Chapter 6Mature

Why was he acting like this? I don't get it at all. Oh well. If Jasper is here today I'll flirt with him. I don't really know if it would work out between him and I. I guess today is the day to find out.


Nikki! Whats up?”

Single for a day I guess. You?”

Great . . . Why are you single for a day? I'm kinda confused.”

He wants me to make sure I don't like anyone besides him. He doesn't want me to miss out on someone better than him. The only person I can think of is your brother but then again I do love Dustin. I'm confused.”

So try it with my brother for the day.”

Try what with your brother?” Suddenly I heard Jasper behind me.

You just scarred the hell out of me.”

Sorry about that. Anyway, try what with me?”

Dustin wants her to try and see if hes really the right one for her so shes basically single for a day. She likes you, as we know, so I was telling her that she should try dating you for about a week.”

Whoa whoa whoa. This is only for a day . . .”

So ask if it could be about a week so that you can actually see who you like more.”

I guess I could do that. I'll see what he says tonight. You wouldn't mind if he still lived with me and everything right?”

No of course not. Its not like we would actually be dating . . . yet . . . you know I had to say the yet.” He started laughing. Hes so sweet, and he actually understands whats going on and what I'm asking for. I couldn't be happier.

Ok then. I guess.”

So will you kinda sorta date me?”

I would be happy to kinda sorta date you.” We both started laughing at the joke. We walked off on our own.

Were the things you said in that note true?”

Every word. You?”

Every single word.”

Way to be specific.”

You know it. So what am I allowed to do and what am I not? Just checking considering with either have just today or just a week.”

You can do anything you want as long as its not all that much.”

Ok then.” He put his arm around my waist. “Am I allowed to kiss you?”

I said you could do anything you wanted.” He bent down and kissed me. I think that kiss had more in it than the ones with Dustin. Maybe he is the one for me. Did Dustin already know that? Is that why he was making me do this? Did Jasper bribe him to make me do this? I am so confused. I don't know what to think most of the time but definitely not know.

You better get to your first hour before your late. I would walk you there but my class is on the other side of the school.”

Ok.” I'm guessing my voice sounds kinda pathetic.

I'm sorry. I guess I'll see you in 3rd hour.”

It's ok. I understand. See you later.” That day went by really fast. I think that may be because I couldn't wait to get into 3rd hour. We had a test in my 2nd hour so that went kind of slow but when that hour was over I was so ready to go to 3rd hour. When I walked in and didn't see him there, I went to my seat anyway. I was confused.

Hey. Ah Avril. Wheres Jasper?”

He said he would be a little bit late. He will be here though.”

Okay thanks.”

Hey. I thought you were going to be late.” Is she just trying to get me to look over toward the door and then say gottcha.

I'm not falling for it Av.”

You're not falling for what.” The one time I don't fall for something there was nothing to fall for. So not even fair.

Never mind . . .”

No. Not never mind what?”

Nothing. Just forget I even said anything. So what have you been doing all day? Did you even go to your 1st hour?”



Most of it. Why are you questioning me?”

Just wondering.”

Ok then. Well what did I miss?”

Class hasn't even started yet so nothing.”

Oh really. I though I was going to be at least 5 minutes late. At least. But I guess I was wrong. That was for you sis.”

What was for me. You admitting that you were wrong about something?”


Yeah. That doesn't happen very often. Don't get used to hearing him say that hes wrong. If you depend on him saying that hes wrong you're going to be very disappointed very often.”

Now sis, thats not very fair. You know I've been saying that I'm wrong a lot more these days.”

Ok then you two. Jasper lets get back to our seat that way we don't get yelled at.”

Sounds good.” He put his arm around my waist and we walked back to our desk.

We will be rearranging our seating today students.” Really on my third day of school he has to go and change seats. I have hardly gotten used to this one and now he wants me to learn yet another one. This guy must be crazy.

Only a few people will be changing seats. The people that I cannot stand having sit together 'cause they talk all hour. Most of you will stay where you are. As I come around if I tell you to get your stuff and follow me then get your stuff and you will will be moving.” He started his way around the class he skipped right over Jasper and I. As he walked past I got chills. I had never, ever, felt this way in my whole life. Something is definitely not right. I froze where I was and just looked at Mr. Montez.

NaKayla. Whats wrong?”

Nothing. I just got a really weird feeling. Thats all.” I still didn't take my eyes off Mr. Montez. It was exactly when he walked past me when it happened. Was that just a circumstance or a definite warning?

I think we need to get you out of this room for a moment. Mr. Montez, theres something wrong with NaKayla can I take her out into the hall for a moment to make sure shes okay?”

Yes. Of course.” He gave us a sort of glaring look. His eyes were a darker red. A scary red. It was kind of like the mythical vampires. I love reading books about vampires but I also do realize there is no such this as them also. Then again looking at his eyes, its making me rethink everything. How can there really be such thing as vampires it makes absolutely no sense. He put his arm around me and we walked out into the hall.

What was the weird feeling and exactly when did you get it?”

I don't know. It was just like I was getting chills. I got it when Mr. Montez was walking past our table. He kind of creeps me out.”

Thats not surprising. Why do you think everyone usually listens to him?”

I thought that was just respect.”

No. Most people don't listen to most of the other teachers. He just has certain characteristics that make people basically fear him.”

Why don't you and Avril listen to him then?”

We know how to work him, unlike other people.”

I just have a bad feeling about him. I think I want to transfer out of his class.”

No. Don't do that. If I'm not going to be there one day I will tell you and you can go home for that amount of time with Avril but other than that I will be there and whether we stay together or not I will protect you if anything happens. It is possible I'm not going to lie.”

If I ask you a question. Will you answer it in complete honesty?”

That all depends on what kind of question it is and if I'm allowed to answer it.”

Ok well you know about vampires right?”

Yeah . . .”

Well today I noticed that he had dark red eyes. Yet Monday when I first got here he had like brown eyes. People don't have red eyes. And today the first day I got that feeling when he walked past me that hadn't happened before. I guess what I'm trying to ask is. Is he human?”

What do you think about that subject?”

He is isn't he? Thats why you didn't give me an answer. Right?”

Maybe but, I don't know how to explain it to you.”

Well try the best you can.”

Thats the thing. I can't. I was trying to figure out a way to tell you without telling you the things that I cannot.”

I don't care about the things that you can't tell me. Its not like I'm going to tell people that you told me anything so you can just tell me everything you know.”

Its not as easy as that. Its stuff that people that aren't part of it just shouldn't know and would probably be better off not knowing.”

Well. Especially if we stay together I might be part of it if you are. So I will know someday.”

Even if you go with that Dustin dude you'll find out. Don't get any ideas about asking him about it either because I know for a fact he cant tell anyone. Only difference between him and I is that, if I told pretty much nothing would happen but a lecture. If he told anyone without permission he would basically get disowned.”

His dad would never disown him.”

He would have to if hes also part of it. Anyone that is part of the section he belongs to would almost be forced to disown him.”

His dad would never let, even something like that get in the way of their relationship.”

I don't know how his dad would be with it. Do you think you can handle going back into the classroom?”

Unless I have another one of those feelings. Is it him that is causing them?”

I am almost 100% sure it is.”

Then could you ask him to stay away from our table or anywhere near the distance it would do that.”

I cannot do that. That is out of my control and he probably would seriously hurt me if I did anything like that. Sorry.”

Thats ok. I don't want you to get hurt but can I just ask for one thing before we go back in?”

Before you ask what you want I think you need a few things before we go back in.” He gave me a hug. Wow that was kinda what I was going to ask for since I was so worked up. I thought that was going to be all but it wasn't he also gave me a quick kiss. “Now what was it you were going to ask?”

That was pretty much it.” I was smiling. Of course. Who wouldn't be after a kiss from him. “Other than, do we really have to go back to class or can we just ditch?”

I think we better go back to class. I've been in this class before but you haven't so I don't think your mom and dad would be to happy about your ditching classes.”

Really. I don't care what my dad thinks. My mom, and Jack might be a bit upset though.”

Is Jack a step-dad or something?”

No. Thats Dustin's dad.”

Oh. Why would he get upset about it?”

He is almost like another dad to me since I basically lost mine.”

Really? How did you supposedly lose your dad?”

He is getting re-married soon and he has changed almost completely for his soon-to-be wife. I do not like her and I have told him that on many occasions. I don't know. Hes just not who he used to be and I don't like it. Thats what I mean by I don't really have a dad anymore if you ever hear me saying that.”

Okay. I know you probably don't want to but I think we need to get back into the class.”

If you so insist.”

Oh I do.”

Whatever.” And we walked into the classroom. As we walked past Mr. Montez, that feeling washed over me yet again. I needed to know what was going on. Maybe since Dustin's friends approve of me he can tell me. I doubt it if its as strict as Jasper says it is. I just want to know whats going on and why it has felt like there has been someone right next to me when its just me in my room alone, and why I got an overwhelmed feeling when Mr. Montez walked past. I need to find out more about this. And I need to find out soon. If its something that is going to get me killed, which with the way Jasper was talking it may, so I need to do all I can to get some kind of information. I'll ask Dustin when I get home.

Are you still okay?”

Yeah. Just thinking about some things. Thats all.”

Okay. Just making sure.”

Kay.” For a while I just sat. Dazed. About everything that has been happening.

As soon as the bell rang, I was out of my seat quicker than Jasper was. That never happens and I didn't think that it would ever happen. “Are you sure your okay? You got out of your seat really quick.”

I just wanted to get out of that class. Thats all.”

As long as you're not lying to me I guess its ok.”

I'm not lying to you. I wouldn't do that.”

Okay whatever. I know you probably would.”

I would not.” He took my hand. “Your hands are kinda cold.”

Oh. Sorry. I forgot to put my gloves on.”

Why do you always have those gloves on?”

'Cause my hands are always cold.”

Ok. I'm not even going to ask for specifics on that one. This is way too much like living in a fairy tale already with my imagination and if I stop and think about that, my mind is going to be way too open to think about a fairy tale life.” And by that I mean OH MY GOSH HES A FREAKING VAMPIRE! I cant even start thinking about anything like this. Especially this. What in the world. I don't even have words to explain what is going through my mind at the moment.

Good. 'Cause you wouldn't get them even if you did 'cause you wouldn't get an answer.”

Thats just perfect. Just promise me that between you and Dust. That between the two of you I'll be safe . . .”

I don't even know that you have a threat yet. What happened today. I'm going to have to talk to Avril and our dad about it to find out more. But even before we figure out one way or another yes. You will be safe. I promise. If anything happens to you, let me be damned forever.”

Now, now, now. Lets not get extreme about it.”

No. Lets. If I don't keep you safe. Then I deserve it. You currently and even when we go our separate ways. You mean the world to me. And if I don't keep you safe. Let me die because of it.”

You are. Aren't you.”

There is no such thing as werewolves.”

Ok. What about vampires?”

There are no such thing as werewolves!”

Oh my gosh! You are one aren't you?”

Do I really have to say it again or are you just going to figure it out in silence so that no one hears you?”

I'll figure it out in silence. Until I talk to you alone.”

Do you want to hang out tonight? We could go out to eat or something.”

I didn't think. I didn't think you could eat.”

Myth. As long as I keep up on . . . the other part of our diet, I can eat, or drink, pretty much whatever I want.”

Oh really. Next. You've read books, like the supposedly fictional books right?”

Of course. What else am I supposed to do in my spare time?”

Ok. Three words. Good or bad?”

Good. If you mean diet wise then good.”

I already know you're a good guy. Of course I meant diet wise. Thats comforting.”

Doesn't mean I won't slip up. Thats only happened a few times and that was when I was first changed. I haven't for a considerable amount of years.”

Ok. That is most definitely comforting.”

Alright then. So later dinner?”


Pick you up at. Hmm, lets say around 7 . . . ish.”

Sounds ok. If I realize its not a good night then I will call you. I still have the number. I may still have plans that I'm just forgetting about. I'll just ask Dust when I get home. That sound good?”

Yup. See ya around 7ish then.”

Yup. Adiós.”

Adiós.” We walked off to our 4th hour. Today has been such a weird day. I cannot believe I've even made it through it. I'm kind of scarred to be alone with Jasper but then again I'm not. Its weird. I just cant believe it. I just can't. I want to talk to Avril. If Jasper is one, then Avril must be one. She has to admit it.

~Jaspers POV~

Avril.” I had to tell her what was going on. I cant just have her trying to guess whats going on. This is way to major to just have her guessing.

Yo. Whats up bro?”

You sound happy.”

I am. Now, what did you want?”

I need to talk to you about NaKayla.”

What about her?”

She can feel vampire presence.”

What do you mean by that?”

I mean the reason we walked out of 3rd hour is because she had a really weird feeling when Mr. Montez walked past. Shes afraid of him. She seen his red eyes and knew that when she got here he had brown and this is the 1st day his eyes have been red. Shes catching on.”

Ok so shes smart. Whats the problem that I'm obviously missing?”

She might be in danger. I need to talk to Dustin. Tell him whats been going on. That way he can also keep an eye on her and keep her safe while shes there.”

How are you going to talk to him. You cant go to his house. Thats on the rez, remember?”

Hes staying with NaKayla right?”

Ah ha. So you actually have a brain. Nice to know your using it wisely.”

I guess. Shes been feeling like theres been someone with her, like right next to her, even when shes in her room by herself. Thats not very often with Dustin there but still. She gets that feeling when hes in a room even and shes just not paying attention to where hes at and she'll feel someone almost like touch her and he'll be on the other side of the room. She'll think that its him but she'll look and its not. Shes kinda freaked out about it and needs help. She knows what we are. She figured it out. She said she knew what I was. I said there is no such thing as werewolves and she said you are and I just kept saying the same as before until she figured it out.”

Oh my. It sounds like you've been through a lot today.”

I have. I also have a date tonight. I'm going to pick up NaKayla at around 7ish.”

With Dustin being there?”

Yes. Of course and I'm going to go at around 6:30. I'm going to call him after school and tell him not to tell NaKayla. But I need to talk to him alone when I get there and this is the only way. Make sure shes still getting ready.”

You've already thought of all of this?”

Of course.” She just looked at me, in a sort of ah mode. I'm smarter than she thought. That is a very very very good thing. Time to prove her wrong. Not the first time.

~NaKayla's POV~

As the school day was fastly approaching I couldn't wait to get home and get ready for my date with Jasper. “Hey. Are you still okay? Still feeling well enough to go out?”

Of course I am. Are you still wanting to go through with this?”

Of course I am. Why would I not want to take a chance to go out with you?”

I don't know. Why would you want to go out with me in the first place?”

Because I do. Lets not get into this right at the moment. There are a lot of reasons why I want to be with you. Anyway I will see you at around 7ish.”


Okay.” He bent down to kiss me. Avril came along. Before we got to kiss I then realized Avril was right next to us.

Oh don't you two look so adorable.”

Shut up sis.” I could feel his breath on my lips. He was still bent down ready to kiss me. At first he gave me a real quick kiss.

This is just the thing I want to see one of my friends, well lets face it, my best friend and my brother doing.”

Wow sis. Really? Just shut up I will be with you when I get ready to leave. You will be the . . . well the second to know actually.” Then again he went to kiss me. When our lips touched I heard a few voices in the background. One of those was of course Avril.

I think I'm going to go wait by the car.” He kept kissing me. Not even breaking away to reply to Avril's comment. When it was over, I just started smiling.

I don't see what her problem is. Me and Cedric are close friends also. I have to watch them kiss all the time. Its not all that bad. Ya just don't watch, you learn to look away.”

Wow. Ok. So, I'm guessing I should probably get home and get my homework done. That way I have more time to get ready for later.” I just smiled at him. Maybe that would give him a hint.

That sounds good. Although . . .” Really hes going to start with the although. Isn't it something we can talk about later. I need to get home so that I can get my homework done. “Although. You don't really need that much time. Actually. You don't need anytime. You look perfect right now. I might be a bit late. If I am it won't be much.”

Ok. Thanks for warning me. Honestly if you would have been late without saying anything I would've gotten a bit worried and would've started thinking that you were just like ditching' me. Ya know. I would've started thinking you stood me up.”

Well then I'm glad I told you. I wouldn't do that. See ya later.”

See ya.” And with that he gave me one more kiss.

I tried coming back to get you and see if you were ready to go and this is what I come back to. You two are worse than me and Cedric. Not saying much for out in public but still.”

Calm down Av. We're done. You can have your precious brother.”

Did you two . . . break up or something?”

No. But you can have him til its our date time.”

Ok that sounds good. Do I have to deal with any more kissing?”

Not at this moment.”

Yay. Thank. You.” I couldn't help but to laugh.

What are you laughing at?”

Nothing. I will see you later correct?”

Correct. Should we make her mad?”

I don't know do you feel like making her mad.” I guess he felt like ticking her off 'cause he bent down and acted like it was going to be a long kiss. Just as Avril started complaining again he just pecked my lips and we called it good.

See ya.”

Bye.” After saying that. I just stood there for a moment. I think we kissed more in just that one day, than Dustin and I have since we started dating. And I thought that was a lot. Not saying that I disapproved or anything like that, but still I was shocked.

The End

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