Chapter 5Mature


As we were on our way home he looked over at me. “I love you.”

Yeah. I love you too.”

Not that kind of love. I mean I really love you. I don't know what I would've done if your mom was living somewhere else and you still chose to move in with her.”

Wow. I didn't know you could get like this. Dustin the romantic. I love it. And I love you. You are pretty much the perfect match for me.”

I'm not joking. And I'm sure you could find and get someone way better than me anyway.”

I know your not joking. Neither am I. If I even could get someone better than you what makes you think I'd want to.”

What if one of the guys at your new school wanted you, would you want to be with them?”

There is someone at this school that likes me. Would I be with him as long as I have you? No I would not.”

Why not?”

'Cause I have you.”

I think that sounds more cheesy than what I said.”

It's true though.”

I know.”

What would you do if I asked you the same question?”

Theres not really anyone at my school who wants to be with me.”

But if there was?”

. . . I would probably have the same answer as you. Now I see why you said what you did.”


So. What do you want to do today after you get your homework done?”

Well since I am done,” We had been home for about 10 minutes, and I had just gotten done with my homework as he asked me. “Lets get out of the house. If you want you can take me to meet your friends.”

That sounds like a good idea. Do you have your phone?” I handed him my phone. “I think it would be a good idea to call them before I just show up.”

Yeah. I hate it when people just show up. Or when you forget someone is coming over.”

Yeah I know what you mean.” Then he was talking on the phone. “Ok so far I know of one persons house we can go to 'cause their home.”

Ok and who's house is it?

His name is Jake. Hes pretty cool. Not as cool as me but still cool. I'm like the leader of our little group . . . or at least they say I am. Theres not really a lot of leading to be done at the moment though.”

Isn't that a good thing?”

Kind of. Then again with the types of things we do its not all that good.”

What types of things do you do?”

You'll find out soon enough its not something I can really tell you. Not quite yet anyway.”

Ok then. Are you and your friends like murderers?”

No.” He started laughing at the question. “Why would you even think something like that?”

'Cause if you think of how you said you can't tell me. It sounded kind of creepy, 'you'll find out soon enough'. Sounds like your going to kill someone . . . you know . . . like me . . .”

You know I would never even think of something like that. Like I said before, I love you. No its just stuff that I'm not allowed to tell anyone unless they are a part of it. I can talk about certain things but not all. I hate having to keep secrets. You'll be able to know soon, once the whole group approves of me telling you about it anyway.”

Ok. So its kinda like meeting parents. You have to have their approval . . .?”

Its kinda like that. But then again its not.”

Ok. So where exactly are we going, and why did we just walk past the car?”

'Cause its not that far away.”

Oh. Really?”


Ok.” As usual he took me hand. He stopped walking. What would you do if I ever had to break up with you, or you ever had to break up with me?”

I don't know. Why are you even asking this?” We started walking again.

Just wondering. I would probably lose it if we ever had to break up. That would almost be like half of my life vanishing before my eyes.”

I agree with you. I don't know though. It would all depend on why we broke up. For example, if you broke up with me, it would make a huge difference if you had a good reason. If you didn't have a good reason however, I probably wouldn't talk to you for a while.”

Same here. If it was best for the other if we did, would that be a good reason?”

Is this your way of breaking up with me?”

No! Most definitely not. I'm just wondering if thats a good reason.”

I guess.”

Ok. Here we are.” I seen a guy sitting next to a window in the house. There were two guys there though.

I thought there was only going to be Jake. It looks like theres two people in there.”

I can't tell who else is there. I guess we'll find out in a moment. Jake! Open up!”

Hey dude, and dudet. Come on in.”

Hey dude. Who else is here? James! Hey whats up?”

Not much dude. Who's the chick?” They say dude a lot. This is all really shocking and weird. Oh well. They seem cool. They are all so muscular. Kinda hot. The last one to talk, James, looks like, and sounds like an idiot but, looks cool at the same time.

This is my girl.”

Oh.” He takes my wrist and kisses my hand. “If you don't mind my saying, you're kinda hot.”

Um. Thanks. My names NaKayla by the way.”

More than happy to meet you.”

You too . . .?.”

Don't pay any attention to them. Especially James. Hes just an idiot. Aren't you James?”

Of course. It gets the chicks attention, you should know it works, look at you and NaKayla.”

I didn't have to act stupid to get Nikki. Her and I are just meant to be together.”

Oh so so so in love.”James looked over at me. “Does he always talk like this when hes with you? Or does he talk worse?”

Um. No he doesn't always talk like this. We hardly ever talk about that stuff.”

Do you wish you did?”

Is that really any of your business. I don't think it is. Now is it?”

No I guess its not but that doesn't mean I cant wonder about it. So have you to . . .?”

Um! That definitely is none of your business. Can you just stop asking questions like that?”

Yeah. I can. It won't be as fun, but if you want me to I can.”

Thank you.”

Ok that was a bit awkward. Can we just get on with this. Nikki I will be right back, I need to go talk to James and Jake. Kay?”

Yeah.” They walked away

(Dustin's POV)

So what do you two think?”

I think shes going to be fun to mess with. In other words I approve.” Of course James would say that. Hes a flirt. As long as he doesn't try anything with her I guess I really don't care though.

I approve. You two seem like a good match for each other. I'm not sure what the rest will think. Since you're the leader I don't really think we should have all that much of a say in who you're with. I should be the only other person who has say is me since I'm second in command. The only way other people should have a say on who we are seeing is if we don't agree and they would only be for a tie breaker.”

(NaKayla's POV)

Wow. That was well thought out.” I'm pretty sure Dustin was talking.

Yeah. Well, just watch out for Derek. We all know how he is.” Just as they were walking around the corner I saw Jake talking. I had to ask I couldn't help myself.

Who is Derek? And how is Derek?”

Derek is another one of my friends I need to introduce you to. He has a habit of liking the people that our group goes for and stealing them from them.”

If you're worried about him stealing me, you don't have to worry about it and you know it. We already talked about this.”

I know Jake was just warning me about him. He doesn't know about our conversation earlier. He wouldn't understand it even if I told him.”

What conversation?” Jake of course had to ask that.

Its personal dude.”

Oh its one of those conversations. Okay then. I probably don't even want to know.”

Well. Did you tell your dad we were coming over?”

No I did not. But, I do have other plans. For those plans however, your going to need to sit in the back of the car that way you don't see where we're going.”

Okay whatever. As long as its not another state or anything.”

Trust me. We aren't going all that far.” We said goodbye. James wanted to give me a hug. There is something seriously wrong with him. I don't even know what to do, hes just so stupid. We drove for a while, and then the car just stopped I heard his car door open. “Just stay here. I'll be right back.”

Ok.” I'm guessing it was probably around 5 minutes before he came back out. He opened my door.

Ok. No keep your eyes closed and just trust me to guide you.”

I don't think I like this anymore. Can't I just see where we're at I probably don't know where it is.”

Yes you will, so just keep your eyes closed for a moment . . . ok now sit down. Open your eyes.”

Why the hell did you bring me here! I already told you I didn't want to be here. For a long time!”

But you needed to come here to talk to your dad. I made sure Lisa wasn't going to be here, and shes not its just going to be you and your dad, I'm going to my dad's call me when you want picked back up.”

No. Stay please.”

Ok. I was planning on both actually just in case you did want me to stay.”

I do. I don't want you to leave.”

But I would.” This was the first time I heard my dad say anything since we got here.

He's older than you, and this is his house. I'll be out in the car if you need me.”

Kay.” I was shocked. He didn't kiss me. My dad must not know about us. “Wait I need to talk to you for just a moment.”

Okay . . .” We went into another room so that my dad couldn't hear what we were saying.

Did you tell him?”

About what? Us? No. I thought I'd leave that to you.”

Thanks. You do know hes probably going to have me go out and get you when I tell him right?”

Yeah, but thats ok. I don't care. Hes gonna find out sooner or later.”

Good point. I'll be nice and wait until we get done talking. I guess it was a good idea to bring me here to talk to him. Thank you.” I got on my tip toes to reach up to kiss him.

Excuse me! Young lady I think you better get to your room right this minute!”

No. I don't live here and why the hell are you sending me to my room anyway?”

The only reason you moved out is because of the reason you cussed out Lisa for. You're moving back in here with me I don't care what you say!”

No I am not. You can't make me. I live with mom, well, when she gets home anyways. Besides that I have her permission for Dustin to be there. We aren't doing anything. And who said we were dating anyway?”

You just kissed him!”

That doesn't mean that we're dating.”

You know what? Get out of my house. Now! Your a slut and I don't want to look at you're face.”

I am not a slut but I will gladly get out of your house 'cause honestly I didn't want to be here in the first place. You are the most arrogant person I know. Don't talk to me. Don't look at me. Don't anything. Just stay out of my life until I'm ready to let you back in. Don't even attempt 'cause it will be a lost cause.”

Get. Out!”

Gladly!” As we left I slammed the door behind me. I can not believe that just happened. I can't believe I was actually thanking Dustin for taking me there just a few seconds before the blow up. I can not believe how my dad is. He always makes a big deal out of a small situation. He is the most annoying person I know. And sometimes the most hypocritical. Scratch that. Most of the time hes the most hypocritical. “I can't believe him.”

That's what happens when you're going to be getting married to a thing like he is.”

You don't think I'm going to be that bad do you?”

Of course not. If I did I don't think I'd be with you. No. I wouldn't be with you. Now since we won't get yelled at,” he looked at me. This time it wasn't just a look like you look at friends. It was a deep type of a look. Then he took my hands and kissed me. This wasn't the kiss he usually does though. It was more fierce. More passionate. Then he pulled back. Still looking at me with the look he gave before.

Why the sudden change in kissing styles?” Of course I was asking jokingly and he knew it.

'Cause I felt like it. Gotta problem with it?”

Nope.” I looked at him and raised my eyebrows a couple times. “I definitely don't have a problem with it.” We both started laughing. Then without even a warning he game me yet another kiss. This one, I couldn't believe it but was more everything than the last one.

I really truly do love you Nikki.”

I love you too Dust.”

No. I don't think you do as much as you think.”

What do you mean by that?” I knew there was a reason behind the kiss.

I don't know. I just don't think you do as much as you think or say you do.”

What did your friends not approve of me or something?”

No. My friends love you. And so do I. Its just that. I don't even know what to say and how to say it just forget I said it.” He went to kiss me. I pulled away in an instant.

Um. No. I'm not going to forget you said it, and don't kiss me after saying something like that.”

I'm sorry I said anything. I wasn't thinking.”

Yes you were. Do you want to break up or something?”

No. I'm just giving you another chance. I know you have to like someone else, I mean look at some of the guys at your school.”

What about the guys at my school? They aren't you and unless you want to break up we aren't.”

Then I think we should take a break for a school day. Just so that if you do like someone you'll be single for a day and you can show it. I know it sounds stupid, but we started dating the day you started school that's not really giving you any time to find someone.”

It makes sense. It probably won't make a difference but I guess if you want to we can try it. For you.”

Thank you thats all I'm asking. Any plans we've already made though are still there. Like you driving me to school on Friday and meeting more people to see if they approve.”

Ok that sounds good.”

The rest of the night was kinda awkward, but it was still ok, and we still slept where we had been. Even the next morning it seemed like we were dating.

Remember your single today. Flirt with some guys. I am forcing you. Yet I am begging you. Please.”

Fine. If I don't like anyone by the end of the day we're back together though right. I'll tell you at the end of the day. Its only if you actually try, and yes I will be able to tell if you have actually worked at it or not.”


Bye babe.” and he kissed me yet again but this wasn't a kiss like the usual one.

Bye.” I know I probably had the saddest look on my face, but I don't care. I was sad and honestly. I didn't care if he knew that.

The End

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