Chapter 7Mature


I got home that night and I was almost afraid to go into my house. There was a motorcycle waiting outside. In my driveway. Parked. In my driveway? My first thought was there was somebody in my house. But then I started thinking. Dustin likes motorcycles. This one looks like it needs some work done to it. Then I noticed that there were two more around the corner of the house. I didn't know if his friends liked motorcycles or not. If they did, which they probably did, it may be them. I wasn't sure though. What made the thought even worse is that. I had the feeling I didn't feel alone again. This feeling seriously frightened me. It was way more noticeable than before. I hope Jasper hurries up and gets here. I want time to go by fast especially if he doesn't want me talking to Dustin about it.

Hey. You might want to get in here and get ready for your date babe.”

How . . . how did you . . . how did you know about that?”

Oh. I got a call from Jasper. He wants to have a talk with me alone before you two leave. Its not bad it is very very important.”

Oh really? Did he say what it was about?”

No . . . Why do you know what he's going to talk to me about?”

Well probably some things that happened today at school but, he told me not to talk to you about it because it could get you in trouble.”

I don't care just tell me what it's about!”

He wouldn't tell me everything about it. I think my teacher is a vampire though.”

Nikki. There is no such thing as vampires.”

Don't lie to me. I know you know that they are not a myth so don't even go there with me. I may not look smart. But I do happen to be smarter than people make me sound. You of all people should know that.”

I know. I didn't want to tie you into that world though.”

So you're admitting you know about that world.”

Since I am in that part of the world I guess I kinda have to know about that. And I also have to believe it.”

You're part of it?”

Yeah. I think thats the part he was afraid of me getting in trouble for. Like I've told you before, if I tell anyone about who I am. I could get into a lot of trouble. Most of the people that I hang out with. Even my dad. Would be basically forced to disown me.”

So that is true? Why would your own dad disown you?”

What choice would he have?”

I don't know. Stick up for you or something?”

Thats not how it works. Now. Go up and get ready. Hes here and he said he wanted to talk to me alone, so, go.” As if today wasn't full enough of kisses. There was another one. He kissed me on my way out, and his way to the door.

~Dustin's POV~

I already know that you're there. You can just come on in and say whatever you want to tell me.” He walked through the door. Smoothly. Calmly.

Ok. Hello. Did NaKayla tell you why I needed to talk to you?”

Not really but she did tell me that a few things happened today at school.”

More than a few things and more than just today. You need to start watching her while she is with you. Shes been feeling like there have been things with her. Like someone is right next to her even while shes at home. When you're in a different room. Did she tell you that our 3rd hour teacher is a vampire?”


Well. What she doesn't know, and I'm only saying this because I know for a fact shes not in her hearing distance. She doesn't know that he is also part werewolf. His dad is a werewolf and his mom is a vampire. They fell in love, had him, and split. He has had a rough life and does not choose to be as we. That is why, as he was walking past us today, she started feeling really weird. I took her out in the hall and she had noticed his red eyes. She guessed everything else.”

So she knows about werewolves?”

No she does not. I'm going to let you tell her about those. Or let her find out on her own. Whichever you wish. Not my myth to tell.” he started smiling.

Ok. So is she in danger?”

If he realizes that she knows what he is, part of or the whole thing, he will hunt her and more than likely kill her.”

Hes not going to be able to lay a hand on her!”

I think that it's him. When she feels like theres someone right beside her. If hes vampire who knows what he can do especially when hes in vampire form. He could be in this house at times. The part that doesn't make sense is . . . you can sense vampires correct?”

Yeah. Pretty much all werewolves can other than those just becoming.”

She just heard that part.” He whispered in my ear. “Since hes part vampire that might cause you not to sense him even when hes more vamp than werewolf.”

You can't be serious! How are we going to be able to keep her --” He put his hand over my mouth.

Shes ready. We must stop talking. All I can say safely is, you stay with her constantly when shes with you and me and Avril, one of us have her in all of her hours, or at least will have shortly so she'll be covered at school. Plus shes less vulnerable during those hours since he is a teacher.”

~NaKayla's POV~

Hello gentlemen.”

Hello.” They both said at the same time. They looked at each other. Dustin had a worried look on his face.

Whats wrong?”

Nothing that you need to worry about quite yet. We've got it covered.”

I don't care if you've got it covered or not. I want to know what hell is going on and I want to know right now! Especially if it's about me!”

It --” Dustin before he was interrupted.

It's not about you.” Jasper was lying to me and I know it. He interrupted Dustin so it's not like I don't realize things, such as him stopping whatever Dustin was going to say.

Yes it is and I know it!”

Ok it is.” finally he's telling me the truth. “But I wasn't lying about the part where you have nothing to worry about. Between me and Dustin you have nothing to worry about.”

Fine. Now, lets go. Wait. Where are we even going?”

Well. You came to school one day saying how you were planning on going to a hair place and getting something done but it doesn't look like you did. Did you?”

No. We kinda got a little bit sidetracked.”

Good. 'Cause I got you an appointment where everyone in my family goes. When you see her you're going to not want to trust what she does but shes actually really good at doing hair. Before you ask, no it is not her main job but shes talented at almost anything, I think anyways.”

Is it Avril?”

Why do you think that?”

Her and Cedric were talking about when they got home giving him a new hair style.”

Oh. Gottcha. Yeah, that is who I'm talking about. Do you trust her to do your hair. She can do pretty much anything. Free. Of. Charge.”

I'm going to pay her.”

I don't think that'll work. Shes really stubborn.”

Whatever. Bye Dust.” I went over have him a hug, and we gave each other a kiss on the cheek. We were out the door. On our way out, Jasper whispered something back to Dustin. I didn't understand what he said.


Avril are you ready or do I have to keep her blind-folded out here in my car?”

I don't think shes going to hear you if your not yelling and we're outside and she's . . . wait. Never mind. I forgot for a moment.”

Yeah.” He started laughing at my momentary confusion. “She's ready for you.” He came over to my side of the car, opened the door, and slowly pulled the blindfold off of me. “Are you ready to see my house?” I looked around. The house was absolutely gorgeous.

This is your house?”

Yes. It is.”

It's amazing.”

It is. Isn't it?”

So. What do you think I should do with my hair?”

Tell me what you were thinking and I'll tell you if that sounds good or if you should get something else done.”

Well. I was thinking that I should get the bottom layer of my hair red, top layer brown with blond highlights, and more layers. Sound ok?”

That sounds perfect but if you would get just one or the other brown or blond it would look better.”

Which one do you think would look better on me?”

I'm not sure about that one. Probably like a light, or medium brown, or any sort of bright blond.”

I'll ask Avril what she thinks.”

Yeah that would be a good idea.”

I know right?”

Nikki! So did you know it was going to be me?”

Yeah. He told me after I guessed you.”

Oh. Well then. Are you ready to get started?”

I think so.”

Ok. What do you think you want done?” I told her what I wanted done. “I can do that.”

Ok. Now a question for you. Do you think I should get brown or blond?”

Blond. Its more you.”

Ok then. Blond it is.”

Ok. You ready?”

Should I be frightened?”

Don't let Jasper fool ya. Sometimes I do his hair, I do our moms and dads and Cedric's. You've seen two out of three of those people. Oh yeah! Plus sometimes I even do my own hair. Usually not cutting. Just dying.”

Ok. I think I can trust you.”

You can. Especially for what you're getting done. If you want me to stop I can. It'll look kinda stupid if I stop right in the middle of something but I will if you want or need me to. Ok?”


Now that you know that. Are. You. Ready?”

Yes! I've been ready. Where you been?” I started laughing. She just looked at me with a blank stare on her face. “What?”

Hang on just a sec. I need to have a word with my brother.”

I thought you were going to work on Nikki's hair?” Jasper tried to decline unnoticeable.

I am but I need to talk to you for just a moment. Don't argue with me Jas!”


~Jasper's POV~

Is there still something that I don't know?” It's never good for her to sound like this in the beginning of a conversation.

Probably a bit.”

Like what exactly?”

Like. If it's Mr. Montez, Dustin wouldn't know it.”

How is that? He can sense vampires right?”

Yeah. Problem with that theory is that he cant sense werewolves. With that I'm guessing he cant sense those that are half and half either.”

Good guessing brother. I'm guessing that he wouldn't be able to either. So what are we going to do?”

There is going to be someone with her at all times.”

You've really had to think today. I'm proud of you. Don't get used to me saying that, you know it probably won't happen again for a while.”

I know now can we get back over there so she doesn't start thinking bad thoughts?”


~NaKayla's POV~

Ok. Are you ready for me to get started on your hair now?”

As soon as you tell me what you two were talking about.”

What do you mean. It doesn't need your worrying. Don't worry about it. Or anything we talk about. Its all going to be alright.”

Ok then. I guess you can start on my hair without telling me what you two were talking about.”

Ok. Then I shall get started.” A few minutes went by. We didn't really talk about anything in particular. We just talked about random subjects. After about a half hour . . . “Ok. The top layer is done. Let me go get the stuff for the bottom layer. You did want your bangs to be red also right?”

If you think it would look good then yes. If not than no.”

It'll look cute. I will do that.”

Ok.” She went and got the red dye. When she got back she started putting the dye on my bangs, then went behind me and I'm guessing did the bottom layer of my hair. “Ok. I'm done putting stuff on your hair. Now its just time to wait. 20 minutes and you will be done and we will go in and wash it then you can look at it. Not a moment before. I'm in charge. Ha ha.”

Oh how I feel bad for you.” Jasper was still there. Quiet. Shocker for him. He had a grin on his face. “Just in case you are doubting it with me putting you through getting this done with her. Yes I do love you.”

Aw. Its not bad getting this done by Avril. Shes actually good at it. Well. I guess I'll have to wait till we get it washed out to figure that out.”

Ok. I'll stay out here while you two do that. Hurry up though. I want to be able to see you.”

I don't know why.”

Don't even start with that.” He just looked at me like he usually does and me and Avril went into their bathroom and finished my hair. Even after she took my hair out from under the water, she still didn't let me see it right away. I was really anxious to see how it turned out.

Ok. Now that I've tortured you enough, I'll let you see your hair. Follow me.”

This is a huge mirror.”

I know. Thats why I love that its in my room. That just means that I get to see completely how I look for the day.”

Yeah. That would be nice. Oh my. With it not being completely dry, I know its not the color that its going to be while dry, but I have an idea. I like it.”

I'm happy to hear that. I'll let your hair dry and then I'll wet it down again so that I can put some more layers in it.”

That sounds good I guess. Why not just cut it now?”

I want you to see it before I start doing more stuff to it.”

Oh. That sounds smart.”

Your back. Did she let you see your hair yet or is she torturing you?”

No. She let me see it. I love it even though its darker than it will be I still love it.”

I'm glad to hear. Also glad to see. Very glad to see. Very.”

You seem. I don't know. You seem different than usual.”

Just acting like a boyfriend. Thats all. So do you have anything going on tomorrow?”

What is tomorrow?”

Tomorrow is Thursday.”

We don't have anything planned till Friday then. They were off on Monday, we're off on Friday. He brought me to school on Monday, and I'm taking him on Friday so that I can meet people. Kinda like he did on Monday.”

Then during the day we can hang out, and the rest of the day you can hang with Dustin. I'm not trying to make you ditch him or anything so lets just plan on you staying home on Friday.”
“I didn't think you were trying to make me ditch him. He wouldn't think that either, but it would be nice to just stay home with him.”

I thought you would say that. See I know you well.”

Yes you do.”

I love your hair even when it's dry.” He started running his fingers through my hair. “It doesn't even get frizzy.”

Really. Then I know I'll love it. I absolutely hate it when my hair gets frizzy.”

Yeah. I would to. Ok. Now that your hair is dry. I'm going to let you see it again before letting her wet it down again to cut it.”

Ok.” We started walking down the same hallway as before. Then we walked past Avril's room. “Where are we going? Isn't that the room we were walking to?”


No? Then where are you taking me?”

You'll find out.”

Ok then.” We walked to the end of that hall. When we walked into the room, I couldn't help but to just stop where I was when he opened the door. The room wasn't overly full but it was full. “Your room I'm guessing?”

You're correct.”


Why thank you.”

Sure sure.”

Here's my mirror. Not that I use it a lot. When my sisters in here wanting to talk to me while getting ready she uses it.”

Yeah. Like you don't use it every morning. Don't lie to me.”

I'm not.”

Sure you're not.”

Ok then. Your room isn't as bad as I thought it would be.”

What were you expecting to see my room look like?”

I don't know. A typical guy room I guess.”

And what does a typical guy room look like. Just in case you haven't noticed I'm not a typical guy.”

Yeah I know. Your a typical vampire guy. Well not so typical. Still a dream guy though.” Did I really just say that out loud? Maybe I just said that to myself. I really hope so.

Wow a dream guy. I like how you think. The thought of you thinking that is very comforting.” I guess I did say it out loud. “So. Speaking of dream guys. Have you thought about yours?”



And I'm still pretty much stuck. You both are almost perfect. You're both protective and keep me from doing stupid stuff. I just still don't really know. I'm probably going to have to go a little longer without Dustin.”

Oh. The last part isn't all that bad.”

It isn't all that good for either one of you.”

What do you mean by that?”

Meaning if I'm still confused by the end of the week, I'll probably just stay single until I figure it out.”

Oh. Really?”

That's what I'm thinking.”


You do have a good chance on making it though.”'


Yes you do.”

And why is that?”

I'm not going to get into that with you right this moment. Lets just leave it with you do have a pretty good chance.”

Ok. So. How do you think you look?”

I think it looks ok. You?”

I think it looks perfect.”

You're just saying that.”

No. I'm not. If I was just saying that I would have said that you were the best I've ever seen. You're close but not quite. You're like number 2 . . .”

Thanks . . .?”

It's true.”

I highly doubt that, but I'll go along with it.”

Whatever. So do you think she needs to do touch-up to anything?”


Then are you ready to go back out there so that she can cut your hair?”

Yes and then again no. I like just being alone with you.”

Even though its not the safest place in the world.”

There's where you're wrong. The only place I am safe is with you.”

You're safe with Dustin too.”

I know, but still. I feel like I'm more safe with you. I don't know what it is about you, and I know that I should feel safer with Dustin 'cause I've known him longer. I just don't know what it is. I just do.”

It makes sense. Kind of. Not really.”

Well. It does to me.”

So if you don't really want to go back out there then what do you want to do?”

Lets not go there. You don't want to know what I want to do.”

Yes. Yes I do.”

No. No you don't.”

Never mind. Lets get back out there so that Avril can finish my hair. Then we can hang out. Sound good.”

Like everything else we say that to. Sounds perfect.”


Mmk.” We walked back into the room with Avril.

You're back. Are we ready to cut your hair?”

Depends. How are you planning on cutting it?”

A little shorter than the middle of your neck . . .?”

Ok. That sounds ok. Whenever you wanna start.”

How about now since I know you two wanna hang out for a while.”


Is that all you know how to say is ok?”

No she also knows how to say yes, no, never mind, maybe, and oh yeah lets not forget the word that brings a special look to her face. Vampire.” You could tell Jasper just had to say it. He had a huge smile on his face and was laughing. I love the way he looks. Today I just can't get over his looks. I don't know why I just can't.

Ha ha, very funny Jasper.”

Yeah. I know. Wasn't it?”

Ok love birds. You. Over here. Time to get your hair done.”

Pushy pushy sis. Ya know, You don't have to listen to her right?”

But she should.” They were both laughing.

You know you two are both so funny.”

Yeah. We know we are. Thank you for letting us know that you have realized that fact.”

No problem Avril. Anytime.”

So. Ready?”


Ok then. Follow me.” It was over before I knew it. I knew vampires were fast but I didn't think they were even fast while cutting someones hair. “I know you two want to spend some time together so I'll let you go look in Jasper's mirror in his room.”

Very subtle sis.” I didn't even realize he was still in the room.

Did you just get in here, or have you been in here this whole time?”

Oh I've been here most of this time. Not all of it but most of it.”

How much of what I said did you hear?”

Nothing I haven't heard before. Well there is one thing you haven't told me quite yet but I heard you will be soon so I'm not going to ruin it.”

Okay then. Before we go. Do you need to do any touch up Avril?”

No not this time. But. With your permission I would like to do something to your hair at least once a month. Touch-ups between those though. I just mean like different colors and styles. No I won't change both every month unless you want me to.”

Ok. That sounds good and exciting. As long as I don't have to pay for all of them.”

You don't have to pay for any of them. Are you crazy. You're practically family now. I'm not gonna make you pay for what I don't make any of the rest of them pay for.”

I'm paying for some of them whether you want me to or not.”

No. You're not. You even try it and you won't like me. . .”



Don't say stuff like that. Be nice. Down tiger.”

Shut up. Its true. She won't. I won't talk to her.”

And thats supposed to be a threat?”

Ha ha very funny Jasper.”


I know.”

Ok. Lets go back to my room.”

Sounds good.” We walked to his room. He had his hand around my waist. I had my head basically on his shoulder.

So. What was it you were wanting to do earlier?”

Nothing that you cant figure out. And if you want to or not. You get to decide.”

Look at your hair. Then I want to try something.”

Ok.” I went over to look at my hair. He was behind me. When I turned around however, he was moving. In a blur. Next thing I knew he was on the sofa with his arm across the back of it.

Like it?”

Did Avril go to school for this or something?”

A long, long, long, time ago. Why do you ask?”

Shes really good at cutting hair. Thats why.”

Oh. Yeah I guess she is.”


Come,” talking as he was patting the other side of the sofa. “sit down. I promise I won't bite. Not joking. Not even if you wanted me to.”

What if we got married or something and I wanted to become a vampire?” I was asking questions while walking to the sofa.

I would have to talk to my family before I did anything like that. Just to make sure I was doing the right thing.”

I haven't met your family yet. Are you trying to keep me from them?”

No. You mean you actually want to meet my vampire parents? You really are crazy. No offense.”

Only a little bit taken. I've known that.” He picked up his phone.

Hey Avril will you come up and stay with Nikki for a few minutes? Okay.”

Why do you want me to babysit your girlfriend?”

You'll find out. She's the one that brought it up.”

Are you seriously going to get your parents. I didn't mean it had to be today.”

Well it's going to be today since you won't be here tomorrow. Well you'll be here just not here.”

I got that.”

Just making sure. Be right back.”

The End

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