That doesn't matter. You meant yes.”

If you knew what I was going to say then why did you even ask?”

Why did you ask that 'cause you know I'm going to say 'cause I felt like asking . . .” He started laughing and just looking at me the whole time talking. He never took his eyes away from mine, unless Avril was talking to him or sometimes when he was talking to her. “So will you be here or no?”

I guess you can count. me. In!”

Woo hoo. Good choice. I'll just bring you here after school. It won't be tomorrow so you don't have to worry about your time with Dustin. I wouldn't disturb that. I want you to be able make the right choice. Not just base the decision based on who you have or have not spent time with. That wouldn't be right.”

Ok. I will let dad know. Come and find me before you leave, okay?”

Kay. I will. So. Anything else you want to know, or want to say, hear, do?”

I want to know if you really do love me. I want to say that I really do love you. I want to hear that you love me. And last but most definitely not least, or the least fun, I want to kiss you. Partly in order.”

I really do love you, I want you to hear that I really do love you and I do. I can tell you aren't lying about loving me so I know you really do love me. I do not mind kissing you, you know I don't.”

Okay then. Come back over here. Why did you even get up?” I had gotten up. I didn't even realize this. Oh yeah, I got up when Avril went to leave. How did I not know that I got up? Oh well. More important things to do and talk about in front of me, don't need to be worrying about that.

Oh. I did didn't I?”

Yeah. You kinda did. But, now you can come back here and sit back down.”

Maybe I won't. . .”

Why wouldn't you?”

Because you are assuming that I'll do it.”


So. I don't like it when people just assume things.”

Ok then. Thats understandable. Will you please come back over here I promise you'll be happy if you come back over here.”

I'm sure you could.”

Yeah I could. I'm just not going to do everything that I could.”

I can get a hint at that. Ok so do you want to hear my plan for you and Dustin?”


Ok. Well. I'm planning on when your week is up, I'm going to let Dustin stay in my room for one more night then he can stay in another room while I make my decision.”


No what?”

Until we know whats going on. One of us need to be with you at all times. I or Dustin will be with you at all times, or Avril if absolutely necessary.”

She's not necessary and neither are you and/or Dustin. I can take care of myself at my house. I'm fine.”

Please just trust me. I don't know whats going on and I want to find out before you are alone anywhere. Its not that I don't think you can take care of yourself, I know you can, but you wouldn't be able to protect yourself against one of us. You wouldn't be able to protect yourself against anyone who isn't fully mortal.”

Thanks for having confidence in me.” I went to walk out of the room, but before I could he was in front of the door stopping me from leaving. “What? Do you not want me to leave the room even though I'm in your house safe?”

I don't want you to leave my room angry. Just come back in. You know what I meant by what I said, and its not how you're currently taking it. You know I love you and I just want to make you happy. So, let me make you happy. You won't regret it. I promise.”

What do you mean by 'making me happy'?”

I mean, come back over here and let me make you melt.”

I wouldn't be able to protect myself from you though.”

You won't need to.”

Ok then.” I walked over to him. He picked me up, held onto my legs so that I didn't fall, and sat me down on his love seat/sofa. All while doing this he was kissing me. When he said he would make me melt, he wasn't lying, and was in a way underestimating himself.

Still mad at me?”

How can I be mad at you? How can I stay mad at you? Especially if every time I get mad at you you do this. I can't resist you.” It took forever to get that out since we were kissing. He is so amazing though. I really have no clue who I'm going to choose I want Dustin but in a different way, more sexy way, I want Jasper. I love them both so much. Right now however, I love, love, love, love, love Jasper's lips. And him of course. But most definitely his lips.

If it makes you feel any better, I can't stay mad at you either.”

And why is that?”

some of the same reasons but then again some of them are somewhat different also.”

Oh really? Like what?”

Like things that you will find out in time, but not this time.”

Fine. Do you have confidence in me now, or no?”

Confidence like how?”

Like every way.”

Can we not do this again?”

No I want to know.”

You know just as well as I do that you wouldn't last 2 seconds with a vampire that was wanting and/or trying to kill you.”

I would be able to if you guys would teach me.”

I am not, and will not teach you how to fight a fight that you would have a very slim chance of winning.”

If I was trained well enough, it wouldn't be a slim chance of winning, it would be a slim chance of losing.”

Still, I refuse to do so.”

Then I'll just go to Avril and ask her to teach me. She'll do it.”

She won't if she knows whats good for her. Dustin can just stay there not in the bed with you, and then you make your decision. Do we really have to fight over this? Are we fighting?”

I don't know anymore. My life is so screwed up lately. Everything is happening so fast, its so confusing. I love you and no I don't want to fight with you, and I'm not meaning to. I'm so sorry. I didn't even realize what I was doing. Forgive me please, don't be upset.”

Didn't we talk about that already. I can't stay mad at you. I know you didn't mean it and I love you to.”

Thank you. I just hate not being in control of my life anymore. Why is whatever's after me just going after me since I moved back here? Really it's since my first night of school.”

Maybe because you met Avril and he figured out you were friends. . . and you would. . . find. . . out about us. . .”

Wait. Are you saying that just because we are friends, someones out to get me and kill me?”

I wish I didn't have to say yes, but if I didn't then I would be lying to you and I don't lie.”

Are you kidding?”

I wish I was. . .”

Yeah me too.”

If you want to quit being with Avril and I on the count of this whole ordeal I would completely understand. You wouldn't be helpless even if we stopped hanging out. You would still have Dustin. He would most definitely protect you without a doubt.”

What! I am not! I will not stop hanging out with you and Avril! You couldn't get rid of me even if you both wanted to.”

What if it was best for you?”

I don't really care if it's best for me. Don't you get that I don't care whats best for me? I am not going to stop hanging out with two of my best friends! As long as I'm with either one of you two of you or Dustin, I will be safe. I trust you all. I love you all. Obviously I love you and Dustin in a different way than Avril but still.”

Even if you would die, even if we were trying to protect you?”

You heard what I said. I'm not changing.”

Would you just think about it for a few moments. You don't have to jump right to a conclusion.”

Well. I don't care. I am going to jump 'cause I know what I want and I'm not going to change my mind or listen to you when you're telling me.”

Please. If I wasn't sure it would save your life then I wouldn't make you do it, but I am.”

If thats what it takes to save my life. . . then I don't want to be saved!” I started crying and walked out the door. Jasper jumped to stop me but then stopped. After exiting his room I seen why he stopped. His father was right there in front of me.

Going so soon?”

Well according to your son I can't be seen with him or Avril anymore. Supposedly it can save my life so I'm going home.”

Hang on. Come into my office and we can talk about this. But before we go in there, we need to go in and talk to Jasper so that I can hear his side of the story first. Now, while we are in there, you are not to say anything unless spoken to, okay?”


Tell me you won't.”

I won't talk while we are in Jaspers room.”

Okay.” We went into his room. “Okay, now just sit down and listen.”

Jasper. Whats going on?”

Why don't you just ask Nikki, shes right here and if I say anything shes going to start saying her point of view again.”

No she won't. Just tell me what she was storming out of your room for.”

I was telling her that I thought she needed to stop hanging out with Avril and I.”

Why would you do something to that degree of stupidity?”

Can I talk to you alone?”


We need to get Avril in here first. I am not leaving Nikki alone.”

Okay. Ah Avril perfect timing to walk past, will you stay in here with Nikki for a moment?”

Sure. Of course I will.”

Why do you need babysat this time?”

Jasper wants to tell your dad why he doesn't want me hanging out with you guys anymore.” Both of them walked out the door as Avril walked in the room.

There is no way I am going to stop hanging out with you. All thats going to do is leave you helpless.”

Thats not exactly my argument but that is part of it.”

He can't really tell me what to do. . .”

Your father however can. . .”

Not really. Its not like hes my biological.”

True hes not natural blood.”

Thank you for saying natural blood. He is the one that changed me so he is blood. Just not my mortal blood.”

Yeah. I get it.” The males walked back into the room.

You got your way. . . both of you. Father says it would be way too obvious if we just suddenly stopped talking. However, heres the part that I came up with, we didn't talk about it and everyone is probably going to yell at me for saying this but I think its what's best. You need to be with Dustin not me.”

And what would you do if I chose you. Excuss my language but, what the hell! This so is not fair and you know it. If we're talking does it really matter if we're together or not. No! It does not. You can forbid him from this can't you?”

I can't forbid him like I think you're thinking I can. I can tell him what I think is the right thing to do and hope that he follows my advise. I do not control his every move. I have very strong influences on them considering I am not only their father but also at the same time their 'creator'. In a way that is exactly what I am. It all depends on how you look at things. Back to your question of can't I forbid him of doing this. Yes I can. . . to a certain degree. However, he has his own free will and I cannot tell him 'to do' something or 'not to do' something else, that is not right, and I refuse to do so.”

I know that. Can I talk to you for a moment?”

Sure what about?”

Wait until we are out in the hall. That way a certain someone won't be able to listen in on our conversation . . .”

Ok. . .”

So now that we are in the hall, couldn't you use compulsion on him?”

Doing things like that aren't as easy as they sound. . .”

Then do you think you could just, I don't know. Do you think you could just try to persuade him then?”

That I can do.” We went back into the room and sat back down. “Jasper, I think you have some thinking to do. You do your thinking, I will be back to talk to you after I take NaKayla home and have a talk with Dustin, okay?”


I want a yes or a no.”

Yes father.”

Thats better. Now, I will talk to you when I get back. Think about this and only this until I get back that way you will have better thought then you do know and we can have an actual talk about all of this okay?”

Yes father.” We went out and got in his Jeep, and went to my house. There was little conversation between the two of us. The little conversation that there was was just little items, they weren't about the whole Jasper problem. I hate everything thats going on. When we got to the house, he went in and talked to Dustin but they wouldn't let me stay in the same room. I hate not knowing about anything thats going on, I just hate it.

Okay now, either way this all works out I will have Avril tell you whats going on first thing in the morning that way you and Jasper can talk about it in. . . third hour?”

Yeah. Third hour. Ok. That sounds good. Thank you, so much. I don't know how I'm going to re-pay you, but I will find a way. I promise.”

No need. I'm a doctor. I love helping people.”

Okay then, I'll just say thank you every time I see you, that okay?”

Thats better than giving pay-back that isn't really all that necessary, now isn't it?”

I don't know but I'm kinda anxious for you to get back there to talk to him. Tell him that if he wants to he can come here to talk to me after too, but only if he goes with what you have to say if not its best to hear it in the morning.”

If he doesn't tonight, don't get worried, I don't know if it would be the right thing to send him here after that kind of a talk, you two's main problems are not the only things I need to talk to him about so I'm not sure yet, it may take a while.”

Okay. Hope all goes well, bye.”

Bye NaKayla.”

The End

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