Chapter 4Mature


Is it really true? Did yesterday really happen? It seems so weird. All I can say is. . . really?

“Ah so I see your awake.” He scared me just a bit. I didn't realize he had also been up.

“Yeah. I've been up for a while thinking.”

“Me to. Sleep good?”

“Slept great. You?”

“Magnificent. So. . .”

“So. . .”

“Were you thinking about the same things that I was?”

“If you were thinking about what we were talking about yesterday than yes.”

“I was. I was. What were you thinking about it?”

“Now that you can go first.”

“I'm the one that started talking about it in the first place. What were you thinking about?”

“I was just thinking about how it would be without us changing and with us changing.”

“Oh. . . I was thinking about that earlier. I'm not really sure what to think about it really. I mean I want to but then again I don't”

“You did but you didn't want to what?”

“I did but didn't know what to think about it.”

“Oh. Thats kinda how I was. I think we should try but then if it doesn't work and we liked it better the other way than we should go back to just being what we are, and if it does then it does. . .”

“That sounds like a good idea. So. . . now that we know what we want. . . question is. . . when do we want to?”

“Well. Really it's up to you.”

“Okay well if it's up to me. . . you'll find out later.”

“Okay then.” I went in the other room to get changed for the school that I didn't even really want to go to. Maybe I should switch to the other school. Maybe that would be a good idea.


Later that day at the school. . .

“You must be NaKayla.”

“Depends on who's wanting to know.”

“Oh that was so not like me. My name is Avril. If you have any questions about the school or anything, I've been here for a while so I can probably answer them for you. By the way, what's your schedule?” I showed her my schedule. “We have all but 4th hour together. That's awesome we can so totally be friends.” She looked to her right. “This is Cedric by the way. He's taken. By me.”

“Thats just fine with me. I've lived here before, I know who my first boyfriend is going to be.”

“Really . . .?”

“Yeah. We aren't together quite yet but we've been talking about it since I got here. Anyway. Who are the people I don't want to hang out with?”

“Anyone who lives down on the Rez really. . .”


“Just because they can be really bad influences lately.”

“Really. I'm kinda living with someone who lives there, but hes with me until I get used to the new house.”

“Oh. . .”

“Yeah. Well I'm moving back in with my mom since shes moving back to town. I moved out of my dads so I don't have to deal with his soon to be wife. Dustin used to be like a brother to me and Jack, his dad, is kinda like a second dad to me.”

“Gottcha. Well, if you've known them for that long then they should be ok, I'll still keep my eyes open though.”

“Ok then. So is there anyone that would be a good person to meet and hang out with?”

“Yeah, there is his name is Jasper, and I think he likes you. . .”

“Ok. . .”

“I'll introduce you later. We have 3rd hour with him.”

“Ok well I'm going to go in there and get my breakfast although I don't really know where I'm going to sit especially since I don't even know where I'm going to sit at lunch.”

“You can sit with us. That would just be another chance for you to sit with the . . . someone I'm talking about.”

“Ok then. So, we need to get to first hour I'm guessing.”

“Yeah, your probably right.” As we walked to our first hour, there was this guy that looked at Avril kinda weird. I don't think I've ever seen him before. I wonder who he even is.

Third hour came way before I thought it would. We walked into the classroom and Avril started to walk away. “Stay here, I'll be right back.” I just shook my head ok. She was off across the room. She walked over to a guy and started talking to him. When they looked up from their conversations they looked at me. Well. He did anyways. Oh no they're walking over here. I'm not all that sure if I should just walk away or stay here and see what they have to say. The guy looked like he was way out of my league. He was muscular, brown and blond medium length hair, he was amazing in looks. “This is Jasper. Hes my brother, and hes single . . .”

“Av . . . what are you trying to do?” He whispered something in her ear but I couldn't tell what. After Avril walked away Jasper and I started talking.

“So. I'm not really all that sure what to say. All I do know is that my sisters trying to set us up and if you don't want to I completely understand.”

“Well actually I already told Avril that I almost have a boyfriend. We've been talking about it since I moved back to town. So you don't have to worry about me saying yes if you don't really want to.”

“No, no, no, no, no. Trust me. Its not that I don't want to be with you cause I do, its just that I don't want you to say yes just because my sister wants you to. . .”

“I wouldn't do that. And if you really want to, then if me and Dustin don't work out I'll come and talk to you. Sound good?”

“Sounds really close to perfect actually. So tell me about this Dustin dude.”

“Well, we've known each other since we were little kids. The last time we lived her him and I were almost inseparable, kinda like brother and sister. This time we've been talking about being more than we have been. He's really sweet.”

“So were does he live?”

“Currently . . . with me.”

“Whoa . . . what?”

“Well me, my dad, and his soon to be freaking wife moved into the house we used to live in. I can't really get along with his soon to be wife so since my moms moving back to town as well, I called and asked if I could just move in with her and if I could move in asap even if she wasn't there yet and told her that Dustin could stay with me.”

“Wow. Impressive. Good way to sleep with the guy you love.”

“What!? You think I'm like that!?”

“I was just jokin' with ya. Now I know that you aren't though . . .”

“Ha ha very funny.” I just started laughing, as did he.

“Even though you may have someone. Do you think we could maybe hang out sometime?”

“Of course. When I get to know you better and know that you aren't some phyco rapist or anything.” He just had a blank look on his face. “I'm just joking.”

“I know.”

“You aren't though are you?” Still the blank look

“No, I'm not but if I was I'd definitely go after you . . . Just joking . . .”

“I knew that.” He put his arm around me.

“Unless you want me to . . .”


“Again. Just messin' with ya.”

“Oh.” Before I knew it class was over. I have a feeling this class is going to go by extremely fast especially since I sit next to Jasper.

“Well I guess I'll talk to you later.” He kissed my forehead.

“I guess so.” We walked out of the room and it felt like just a few moments and the whole school day was over. Time to go home to Dustin. He's going to ask how my day went. I don't think I'm going to tell him about Jasper though. Not until either we break up or until I know we aren't even going to start dating. It felt like forever ago I left the school and started to drive home. When I finally got home I remember I was supposed to go to Jack's, not my house. Oops. I dropped off my school stuff and went to Jack's house. Like he said, Dustin was there in the driveway waiting for me.

“What? Did you get lost on your way here?”

“No I did not. I just forgot that I was coming here until I pulled in my drive, then I dropped my school stuff off there and came here.”

“Oh. Gottcha. So how was your day?”

“Good I guess. I met a girl named Avril she seems to be really nice.”

“Ah. So your already meeting people. Did you meet any guys that you like?”

“No. Why would you ask something like that?”

“Thats the real reason I didn't want to rush into dating. I thought you might find someone that you liked when you went to school.”

“Well I didn't so . . .”

“So . . . I think it's time to ask.”

“Ask what?” Of course I thought I knew, but you never know what could happen. Stranger things I'm sure of it.

“Will you be my best friend, and my girlfriend?”

“I would be extremely happy to be.” He gave me a kiss and grabbed my hand and we walked inside.

“Well, howdy there kids. Whats new?” Just then it seemed he realized our hands. “Is that just a friendship thing or what I think it is?”

“No its what you think it is.” I'm glad Dustin told him and I didn't have to tell him.

“Congrats. I was wondering how long it was going to take. Is it because of what your dad and soon to be step mom were talking about?”

“No we had been thinking about it all day yesterday. Dustin's the one that brought it up and asked me what I thought and we decided we would wait and see what happened when the truth was he wanted to see if I found anyone that I liked at my school . . . kinda stupid of him don't ya think?”

“Not really. I think he was just looking out for you.”

“Still. He should know right now hes all I need. Sounds cheesy but its still true.”

“It doesn't sound cheesy, its sweet and I feel the same way about you so don't feel stupid either . . .” We just kind of stayed there looking at each other for the longest time. Dustin broke the silence. “So. Still want to check out the movies?”

“If your still allowed to stay at my house . . .” I looked at Jack.

“Of course he can. Just 'cause you two are together now that doesn't mean that I can't trust you anymore.” He just rolled his eyes.

“Thanks dad.”

“Yeah. Thanks Jack.”

“No problem.”

“So. To the movies.” I couldn't help but to laugh at him. Its funny how guys like to take charge. We went through the movies and found Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Obsessed, American Pie 2, Little Nicky, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, The Chronicles of Narnia: the lion the witch and the wardrobe, Bedtime Stories, and Final destination. There were more but those were the ones that I've either seen and thought were good or heard they were good. “Which movies do you want to take to your place?”

“I'd want to take Little Nicky, Underworld, and Final Destination. Sound good?”

“Those are the ones I was thinking of actually.”

“Gottcha. So, are we going to hang out here with Jack for a while or just go home?”

“What do you want to do?”

“Honestly. I need to get home so I can do the homework for the week and tonights homework.”

“The teachers are making you do the homework from before you got there . . .”

“No but one of my teachers are. The homework from the past week I don't really need to do 'cause Avril gave me hers. She doesn't think its fair either.”

“Thats cheating. I didn't know you were a cheater.”

“I'm not a cheater. If I don't already know the answer then I'll look It up in the book.”

“Ok. Hey dad we're going to get home now 'cause we have homework to do.”

“I didn't think you ever got homework.”

“Usually I get it done in class, but my mind was on other things today so I have homework.”

“Where was your mind during school? Bye Jack.” We were on our way out the door.

“Bye kiddos.”

“Bye dad.” He turned to me. “My mind was one you where else?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure it was.”

“It was. I wouldn't lie to you about that.”

“Ok. I don't think I should but I believe you.”

“Ok. Lets get home and get homework done and then we can have a sorta movie night. Sound good to you?”

“Yeah. It does.” We went to the car, drove home walked inside, and just stopped and looked at each other in dead silence when we walked in the door. As soon as I went to ask why we were just standing there, he bent down and gave me a kiss.

“As long as this isn't to far. If it is just tell me.”

“Its not. With you I don't really worry about things like that. Most guys with it being the first day I would have slapped them across the face, but you, it just feels right.”
“Thats good.”

“As long as you don't get like a typical guy thats a good thing anyway.” He just looked at me again blank. Then he rolled his eyes.

“You know I won't do anything like that.”

“I know.”

We did our homework in almost complete silence, a whisper now and then, when we were done, well when he was done he helped me finish the last few problems of mine. When we were both done however, we went and picked out a movie.

“Which movie are we gonna watch tonight Niki?”

“I don't know what do you want to watch?”

“Either Underworld or Final Destination. You?”
“Either Final Destination or Underworld. Final Destination.”

“Sounds good. When do you want to start the movie.”

“Do you want to go out to eat first? I'll pay.”

“Sure why not. It'll probably be nice.”
“Where do you want to go?”

“That is a difficult question since I haven't lived here in . . . how long?”

“Good point I'll choose.”

“Thats good.”

“Or do we just want to stay here and find something. There is food here. Popcorn and all.”

“Lets just stay here tonight. Have popcorn and pop and watch movies. Then after the popcorn.”

“That sounds way better than getting out. This way I get to just stay at home with you.” Again he kissed me. He seems way more romantic than I thought. I wonder why Avril told me that people from the rez could be a bad influence. Dustin really is not at all a bad influence. We put in Final Destination. He went and sat down on the couch, patted the empty space next to him and his chest. “Come. Sit down. I won't bit unless you want me to I promise.” I couldn't help but to laugh. I went and sat down next to him. He put his arm around me and I just cuddled up close to his chest. I don't think I've ever felt this close to anyone in my whole life. It feels nice. Extremely nice. “So does it feel right?”

“If it didn't I would've told you by now . . .”

“Just checking.”

“It does. Does it feel right to you?”

“I'm the one that asked. I wasn't worried about it.”

“Neither was I.”
“Well I didn't know that.”

“Well I wasn't.”

“Ok. I've always loved you. You know that right?”

“Yeah. You know that I've always loved you right?”

“Yeah.” He has a thing about kissing foreheads. I've known a few guys that have had the habit of that. Dustin was almost a foot taller than me so I kinda liked just sitting on the sofa. I felt a little closer to his height. Another thing I just loved doing was running my hands through his hair. His hair wasn't short or long. It was perfect length and I loved it.

“I have to go to the salon tomorrow . . . Just sayin'”


“'Cause I want to get more layers in my hair, and maybe a new style and a red under layer.”

“Oh really? Why do you want to do that?”

“I think it will look cool. Plus I like changing my look.”

“Ok. I want to go with you that way I don't have to wait and be bored as hell while your gone, and going crazy wondering what you chose to have done.”

“No problem. I'm going to need you to show me where it is anyway.”

“How am I supposed to know where it is? It's not like I go there.”

“Still you've lived here. You should know where almost everything is.”

“Yeah. Your right. I know where its at anyway. I'll take you tomorrow. Your lucky I got my license about a week ago.”

“I guess.”

“Oh by the way. Don't worry if you fall asleep like this. If you fall asleep you can just stay here. I won't mind . . . at all” he just looked and seen the look on my face and started laughing. As we were watching Final Destination I did fall asleep. I couldn't get my mind off of how this day has gone. It was crazy. I just didn't know what to do about Jasper. I want to be with Dustin but then again I do like Jasper. I don't even know. Who knew life would get so confusing when your 16. Oh well I can deal with it, I'll figure it out. That night I had all kind of dreams.

The next morning when I opened my eyes, Dustin wasn't in the room. I walked into the kitchen and he was all dressed and making breakfast.

“Why are you making breakfast? Real question, why are you up and actually awake this early? Are you crazy?” I couldn't help but to somewhat laugh at the comment.

“Yes I am crazy. But not because I'm up this early making breakfast.”

“Then why are you crazy?”

“Reasons. Its kinda cheesy if that says anything. Anyway you better get ready. My school has the day off today and yours does on Friday, so I think, if you want me to I can take you to school today and you can take me on Friday if you want to meet some people.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

“Ok. So, need help getting ready?” he must have seen the look on my face. “Just kidding. Unless you need help finding where you put something, then I can help.”

“Ok. See you in a minute.” Even while I was in getting ready he was still talking to me.

“So does your school has open campus?”

“I think so people leave for lunch all the time so I'm guessing it is.”

“Yeah. I thought so. So do you want to go out to lunch?”

“Yeah. I think I would like that.”

“Ok, then, its a date.”

“Yes it is.”

“Are you ready yet?”

“You sound like a little kid on a long trip, 'are we there yet'?

“I take that as a no . . .”

“Then your wrong. I was just working on finishing touches.”

“Wow. Why sweats?”

“Because thats what me and Avril are both wearing.”

“Gottcha. And just how do you know she won't forget?”

“And thats why I'm taking an extra pair of clothes.”

“You are smarter than I thought you were.”

“I'll take that as a compliment.”

“As you should. So are you ready to go?”

“Yeah and I want you to meet Avril, and Cedric, and Jasper also. They're all really nice.”

“Ok. So lets go.”

“Lets.” On our way out the door, yet again, he grabbed my hand. The only difference was that this time, if I went to pull away, I don't think I'd be able to break loose of his hold. Not that I'd want to. “So do you really want to meet the 3 people that I do know?”

“Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?”

“'Cause its only like . . . three people.”



“Here we are. Time to go meet some people.”

“Your sure you want to meet them.” By the time I asked this he was already on my side of the car with the door opened helping me out.

“I am one hundred percent sure.” Instead of grabbing my hand, like I thought he would do, he put his arm around me. I so was not expecting that. Not that I minded at all. “So where do you usually hang out in the morning?”

“This is only my second day here. I don't think I really have a usually quite yet. Avril just kinda found me yesterday and introduced herself. She might be in here though.” We were turning the corner around where the cafeteria. “I thought this might be where you hung out in the morning.” There was Avril and Cedric.

“Yup. I was starting to wonder if you would be able to find us since you didn't ask and we didn't think about it yesterday.”

“We were just walking around. I was trying to find the three people I know from yesterday.”

“Only three? I must not have introduced you to everyone.”

“Ok. So before we go meeting more people, Dustin this is Avril and Cedric. Avril, Cedric, this is Dustin.”

“Nice to meet you Dustin.” I think that was the first time I had heard Cedric talk.

“Nice to meet you both also.”

“So do you think your ready to go meet some more people?”

“I think so.” And off we went.

“Have you met Ember yet?”

“No. The only people that I've met are you two and Jasper.”

“Oh yes thats right well NaKayla this is Ember and Ember this is NaKayla.”

“Its nice to meet you NaKayla.”

“Nice to meet you also Ember.”
“Now its time to go meet some more people.” Avril had my arm and tugged it lightly.

“Ok.” We walked up to two girls talking.

“This is Rosalynn, and this is Anname. Girls this is NaKayla and Dustin.”

“Nice to meet you both.”

“Yes it is very nice to meet you.”

“It is our pleasure.” I said for both I and Dustin. Avril pulled me to the side.

“He is one of the better ones that live on the rez. That is a good thing. I won't have to keep that close an eye on you knowing that this is who you are going to be with soon.”

“Actually. He is the one that I am with . . .”

“Really!? That is so totally awesome. I'm happy for you especially since hes one of the good ones.”


“No problem.” she said as we were walking away.

“Hey, I better get back home. What time do you guys get out of school again?”

“Ok then. I will be here to pick you up then.” He lifted my chin a bit and I stood a little on my toes, as he was looking down a bit, shows how short I am. I started smiling at the thought. That wasn't the only reason I was smiling. The main reason I was smiling was because all of this movement was as that he could kiss me. “See you then.” He was still smiling as was I. I wasn't as much as before, mainly because this all meant that he had to leave but it was all going to be ok because he's going to pick me up after school.

“Yup see you then.” He kissed me one more time and then he walked off to my car to go to Jacks for the day.

“So. You two really are together. You make a really cute couple . . . I wonder what Jaspers going to think of this . . .”

“I do like Jasper so please don't try to make me feel bad 'cause trust me I already do. Its just that I think that the best person for me right now is Dustin.” She had nothing to say to that. We walked to our boring first hour and then to second and then to third. When I got to my desk there was a note on it that had my name on it. I picked it up and opened it.


I'm sorry I'm not here today. I needed to talk to you but my mom and dad pulled me out today for a few reasons. They didn't think I was in any shape to come to school and honestly I think its best I wasn't there today also. I understand that you love Dustin and theres nothing I can do about that. Just promise me that just because you are dating him, we can still hang out and talk. Maybe if you two do break up we can be together. If we were together it would truly be forever, if that is what you want. If you have a response (which I hope you do) just please write a note to me and give it to my sis. Otherwise I won't be back for a while.

With Love,

Jasper Azalea

After reading that Avril was by my side. “Who's the note from?”

“Its from your brother. I'm going to give you a note to give him for me later, is that ok?”

“Sure. What did he have to say?”

“A lot of things that I just need to talk to him about.” I handed her the note. “Here.” When she got done reading the note, she just stared at it.

“Wow. I didn't know my brother had such a way for words. This is a very powerful note.”

“Yeah. I know it is. Its crazy.” After the bell rang, I started writing the note. Between that and the class work is was really hard not getting the two mixed up.


I need to talk to you also. Some of the things that has happened in a two day period are just a little much to keep track of. You are right theres really nothing you can do about me and Dustin, and I promise that just because him and I are together we can still hang out. Its not like he is the only guy I'm allowed to hang out with. He's not controlling. If he has a problem with us hanging out then hes just being insecure. I don't even see how you knew that him and I were dating, but however you found out. It doesn't change the way I feel about you. You don't know what my feelings are toward you. I'm guessing when you read this Avril is going to be there with you reading along so this part is for her. You have my permission to answer any questions he has, even the part about my feelings for him.

With Love,


As I was writing this all I could think about was the look that would be on Jasper's face while reading it. “Here's the note Av.”

“Ok. I will be sure to deliver it. Am I allowed to see it?”

“Not before he reads it.”

“As in I can read it as hes reading it if I wanted to . . .” I didn't even answer her I just gave her a look and she was cheery for the rest of the day. As usual my school day just flew by. The only class I had homework for tonight was my health class, I hate that class.

“Hey sexy.”

“Hi. Um . . . are you drunk?”

“No why would you ask that?”

“Usually you don't say names. Especially sexy.”

“Just saying something different than usual for once.”

“Ok gottcha.”

“NaKayla! Hey you should call me tonight, if you have time.” Out of nowhere Avril was yelling after us.

“I don't think I'll have time really. Sorry. We've been good about keeping busy so we don't get in trouble.”

“Ok. Well just in case, our number is 555-0248.”

“I'll be sure to remember it. Well we better be getting home.” I turned to Dustin. “Didn't you tell Jack we would stop by later?”

“No actually I didn't. I thought you might want to stop by your dads just to check in on him.”

“When I moved out of his house that was basically saying I didn't want very much to do with him. Bye Avril.”

“Bye NaKayla.”

“That doesn't mean that you shouldn't check in and see how they are every now and then. Make sure they know your ok . . .”

“If he really cared he would call and check in on me not make me call and check in on him now wouldn't he.”

“Maybe. Now are you ready to go home?”

“Yeah. I have a extremely small amount of homework then we can go out.”

“Wherever I want to go?”

“Sure. Whatever. Wherever.”

“Sounds good.”

The End

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